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PC/AC DATING: 10,000 - 9,000 PC

  1. Highgod awakens; Chaos is subdued; The Tobril (a book of all the knowledge in the universe) is written.
  2. Greater gods born. The king of Wryms and eldest sibling Paladine (M), the Queen of Wryms & youngest sibling Takhisis (F), and the greatest sage Gilean (M), who is given Tobril.
  3. Lesser gods answer call from the greater gods: {Mishakal (F), Majere (B), Branchala (M)} are the gods of good, {Reorx (M), Chislev (F), Zivilyn (M), Sirrion (M), Shinare (F)} are the gods of neutrality, {Sargonnas (M), Morgion (B), Chemosh (M), & Hiddukel (M)} are the gods of evil.
  4. The universe is made by Reorx with a hammer made from the essence from the other gods. Stars made from the sparks of the forging and light the heavens.
  5. Chaos is slowed and Krynn is forged from it. Order is brought to the chaos.
  6. Chromatic Dragons are made by Paladine & Takhisis. Takhisis perverts the Dragons into creatures of evil.
  7. Reorx forges statues of Dragons from precious metals to cheer Paladine. Paladine breathes life into these statues creating the Dragons of good.
  8. **THE FIRST WAR OF THE DRAGONS**: The gods & Dragons of good battle the gods & Dragons of evil. Chaos threatened their creation so the gods withdrew.
  9. Peace: lesser gods born: {Kiri-Jolith (M), Habbakuk (M), & Solinari (M)} born of Paladine & Mishakal; Lunitari (F) born of Gilean; {Zeboim (F) & Nuitari (M)} born of Takhisis and Sargonnas.
  10. To prevent Krynn from being destroyed by battling Dragons, all powerful spell magic was removed from Krynn. Only minor spells were available from the natural magic within each being.
  11. During the time of peace the gods hear singing in the heavens. There are living spirits discovered in the stars and they are coveted.
  12. *ALL-SAINTS WAR*: All gods fight for control over the spirits.
  13. Watching his children fight, the Highgod sought to punish them by destroying their world. Seeing the destruction the gods once again ceased fighting. To maintain a balance that would keep the peace, the gods would give the spirits one gift then withdraw from the world. The gods of good gave physical control over the world. The gods of evil gave desire and mortality. The gods of neutrality gave free will.
  14. The first Ogres, Elves, & Humans are born. The Ogres take the mountains, the Elves take the forests, and the Humans take the plains.


YEAR FROM BEGINNING: 1,000 - 5,000
PC/AC DATING: 9,000 - 5,000 PC

Year Pre Cataclysm
9,000-8,500 PC

  • People Choose Places: Ogres choose the mountains Elves choose the Forests Humans choose the plains.

8,500 PC

  • First Generation: The first generation of young Dragons on Krynn are born.

8,500 PC - 352 AC

  • The Dragons: Novel about the existence of Dragons since the first generation that was born on Krynn to the War of the Lance.

8,700 PC

  • Reorx Favored: Smith folk made from Human followers of Reorx.

8,500 - 5,000 PC

  • Birth of Civilization: Ogres use Human slaves to build cities.

6,320-5,980 PC

  • Heresy of Igraine: The Ogre Igraine gave his slaves freedom and taught goodness and he & his followers left the Ogre civilization.
  • The Irda: Novel about the fall of the Ogres and existence of the Irda.

6,000-5,000 PC

  • Decline of the Ogres: ogre rule over the rest of the world declined into nothing.

5,000 PC

  • The Ram's Horn: Kagonos, founder of the Kagonesti, gave Darlantan, a great Silver Dragon, a magical Ram's Horn that would summon the other when it was blown. The Kagonesti would keep one for future generations as would the Silver Dragons.

5,000-3,000 PC

  • Elves Ascendant: The Elves, guided by Silvanos, used the Ogres plans of civilization to build their cities.


YEAR FROM BEGINNING: 6,000 - 8,000
PC/AC DATING: 4,000 - 2,000 PC

Year Pre Cataclysm
4,000 PC

  • Rise of the House of Silvanos: The 1st Sithal-Elish (Council of High Ones) was held. All Elves swore allegiance to Silvanos.

3,811 PC - 79 AC

  • The Kagonesti: Novel about the beginnings of the Kagonesti race, why they are located where they are, and all of their ancient traditions.

3,500-3,350 PC

  • **FIRST DRAGON WAR OF KRYNN**: Elves fought the Dragons for the magical forest of what is now known as Silvanesti. The Elves used five magical Dragongems to trap the essences of the Dragons. The three gods of magic were banished for their interference.

3,489 - 3,350 PC

  • **THE SECOND WAR OF THE DRAGONS** To protect the Elves and avenge their fallen brethren, the Metallic Dragons of Paladine fight against the Chromatic Dragons of Takhisis.

3,489 PC

  • Spell Magic Returns: A Golden Dragon named Aurican flew with three Elven mages to the gods of magic to ask for their aid in the Dragon War. The gods of magic gave them five magical gems that would trap the essences of each Chromatic Dragon. With this gift, spell magic returned to Krynn.

3,350 PC

  • The Three Moons of Krynn: For their interference in the Dragon War, the gods of magic were banished to newly created moons far away from Krynn. With the absence of these gods, magic was once again taken from Krynn.
  • Building of Silvanesti: The Elves built a great kingdom in the newly claimed forest. They named it Silvanesti. The capitol was built on island formed by the Thon-Thalas river. It is called Silvanost.


3,350-3,100 PC

  • Greygem Forged & Released: The Three gods of magic had Hiddukel convince Reorx to make a gem in the image of Krynn. The gods of magic then filled the gem with their essence and tricked Reorx to releasing it on Krynn. Magic returned with the gem.

