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Bringing You The Pizza From Argentina!
  Pizza From Argentina?  What kind of pizza do they serve in South America?

If you have never been, must less read up on, Argentina then those are probably the questions that have just entered your mind when you came to this site.

Well not to worry.  Pizza in Argentina is not much different in other parts of the world.  Most of the ingredients are the same in their pizza recipes but they tend to focus more on mixing and matching the same small amount of toppings.   Also, how pepperoni is a popular topping in the United States, ham is the popular topping in Argentina.

You see, a large part of Argentina's population can trace their roots to Italy.  Pizzerias have been around for some time and it plays are large role in the casual cuisine.  In most cafes, you will find some sort of pizza on the menu and let me tell you, there is almost a cafe on every city block.

Like I mentioned earlier, the pizzas in Argentina are slightly different here than in other parts.  Pizza sauce is not so heavily spread about on the pizza, it is only a light coating that does not take away the flavors of the other ingredients.  It is also rare to find pizzas the have those thick crust edges like other places serve.  Sometimes the toppings actually cover all the bread and spill out into the pan, so you get to enjoy the whole pizza not a bunch of dry crunchy crust that fills you up too quick.  Don't plan on eating your pizza with your hands, you'll need a fork and knife for these tasty pies

Here are some of the many popular pizza recipes that you will find around Argentina.  You will most likely be familiar with the toppings but the pizzas just have a different twist to them.  Give them a try and impress yourself or those that you share these pizzas with.
Pizza Dough
Pizza Sauce
Roasted Peppers Topping
Pizza Roquefort
Pizza Provolone
Pizza Napolitana
Pizza Tropical
Pizza Calabresa
Pizza Espaņola
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