Until recently, a flourishing Human and Neo-Dolphin colony in the Alph System.  Calafia is a watery Garden World, the first fully entrusted to Terragens by the Galactic Institute of Migration.  It has rapidly become the second most important world in human space --Mars colony being its closest competitor.

Calafia is currently occupied by the Soro and their clients.  At present, this is the most serious single challenge to Terragen Confederation security.  Though the Soro hold on Calafia remains firm, Terragen civilian casualties have been exceedingly high (except among the Neo-Dolphin).  Also, the Soro have over-reacted to occasional frustrations or set-backs, and there are concerns about ecological damages.  The original Clan Soro goal of Neo-Dolphin Uplift Consort Status for the Gello had to be abandoned, and the current goal is evidently territorial expansion (which is not necessarily contrary to the Traditions of the Galactic Institute for Civilized Warfare).

However, even the Paha forgot to take into account the need to fight an aquatic war (none have been waged for mega-years), and now both the G.I.C.W. and the Institute of Migration are demanding some explanations.  Despite these rays of hope, Terragen authorities are still not optimistic about the Confederation's ability to hold its prize colony.


- Star of the planet Calafia.


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