Fire: It is the element as much of the Creation as of the Destrucción.

it represents the sumer and to the total noon.

It is the kingdom of the legendary salamander or lizar of fire.

the salamander says to us that all the things are posibility with a little imagination and anger.


They direct to the element fire;They control it.

They work during storms,treating to orient rays when they take place.

After to have the terrestrial period within its line,they are transformed into:farrallis or leaders in its area;They work as masterful aspiretes are the executors of the elaborated plans;They control several elements.

Ra-Arus is the maximun category within the line of the elementary ones and would be the same one that within the humans has arcàngeles.

Hiarrus is like aspecies of governors;the plans elaborate to execute.


Color: Red

Type of energy: Projective

Metals: Gold and Brass

Station: Summer

Address: South Time: Half day