U.S.S. California
DLGN-36 / CGN-36
The Golden Grizzly
In The Beginning, Memories of a Plank Owner

The central figure is a grizzly bear, selected because of its status as the state animal of California. The bear also symbolizes the power and tenacity embodied in the CGN-36 class ship. The stance of the bear is identical with that of the bear in the California state flag and, against the ocean background, signifies the long "strides" that nuclear-powered cruisers are able to take across the sea. Like USS CALIFORNIA, the bear's presence is commanding but not hostile.

The atom behind the bear represents the ship's nuclear propulsion. The missile on the border of the insignia symbolizes CALIFORNIA's weapons capabilities, while the lightning bolt signifies the cruiser's extensive command, control, communication and surveillance systems.

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