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reviews of william shakespeare's haunted house

Reviews of William Shakespeare's Haunted House/Ship

Click here for the schedule, ticket, and further info about the 2002 edition of "William Shakespeare's Haunted House."

"If he thought parting was sweet sorrow, just wait'll he experiences the tragedy of being reunited. The Bard is back, as he must confront the ghosts of his literary past- including Macbeth, the Witches, Richard III, Hamlet's Ghost, and Caliban- as guests enjoy a uniquely interactive Shakespearean scare presented by The Faux-Real Theatre Co."
~Big Apple Parent, October 2000

"The operative word at these productions is 'carnival.' They're a kind of medieval marketplace, where any second a new and bawdy surprise might pop up."
~The Village Voice, August 2000

"The show itself is a cross between a haunted-house tour and a Shakespearean spoof. Yes, this is madness, but there's method in it. In addition to re-enacting famous scenes, the characters conspire against their creator for assigning them such rotten fates. Is the entertainment scary? My four year-old son loved it, whereas a girl several years older begged to be taken home. So heed Will's advice: discretion is the better part of valor."
~The New York Times, October 1999

A cast of thirty actors make up this interactive show, composed entirely from the words and works of William Shakespeare. This super-energetic production includes songs, eerie sounds, creepy crawlers, flashing lights, and sound effects. Shakespearean ghosts and ghouls will pop put and surprise the audience at the most unexpected moments in an event that will thrill, scare, and delight audiences of all ages.


William Shakespeare's plays have been performed countless times in New York City. So many times, in fact, that Shakespeare's Spirit has been channeled to The South Street Seaport and forced to walk the decks of The Tall Ship PEKING every year at Halloween time.

William Shakespeare's ghost is not alone. As he takes the audence on a walking tour of his ship, they will encounter the ghosts of the characters Shakespeare created, who must relive the scariest scenes from his plays. Shakespeare rules his creations with an iron fist, but the characters rebel- breaking their written destinies. Can Shakespeare's characters overthrow their creator?

Come see!

October-November 2002 schedule and ticket information

You can also go to the show's official Faux-Real website.

If you want to see some pictures, the Manhattanite has seven pages of pictures of 2000's Central Park show.

More pictures by Tom Richford from 2000ís ship are at

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