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Movies of the Future

About a year ago, a friend of mine who teaches at Brooklyn College here in New York wanted to give her students an assignment involving watching movies that made some statement about society today by presenting a story set in the future. Being as I was more of the science-fiction movie afficionado than she was, she asked me to provide her with some movies to suggest. Below is the list I supplied her with:

I have reviewed some of these movies on Amazon.com and Allwatchers.com. You can find these reviews by clicking on the "AMZ" for Amzon and the "ALW" for Allwatchers.

2001 (’68 Mysterious object on moon)
2010 (’84 US-USSR trip to Jupiter)
Soylent Green (’73 Overcrowded society)
Mad Max 1 (’79) AMZ ALW, 2 (The Road Warrior, ‘81) ALW(Chaos on the highway) Click here to see a site with WAY too much info on this series

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Deathrace 2000 (’75 State-sponsored chaos on the highway)
The Ultimate Warrior (’75 Protecting the last fertile woman and seeds)
Rollerball (’75 Deathsport in depersonalized corporate world)
Gas-s-s-s- or We Had to Destroy the World in Order to Save It (’70 Kids take over)
Wild in the Streets (’68 Popular youth movement takes over)
Blade Runner (’82 Hunting upset androids)
Metropolis (’26 Class struggle in future city)
Forbidden Planet (’56 Monster on another planet)
Alien (’79 Monster in a space ship)
Westworld (’73 Robots in paradise)
A Boy and His Dog (’75 Survival in post-nuke desert and underground)
Escape from New York (’81 City as prison)
Things to Come (’36 Society after total war)
Logan’s Run (’76 If you’re 30, you’re dead)
The Illustrated Man (’68 Three disturbing tales)
Zardoz (’73 Secret in a brutal wasteland)
Fahrenheit 451 (’66 Books are illegal)
1984 (’55, ’84 Can there be free will in an oppressive state?)
Star Trek episode - City on the Edge of Forever (Can you change history?)
Star Trek, The Next Generation episode - Encounter at Farpoint (God judges man)
Cherry 2000 ('88 Seeking the perfect girl)
Silent Running (’73 Plants in space)
The Running Man ('87 game-show gladiator)
Omega Man (’71 Vs. worldwide plague victims)
A Clockwork Orange (’71 Psycho surgery)
The Time Machine (’60 Travel to the future )
The 5th Element (’97 Save earth from alien destruction)
La Jetee (’62 Finding hope in the past)
12 Monkeys (’96 Remake of La Jetee)
Seconds (’66 Man pays to look better)
Solaris (’72 Dreams on a space ship)
Last Man on Earth (’64 Vs. vampires)
The Last man on Earth (’24 And what it does to politics)
It’s Great to be Alive (’33 Musical remake of above)
Los Angeles 2017 (’70 Underground Society)
The Curious Female (’69 Love is illegal)
Zero Population Growth (’71 Kids are illegal)
THX 1138 (’69 Emotions are illegal)
Tenth Victim (’65 Death duels are legal)
Sleeper (’73 20th century man in 22nd century revolt)
Robocop (’87 The future of law enforcement)
No Blade of Grass (’70 Post-eco-collapse adventure)
Alphaville (’65 Private eye in computer run city)
Planet of the Apes (’68 Talking apes)
Battle of the Planet of the Apes (’73 Slave revolt)
Teenage Caveman (’58 Where did cave men come from?)
Radioactive Dreams (’86 Post-nuke dicks)
Def-Con 4 (’84 Post-nuke dictator)
The Postman (’97 Post-nuke society)
The War Game (’65 Post-nuke documentary)
Panic in Year Zero (’62 Post-nuke family)
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil (’58 Post-nuke New York)
The Day the World Ended (’55 Post-nuke survivors)
Five (’51 The first-ever movie of post-nuke survivors)

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