Hughes-Cunningham House
Near Hedgesville, West Virginia
Listed since 1985 on the National Register of Historic Places
Begun by Isaac Hughes in 1771, completed by Hugh Cunningham in the late 1780's, the "Hughes-Cunningham House" is full of stories. 

This web page is dedicated to sharing and collecting information about the people who have lived here since the British proudly governed the Colony of Virginia!

For information contact present owners David and Wendy Benton:
Martha Isabella Cunningham
(When the house was c. 100 years old.)
A 21st-Century view of our 18th-Century House
Stories about the house and its families can be found by clicking the links below:
Dates           List of Owners of the Hughes-Cunningham House
1771 - 1784
Isaac and Leah Hughes Quakers in the Colony of Virginia
1784 - 1817
Hugh and Agnes Cunningham Revolutionary War veteran and 10 children
1817 - 1858
William D. and Nancy Long Cunningham Plantation exceeds 1,000 Acres
1858 - 1888
Martha and Emma Cunningham 104 years after arrival, the Cunninghams leave
1888 - 1938 Aquilla and Mary Janney and nephews
1938 - 1963 Thomas Solenberger and family
1963 - 1971
Bruce and Ruth Sperow Owners 1963-1971; Still living on part of the original farm.
1971 - 1976 Mary and William Church
1976 - 1993
Bill and Frances Ruth Courageous restoration of a 200-year-old home
1993 - 1998 John and Tauna Cole
1998 - 2004
David and Wendy Benton Into the 21st Century
Stories of Modern Descendants of the original homeowners:
Historical Perspective:
A few years ago the Bentons were enjoying hearth-baked bread and colonial surroundings at the Dobbin House, a historic tavern in Gettysburg, Pa.  We noticed that the place was billed as the oldest surviving building in Gettysburg, built in 1776.

Gradually we caught on, "The Hughes-Cunningham
house is 5 years older than the oldest building in Gettysburg!"
Fall at the Hughes-Cunningham House.
Hand-dug, stone-lined well in the foreground.  Several maple varieties provide fall colors.