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The Knights of Solamnia

The Knights of Solamnia are one of the greatest fighting forces on Krynn. They have existed for over 2,000 years (founded in 1,775 PC). During that time the ranks of the Knights have both swelled to great numbers and depleted to almost nothing. So, to further the cause of the Knighthood, I shall supply all possible info and ease the process of joining the ranks.

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Honorable Knights of Solamnia

Vinus Solamnus Bayard BrightBlade Galan Lord Gunthar
Huma Dragonsbane Sturm Brightblade Lord Kai Sir Smar the Striker
Angriff Brightblade Tanin Majere Sturm Majere Pirvan Wayward
Dhamon Ironshield Sturm Oaklimb Brightblade II Davion'lyr Nurbonnis Terett Asmoranoma
Avant Coristiantine Sir Gavin Ironheart Edrick Dragonbane Sir Derek Crownlord
Adon Dagar Duncan Wymrtamer Justinius Dracos Onyx Blackmane
Sir Bowen Dragonheart Sir Valodon The Lawful
I invite any and all able to Join the Ranks.

Great Warriors of Krynn

Tanis Half-Elven Caramon Majere Flint Fireforge Riverwind
Kaz the Minatour Verminaard Arakias Arakian
Steel Brightblade Kitiara Uth Matar Kith-Kanan Dhamon of the Fifth Age
Lord Soth Laurana Goldmoon Tasslehoff Burrfoot
Tika Majere Theros Ironfeld Lord Wilderness Kagonos
Allen Woodward Goldmoon (other) Jaster Mereel Samiel Dragonsbane
Tasslehoff Burrfoot (other) Ryan Eckstrom-Browne Adon Dagar Riverwind (other)
Gorman Gemthiever Galadrin Valim

Join The Ranks!

To be added to the great lists detailing every Knight of each order, Please complete the following:

         Knight's Name:       

             Your Name:         

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The Order you Belong to:
	 Knight of the Crown.
	 Knight of the Sword.
	 Knight of the Rose.

What Title do you hold:

Your abilities: 
  STR   INT 
  DEX   WIS 
  CON   CHA 

Weapons and Armor:
	Please explain any special ability something may have

	Both Weapon and Non-Weapon please

	Magical and Non-Magical please

Other relevant Information:
	Such as Hit Points, Special Abilities, etc.

Background Information:
	Such as past quests and current quest

Do you want this information published on the web?


Or petition to be recognized as a Great Warrior.

Character's Name: 

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      Your Email: 

    Do you:
             Know of a story character that belongs on the lists.
             Have a character that belongs on the lists.
             Have other information relevant to the lists or page.

If you chose "story character" please be sure it is in a known PUBLISHED dragonlance novel.

Is this person a:

Please describe the mentioned Knight/Warrior
or additional information.



Note: Your PC name in the list will be linked to your email or homepage. Please specify 
which in the text area. Thank you.

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    Relevant History of the Knighthood

