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William Shakespeare's Haunted House 2002 by the Faux Real Theater Company

William Shakespeare's Haunted House 2002 by the Faux Real Theater Company

The location this year is
111 W 42ND

The schedule for this year's performances are as follows

Sunday, Oct 20 @ 3:00 PM
Monday, Oct 21 @ 8:00 PM
Thursday, Oct 24 @ 8:00 PM
Friday, Oct 25 @ 8:00 PM
Saturday, Oct 26 @ 8 & 10:30 PM
Sunday, Oct 27 @ 3:00 PM
Monday, Oct 28 @ 8:00 PM
Wednesday, Oct 30 @ 8:00 PM
HALLOWEEN, Oct 31 @ 4, 8 & 10:30 PM
Friday, Nov 1 @ 8:00 PM
Saturday, Nov 2 @ 8 & 10:30 PM
Sunday, Nov 3 @ 3:00 PM

Ticket Information:

$15 in advance $20 at the door


MORE INFO: (212) 981-8250

The show's official website is

To see stuff about pervious years' shows, go to The 2001 page

See a page full of reviews of this show!

If you want to see some pictures, the Manhattanite has seven pages of pictures of 1999's Central Park show.

Tom Richford has posted lots of pictures of the 2000 show on the ship.

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