. Asian and "Arabian" movies of interest to SCAdians
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SCAdian MOVIES! Asian and "Arabian"

Though the SCA is focused on Medieval European culture and society, Asian culture does leak in. Many SCAdians take on Asian personas and many elements of certain Asian cultures correspond to certain SCAdian interests (ie, sword combat, Japanese Bushido, etc.).

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! = a definite must-see for anyone with SCA related interests.

+ = good to see if you've already seen or if you can't find the must-sees.

% = either a weak movie with a SCA-related theme, or a good movie of limited SCA-related interest.

- = only for the most desperate completist.

I have reviewed a number of these movies on Amazon.com and Allwatchers.com. You can go to those individual reviews by clicking on the AMZ for Amazon and the ALW for Allwatchers.

Here are the following categories:
Ali Baba
47 Ronin
Lone Wolf and Cub
Sleepy Eyes of Death
Other Asian, Indian, Pacific Island
East Meets West

The movies are listed alphabetically by their most popular english-laguage title that I know of.

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