Believe in the fairies?

Although never you have seen one they exist.

They are small luminous beings who appear frequently in the deep forests,

waters of streams and the centennial trees and take a varita that dismisses infinity of luminous sparks.

They have been present in our culture from inmemorables times.

Also the gnomos, elfos, the ondinas and duendes exist.

All are like a great family.

From small me the fairies have always astonished that populated my world with their stories,

for that reason I want in this space mostrarte that magical world,

in this Web you can find everything what I could know the fairies, duendes, the gnomos, and other creatures thus also like.comencemos stories of our childhood...

then our route with the fairies

The meaning of the word "fairy" means encantamiento and

it imagines like a small and supernatural being who has magical powers and interyields for or or for badly in our subjects.

Its cultural origin is not known, but in the Average Age they are acquiring the form that has arrived at our time.

In epoca of King Arturo of England, it is spoken much of worlds of the fairies, underground worlds where they live.

One thought that they were evil there so that they kidnapped children to educate them to its way and of "fairy tales"

, infantile histories that have accompanied to us in our childhood From ancestral times, in all the traditions of all the towns of the entire world has been believed in the existence of these beings.

The Fairies or Fares corresponds to the same current of life that those "of the Nature", only that with greater evolution, since they belong to the mental plane.

As they are born? of which matter is?

The matter of what the Fairies are done is subtle and etérea,

translucent, and is thus, under this appearance that can be seen when they deign to be the humans,

but when they remain invisible, then they are located in the astral plane, being able to see they and we to us no.

Its corporeidad is very particular "sensible and fluid, it can be molded by as tenuous things as the thought".

Therefore, the appearance of the feéricos beings will frequently reflect the preconceived ideas that of them we have ".

"Because of the nature of its etérea structure, the fairy can vary voluntarily of size".

"to adopt a new form, the fairy has to conceive it with clarity and to fix it firmly to its conscience,

because as soon as it leaves the idea, returns to its primitive normal state".

In opinion of the teósofos, that have taken care to investigate the subject:

"the general function of the fairies is to absorb PRANA or vitality of the sun and to distribute it between the physicist".

That is, that comes to be a connection between the invisible world and the visible world.

How substance was born the fairies?...:

that animates them is, in itself their source of creation,

now, exists many referring versions to the birth of the Fairies, modern and other old, very old ones.

In past times, but cristianizados, our Earth affirmed that

the Fairies were pagan fallen angels either dead

and for that reason nonapt nor to raise the sky nor to descend to hell reason why they were forced to live by all the eternity in the dark regions of the "intermediate kingdom", that is to say.

Scandinavians count of form mitológica, that they were the worms that arose from the died body of the Imir giant,

those that became "clear elfos, the elfinas, and in dark elfos. The elfinas live in the air, the dark elfos in the subsoil.

According to the north of Europe can be appreciated,

knows of the Fairies, as well as the British Islands,

but of equal way they are not ignored in Germany since there it knows them under the name Nornes,

Sparing hilanderas in the style of the Greeks, and to which we could denominate like a luck of "mothers" of the Fairies,

his creative source. These Fairies are those that in the birth of the children,

approach their cradles to grant to them to gifts or curses, by virtue of how they are these good or bad Fairies, that there are them, and then are known under the name of witches.

In France we were with the Fairy Abonda or Abonde, that tries abundance.

In Italy with Aia or Ambriane, Fairy that belongs to the group of the calls Ladies Blancas.

Without moving us of Italy, we also tripped over the famous Befana that brings gifts to the children per Christmas,

formula that is repeated in France with the Arie Fairy.

In Venice they had to Gross Dona and in Brescia to the Besola.

In Spain, in Catalunya, the forest reserve of the Montseny,

a lake exists in which, the full moon-lits night,

it affirms that the Fairies leave their waters to dance to the clear one of moon; there is one who assures them to have seen.

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