Water: It represents the treatment, psychic and the love.

The water is love, purifies and clean. It represents the autumn and the twilight.

Underneath the lakes and seas there is immense cities and kingdoms of nymphs and duendes of the water.

The water is governed by the Ondinas, mitológicas creatures of the water.

Ondinas: Usually they entar in the depths in which it enchants to them to be.

They direct groups that guian the water by their channel natural.Son of a great beauty.

Ondinas (feminine), Wallanos (masculine). They love the water and they are in its depths, they direct groups of You make a draft, that work continuously,

guiding the water by its natural channel and until its exit to the sea. Nerenes (masculine), Ensines (feminine).

They are those that control waters of the sea, mainly when are storms, since without its work the effect of the water in the coasts would be devastating.

They lend great aid to the man, mainly on the high seas. They measure around 5 cm. Remain 1 year in physical plane and 100 years in astral plane.

They work in groups and they form within these, sub-groups. They have a little conscience already and they form pairs. In the pairs of the elementary ones they interchange to be able.


Color: blue

Energy: Receptive

Metals: Mercury, Silver and Receive

Station: Autumn

Address: The west.
Time: Twilight