These guides and maps are only to provide a general idea and sample itineraries about various mountain and trekking areas but it is NOT advisable to attempt the climbs and treks without human guides who are familiar with the area. Trails, even in national parks, aren't marked and good maps are difficult to obtain. Human guides are usually locals who live near the jump-off town and can be hired through the municipal hall or tourism office. The guide(s) will also carry equipment and supplies but don't expect them to have any themselves. I've found it useful to bring a spare large knapsack for equipment and provisions the guide will carry. Food sharing arrangements need to be worked out as well. Guides aren't always likely to speak much English and won't be trained "nature guides". Their purpose is to get you safely in, up and out. 

     With that said, I highly recommend that any loners, especially foreigners, contact one of the many Filipino groups that are outdoor enthusiasts. I'd start with Pilipinas Sierra and check the Habagat Manila or Cebu Store for their outing schedule. Both are listed in the Clubs Page

     You may also get questions answered directly at the Pinoy Outdoors Forum or the Metropolitan Mountaineers Forum.

     Many of the trekking destinations in the Philippines are on active volcanos.  The potential for eruptions is a real concern for anyone in the vicinity of an active volcano.  The recent eruptions on Pinatubo, Mayon and Canlaon are cases in point. Consult the List of Active Volcanos and the link to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, therein, for current warnings.  Also of interest are the List of Potentially Active and Inactive Volcanos since many of these are also climbing and trekking destinations.

     For general backpacking information and ultralight gear see, or

The Philippine National Mapping and Resources Information Authority (NAMRIA) is the source for topographic maps in Manila (Fort Bonifacio, Makati) and in other cities.  Sign up and you can search which maps are available. A few large map images like Manila and Batangas can be viewed on-line.

   General Vicinity Maps are available on this site for locations of selected peaks and parks as listed. 


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