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Alberto E. Fresina



This book contains the development of one Psyche theory, focused on the laws and mechanisms that rule the human motivation. It is supported by the general method of materialistic dialectics, the application of logics arisen out of Marx's and Engel´s discoveries. Universal laws and categories of dialectical materialism and their conscious application, constitute a valuable instrument for scientific knowledge, especially when phenomena which are not near to a practical manipulation have to be explained, as it is among others, the case of Psyche and its essential functions.

The topics that are discussed here, constitute central problems of psychology, and they have been object of many theories and controversies between different positions and thought trends. But this work, excepting the cases specifically indicated in which previous knowledge and ideas are taken into consideration like a starting point, is not dedicated mostly to reproduce or discuss other authors´ statements, what it would mean another huge treaty; it rather tends to show up the new theory in its affirmative way.

The book is made up of seventeen chapters, divided into three parts.


It includes the first four chapters. These chapters are relatively introductory, although they have the most theoretical importance and tend to introduce the frame and general principles on which further development will be based on. In the first part, the first chapter contains what it could be considered an independent anthropological theory on the man's evolution, that incorporates new elements for the explanation of the process that gave rise to species. Such concepts also mean an important source of arguments for the explanation of the essential functions of human psyche. In the second chapter, the internal logic of the psyche is outlined, its basic laws that constitute the most essential and universal part of motivation and of all intentional behavior. In the third chapter, an advancement on particular tendencies or impulses appears, a step forward in the way in which general laws are shown up. Lastly, the fourth chapter refers to the considerations on the method to face the most specific study on the psychic operation mechanisms, according to the different complexity levels on which they are structured.


It comprises chapters from five to fifteen inclusive, and refers to the specific treatment on the structure and psychic performance. In this part, essential mechanisms and functions of human motivational structure are analyzed in detail, starting with the most elementary level, which includes the nervous system reflexes, going up the approach gradually, until reaching the laws that support the movement of superior trends.


It comprises chapters sixteen and seventeen. Here, it is led to the sociology field and the structure of the society economic relationships. It deals with the general conclusions and the possible application of knowledge. Therefore, once the man's essential needs have been determined, as well as the natural conditions for his normal satisfaction, it is arisen out how social life should be organized, specially the work, as well as the different educational, leisure, artistic activities, etc, so that Psyche works in a healthy way. This is discussed in chapter sixteen.

But such general modification of the labor life and of the different social activities, as imagined, it is only possible by previous transforming the society economic relationships. Lastly, and this is analyzed in chapter seventeen, it is fundamental the scientific socialism premise, the prevalence of the interests and the criteria of workers themselves, so that the changes in the labor organization are not hindered by economic interests opposed to life and society improvement.

Alberto E. Fresina

© Author: Alberto E. Fresina
Title: "The Laws of Psyche"
Title of the original Spanish Version:
"Las Leyes del Psiquismo"
Fundar Editorial
Printed in Mendoza, Argentina
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Mendoza, 14th July, 1999
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Translated by Ana El kassir with the collaboration of Marcela Berenguer
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