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Mt. Pulog Climbing Guide

Conquering the Mighty Mt. Pulog

   Follow a path through alpine grassland, highland meadows and elfin forests with low trees, whose trunks and branches are heavily overgrown with thick layers of moss, lichen and ferns. Scale MOUNT PULOG which towers to a majestic height of 2,934 meters above sea level and dominates the northeastern skyline between Baguio and Ambuklao. It is the second highest peak in the Philippines, next only to Mt. Apo in Mindanao. 

   The ascent starts from the vicinity of Ellet Bridge, four hours away from Baguio City by bus. Prior to the actual climb, scan the area above: a narrow trail snakes upwards across camote patches and rice terraces with another path cutting through the mountain slopes and following a creek strewn with boulders. 

   Abukot is the first major stop along the way. From this vantage point, the narrow valley of Kabayan lies nestled about 915-m below. 

   The cool, refreshing waters of Lebang Lake is a very tempting sight to trail-weary bodies but the summit beckons. Further ascent leads to the transition line where dwarfed trees and dense undergrowth give way to grass-blanketed ridges. 

   The distance to the peak diminishes step-by-step over the thick sprawling carpet of bamboo grass. Around another bend and the peak is within sight. Finally you're at the summit where you take in the beautiful vistas from the top of the Cordillera Central mountain range. 

   The descent via Ambangeg, although still quite exhausting, becomes strangely easy with the elating experience of conquering the mighty Mt. Pulog behind you. 

Typical Four-Day Schedule

0500 Breakfast. 
0600 Catch bus at Dangwa Bus Station in Baguio for Ellet Bridge. 
1000 Arrive at Ellet Bridge. Take refreshments. 
1015 Start hike. 
1130 Reach Barrio Ellet. Contact Barrio Captain and hire guide for climb. Take lunch. 
1300 Proceed to Abukot Lumber Mill. 
1530 Arrive at Abukot. Find suitable area for campsite outside lumber mill premises. 
1800 Dinner by campfire. Lie beneath tall, whispering pine trees. Feel the gentle mountain breeze and relish the fragrance of rich earth and fresh pine needles. 

0600 Breakfast. 
0700 Break camp. Proceed to Lebang Lake. 
0900 At the lake, linger awhile for a short rest and refreshments. 
0915 Head towards transition point. Go through entangled roots and vines and emerge on a mountain meadow halfway to the summit. 
1200 Lunch along the way. 
1300 Resume climb. 
1500 Arrive at summit. Find suitable campsite within the vicinity and spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the views. 
1800 Early supper and preparation for a cold night. 

0600 Breakfast. 
0700 Start descent. 
1000 Reach Lebang Lake. Take snack. 
1015 Leave for Ambangeg. 
1200 Lunch along the way. 
1300 Resume hike. 
1400 Arrive at Ambangeg. Contact personnel of Benguet Consolidated, Inc. and arrange overnight accomodations. 

0600 Breakfast. 
0700 Catch bus to Baguio City. 
1000 Return to Baguio. 

Special Considerations

  • Recommended time for maximum visibility are the months of March and April. Months of heaviest rainfall are July and August. 
  • Guard against the cold and wind particularly in January. 
  • Trails are slippery during and after heavy rains. Pace should be regulated during such conditions. 
  • Since pine trees, which are susceptible to fire, are abundant, care must be taken with regards to cigarettes, use of stoves, and campfires. 
  • Water may be scarce along the trail. Carry adequate supplies and purification tablets or filters. 
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