U.S.S. California
DLGN-36 / CGN-36
The Golden Grizzly
In The Beginning, Memories of a Plank Owner


I would like to thank all individuals and organizations for these Awards. I will accept and display them with pride on behalf of the USS California (DLGN-36 / CGN-36) and Her Plank Owners.

Elite Award

Broadside Award
The Award

John E. Schultz RM1(SW), USN, Ret.
USS IOWA (BB-61) Veteran's Association

Blue Knight Award
Ron Fleischer
Windsor Police Website

Turret Captain Award
The Award
Paul Henriott
and the
Knight Award
Dark Patriot Award
Cutting Edge Award
25 Military Police Platoon
Nuclear Powered Cruisers of the U.S. Navy
There are many websites out there that are common in subject.
However, we are an elite group in that our subject matter is
not one that is common. We have taken it upon ourselves to
relive a past and present it to the general public to preserve
and perhaps educate them. Ask yourself this question, "How many
officers and men have walked the decks of the ships I served?",
now ask yourself another question, "How many of them have made
the effort to educate the WORLD by the use of the internet?"
I'll bet that the second number is far less than the first by
a significant amount! Yet you have made the decision to undertake
a great and demanding task and have performed suberbly! For that,
you are awarded the Mariner Award. BZ and job well done!
Gene Bales, MM1(SW) USN
Nuclear Powered Cruisers of the US Navy
US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association

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