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Patrin is pleased to mention some of the honours and awards we have received. These honours serve three purposes: 
  • they announce to the Internet that we are doing something right; 
  • they increase traffic, drawing more readers to our site; 
  • and by increasing our readership, these honours and awards serve to educate more people about Romani culture, history, traditions, and social issues. 
We sincerely thank the sponsors of these awards, and to our readership who have made these awards possible!

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01 November 1997
DoeWalking Community Award
29 December 1997

Reciprocal Links

The following Web sites have placed a link to Patrin from their pages. In exchange, we list these pages in appreciation. Inclusion in this list of links does not necessarily assume endorsement by Patrin of any organisation, individual or viewpoint represented.

Lawyers Committee for Roma Rights and Recognition
European Committee on Romani Emancipation
Natl. Assn. of Health Workers with Travellers
Association of Gypsies/Romani International
Gypsy Collections at University of Liverpool
Roma Community and Advocacy Center
Southern Albanian Romani Association
Exchange House Travellers Service
European Roma Rights Center
OSI Roma Participation Program
Pavee Point Travellers' Centre
Katholische Zigeunerseelsorge
Tsiganes: Gens du Voyage
Roma National Congress

Stories from the Drom
American Gypsy
Unión Romaní
Me Sem Rom
O Vurdón
Les Rom

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WWW Virtual Library: Religion and Regional Studies
Western Connecticut State University: Social Sciences
Office for National and Ethnic Minorities in Hungary
Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre
Southwest Texas State University Anthropology
Hokkaido University Slavic Research Center
The Society for the Anthropology of Europe
Uppsala Universitetsbibliotek: Humaniora
Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center
University of Washington Anthropology
Association for East European Studies
Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
European Centre for Minority Issues
Centre for Multiethnic Research
Council for European Studies
Åbo Akademis Bibliotek
Central Europe Review

Goddard College Multicultural Center
Montclair State University: Sociology
International Cultural Center Library
Social Science Information Gateway
SocioSite: Going Dutch Sociology
Kirjasto: Kansatiede Antropologia
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The Anthroglobe Journal
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Transitions Online

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Human Enslavement
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Seventh Seal - Activism
Minorities at Risk Project
Czech Helsinki Committee
Keep the Nazis Out of Dover
The Electronic New Presence
Society for Threatened Peoples
Monitor: Antifascistisk Nyhetsbrev
CESTIM Centro Studi Immigrazione
GreenNet: Progressive Organisations
Jay's Leftist and Progressive Directory
University of Waikato: Law Related Sites

UNR Center for Holocaust, Genocide and Peace Studies
Eckerd College: Human Rights and International Law
Ressources Documentaires sur le Génocide Nazi
Rongstad's Worldwide Military Links: Holocaust
University of Western Australia: Human Rights
USF Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust: Roma
North Whitfield Middle School: the Holocaust
AAAS Database of Human Rights Resources
University of Ottawa Human Rights Research
Southwestern University: The Holocaust
I*EARN's Holocaust/Genocide Project
BJ Swartz's Holocaust Resources
Academic Info: Holocaust Studies
The Holocaust History Project
WWII: The World at War
Cybrary of the Holocaust
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Testaments of Genocide
Holocaust Names

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University Of British Columbia Library
Internet Public Library: Social Sciences
Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek Bern
Nynäshamns Gymnasium: Biblioteket
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Mercator-Media Minority Languages
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Lund University Electronic Library
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Prelude to the study of a totem pole

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Eastern European Adoption Coalition
Aziza Sa'id's Mid-Eastern Belly Dance
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Ontario Consultants on Religious Intolerance
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Women, State and the former Yugoslavia

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