  • 1,900-1,750 PC - Rebellions in the East: At the end of the Quevalin line brutal kings fought for control. After much abuse and taxation the Eastern part revolted. Brutal battles crushed the resistance.
  • 1,812 PC - Vinas Solamnus Commands Imperial Guard: Vinas Solamnus assumed the most important position in Ergoth.
  • 1801 PC - Great Uprising in Vingaard: Solamnus marched East with a huge army to crush the biggest rebellion yet.
  • 1,800 PC - Year of Waiting: Vinas spent a year reviewing the cause of the rebellion. He discovered that the reason for the rebellion is the repressive treatment from the emperor. Vinas and his army joined the cause.
  • 1,799-1,791 PC - Rose Rebellion & Fall of Ergoth: For nine years the army of Ergoth and Solamnus fought. Finally Vinas laid siege on Daltigoth and won. He received the eastern part of Ergoth and it was named Solamnia. Solamnus honored the Swordsheath Scroll.
  • 1,775 PC - Knights of Solamnia formed: Vinas went on a quest of honor to find some answers for the dilemma he faced with keeping the peace. The result was the Knights of Solamnia.
  • 1,750-1,300 PC - Birth of Nations: Sancrist, Solamnia, and Istar arise. Solamnia prospers, Ergoth declines.
  • 1,480 PC - Solamnia becomes a major military power and the world looked to it for safeguard and peace.
  • 1,060-1,018 PC - THIRD DRAGON WAR: Wild Mages ban together to bring Takhisis to Krynn. The Knights of Solamnia are given their greatest weapon to fight her. The Dragon Orbs are made.
  • 1,060-1,018 PC - Huma Dragonbane: Huma and the Dragon Gwynneth, are led by Paladine to find the Dragonlances.
  • 1,202-1,018 PC - Takhisis falls to the Dragonlance's power and departs Krynn with her Dragons. The oath she made for the removal of the Lance is as follows:
    I swear that I shall withdraw from Krynn along with my children for so long as the world is whole. So do I swear by the Beyond. By the highgod.
  • 1,000-800 PC - Hylo Allies with Solamnia: The second Kender capital signs a treaty with Solamnia.
  • 980 PC - Thorbardin Opens Garnet: Solamnia grants mining rights to Thorbardin in the Garnet Mountains for their aid in the Dragon war.
  • 530-522 PC - Ogre Wars/Dwarfmeld: Ogres threatened all trade routes in the Khalkist Mountains. The Dwarves, Istar, and Solamnia destroyed the Ogres. The Dwarves added their signature to the Swordsheath Scroll.
  • 490-476 PC - Barbarian Raiders/Greatmeld: Barbarians trapped between Istar and Solamnia raided the trading caravans. Solamnia and Istar crushed the Barbarians and re-signed the Swordsheath Scroll.
  • 280 PC - World Righteousness: Istar proclaimed itself as the moral center of the world and established the first Kingpriest. Solamnia approved at the effort to promote goodness throughout the world.
  • 0 PC - CATACLYSM: In his attempt to become a god he brought down the gods wrath. True priests left the world. Thirteen signs were given and all were ignored. Solamnic Knight Lord Soth was given the chance to stop it but failed. On the thirteenth day of Yule, Third day of the new year a fiery mountain fell from the sky upon Istar. The entire world suffered from mass destruction of violent storms, earthquakes, and rising oceans.
  • 1-300 AC - Shadow Years: Famine and plague spread. Knights are hated for not stopping the Cataclysm.
  • 348 AC - FOURTH DRAGON WAR: War of the Lance In spring the Dragonarmies pour east over the Khalkists. Silvanesti accepts emissaries that promise peace.
  • 352 AC - Whitestone Council: An uneasy alliance is formed with Solamnia, Ergoth, Thorbardin, Silvanesti, and Qualnesti. Dragonlances are rediscovered, mass production started. Good Dragons eggs are rescued and they enter the war. The High Clerists Tower is attacked but held. Kalaman is freed. Dragonarmies regroup at Neraka. Evil turns in on itself and fights for the Crown of Power. The War of the Lance is over.
  • 353 AC - War of the Lance Ends: The Queen s armies except the Blue wing, break apart. The Dragons retreat to harsh climates where they are weakened.
  • 353-357 AC - Harrying of the Foe: Whitestone forces continue to look for the split armies that still occupy parts of the north, east, and south.
  • 353-359 AC - Solamnic Prisoner: Arakian, son of Arakias is taken prisoner by Solamnic Knights and held for six years. He learned the structure and beliefs of the knights and the reason for the defeat of the Dragonarmies.
  • 357 AC - The Blue Lady s War: Kitiara s forces and Lord Soth with his Death Knights attack Palanthas and fail.
  • 358-369 AC - Changing of the Guard: Peace returns to the land, uneasily. Silvanesti and Qualnesti are joined by a political marriage. Knights prosper and once again bring order to the land.
  • 359-382 AC - Knights of Takhisis: Arakian tells Takhisis all he discovered and started an evil version of the Knights of Solamnia: The Knights of Takhisis. The new knights eliminated all possibilities of Evil turning upon itself.
  • 382 AC - FIFTH DRAGON WAR: Final battle of the gods. The Dark Knights of Takhisis unite with the Knights of Solamnia to fight the highgod Chaos. Their victory cost them the gods of good, neutrality, and evil along with magic, as it was known.
  • 382 AC - Dark Knights Attack: The Knights of Takhisis have begun their major assault starting with the High Clerist Tower.
  • 382 AC - The Gods Unite: The gods gather in the Abyss to plan their defense against Chaos. Paladine withdraws his aid so Takhisis can unite the world with her forces. Both gods tell their followers of the up coming war with the Highgod. Good and Evil forces unite and prepare. Chaos' s forces wipe out the united forces except for one division that is led by Steel Brightblade.
  • 382 AC - The Greatest battle: Palin Majere and Steel' s division journey to the Abyss to fight the Highgod himself. All the evil gods have fled and Reorx is guiding the fighters against Chaos. By a distraction and a knife cut, a drop of blood from Chaos is entrapped in the Greygem and the war is brought to an end.
  • 382 AC - The Final Farewell: The terms of Chaos' s surrender was that the gods must leave Krynn. Paladine returns one last time to give the message of the gods departure. With the absence of gods and subsequently magic, from the moons, Krynn enters a whole new Age.
  • 0 SC - The Second Cataclysm: The dawn after the Abyssal battle with Chaos began a whole new Age. The Age of Mortals. Upon receiving the Highgod's surrender, the Greygem exploded into a thousand pieces. These became the stars that filled the void left by the departing gods. As if to remind all mortals that they are not alone, a single red star burns brightly in the heavens.
  • 1 SC - The Last heroes' Tomb Built: A tomb honoring those who fell in the war against Chaos was constructed outside Solace.
  • 2 SC - The Coming of Great Dragons: The Great Dragon, Malystryx, arrives on an isle east of Ansolan and makes her presence known. Riverwind investigates the news of Malystryx. Kender messengers are sent to warn the Knights of Solamnia of the new threat.
  • 4 SC - Khellendros, better known as Skie, takes Palanthas and most of northern Solamnia.
  • 4 SC - Legion of Steel Founded: Lady Sara Dunstan created an order of Knights in honor of Steel Brightblade. She envisioned a group committed to nothing but justice. They are not bound to god or evil only justice and honor. The Legion is made up of both Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis who believe there is no clear line between good and evil.
  • 6 SC - Dark Knights Expand: Now partially restored in number, the Knights of Takhisis begin to spread their influence outside the newly constructed walls of Neraka.
  • 9 SC - Solamnic Knight's Council: Upon Lord Gunthar's death the Knighthood called a Knightly Council. Chosen to take his place is Lord Liam Erhling. A decision was also made to adopt and follow the revised Measure Lord Gunthar wrote to compensate for the absence of the gods.
  • 15 SC - The Vision Returns: Thanks to a triumvirate of strong evil mystic leaders, the Vision returns to the Knights of Takhisis. The Vision tells all to be ready for the Queen's return.
  • 15 SC - Death of Sara Dunstan: Founder of the Legion of Steel dies leaving a Legacy for her faithful followers to ensure the lasting of the Legion of Steel.