3,100 PC

  • The Greygem's Arrival: Some of the Smiths who freed the Greygem were turned Scions. Most of the other Smiths became Gnomes. These Gnomes followed the Greygem across the sea to the eastern shores in the Bay of Nordmaar on Ansalon.

3,100-2,900 PC

  • Kal-Thax is Built: The Gnomes gave up the chase for the Greygem and built a new home in a cave known as the Cold-Forge.

3,051 PC

  • Greygem Captured: Lord Gargath used two stones, Pathfinder and Spellbinder, along with wild magic to draw and capture the Greygem. When the Gnomes arrived and demanded the Greygem back he hired Humans, Minatours, Ogres, Giants, & Goblins to defend it. The Gnomes had Humans, Ogres, & Elves on their side. After 3 attempts the Greygem was freed from its magical prison. The races present were changed as follows: From Gnomes came Dwarves & Kender; From Humans came Sirens & Shadow People; From Elves came Dargonesti & Dimernesti; From Minatours came Thanoi; From giants came Trolls; From Goblins came Kobolds, Hobgoblins, & Bugbears; From Animals came magical animals such as Pegasus & Griffons.

3,000 PC

  • Second Generation: The second generation of young Dragons on Krynn are born.

2,800 PC

  • Thorin is Delved: The newly formed Dwarves abandoned the quest for the Greygem and became masters of mining. They created an underground empire in the Khalkist Mountains called Thorin. Kal-Thax is deserted for all time.

2,750 PC

  • Balif Dies: The Kender hero and Silvanos s friend dies.

2,710 PC

  • Dragon Stones are discovered: As ordered by the Red Dragon Crematia, the Dwarves of Thorin find the five stones that the Elves used to imprison the Dragon essences. Not trusting the magical stones they willingly gave them to Crematia and Tombfyre her son.

2,693 PC

  • **THE THIRD WAR OF THE DRAGONS** To preserve the future of their kind, the Dragons of light fought the children of Takhisis just long enough for a mating pair of each kind to escape. The Elves were left to defend themselves.

2,692-2,645 PC

  • **SECOND DRAGON WAR OF KRYNN**: Three wild mages and a scion used their power and commanded the ground to swallow the Dragons for all time. The Dragons were defeated but magic ran wild and thousands died. Fearful of punishment the mages called upon the gods of magic. The gods took the tower they were in from the world. This became known as the Lost Citadel.

2,689 PC

  • Covenant of the Forge: Novel [Haven't read yet]

2,688 PC

  • Wild Magic Released: The three Elven mages used wild magic to have the earth swallow the Chromatic Dragons. The energy from the spell cased great destruction throughout the Elven Nation. All mages were hunted down and killed. The three mages escaped to their tower and called upon the gods of magic to save them. The gods of magic removed the tower from Krynn.

2,645-2,550 PC

  • Towers of High Sorcery: The three lost mages created laws of magic and instructed their brethren to construct five bastions of magic. Thus the Towers of High Sorcery came into existence.

2,640 PC

  • Thorin Withdraws: Ashamed for causing the Dragon War the Dwarves withdraw into Thorin from the rest of the world.


2,600 PC

  • Rise of Ergoth: After the war Ackal Ergot united the Human Khalkist barbarians to form a powerful empire.
  • Hylo founded: A clan of Kenders was trapped inside the first floating citadel and landed on the Sentinel Mountains. A second Kender capital was founded. (2,600 PC)

2,596 PC

  • Hammer and Axe: Novel [Haven't read yet]

2,515 PC

  • Silvanos Dies: Leader of the Elven Nation dies. His son Sithel Becomes the next Speaker of the Stars and builds a crystal tomb for his father.

2,500-2,200 PC

  • Ergoth Dominant: The borders of Ergoth expanded to the borders of the Elves and Dwarves. An uneasy treaty was signed and trading began.

2,308 PC

  • Sithel's Sons: Sithel has twin sons Sithas and Kith-Kanan.

2,308-2,192 PC

  • The Firstborn: Novel about Sithas and Kith-Kanan the sons of Sithel and the beginning of the separation of the Elves of Silvanesti.

2,192 PC

  • Sithel is Slain: Sithel, Speaker of the Stars, is killed by a Human during a hunting trip near Sithelbec.

2,192-2,140 PC

  • Kinslayer War: Sithas, new Speaker of the Stars, Declared war on Ergoth for the death of his father. Wild-Elves and Half-Elves were forced to chose sides to fight. Kith-Kanan, brother of Sithas, negotiated a truce with Ergoth.
  • The Kinslayer War: Novel about the war between the Elves and Humans after Sithel's death, and the life of Kith-Kanan and the Wildrunners.

2,150-2,000 PC

  • Thorbardin is Delved: Hill Dwarves migrate to the South Kharolis Mountains and Create a new kingdom.

2,140-2,100 PC

  • Sundering of Silvanesti: Ashamed of shedding the blood of their kin the Western Elves called for social change and self-determination. Sithas granted them their independence.

2,132 PC

  • "The Best": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about a group of adventures going after the treasure in a Dragon's Lair.

2,128-2,073 PC

  • War of the Mountain: Border disputes between Ergoth and Thorbardin results in skirmishes.

2,111-2,068 PC

  • The Swordsheath Scroll: Novel [Haven't read yet]

2,073 PC

  • Swordsheath Scroll: Kith-Kanan created a treaty between the Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. The Elves got an enchanted forest now called Qualinesti. The Dwarves got mining rights to the Kharolis Mountains, The Humans got the benefits of relaxed trade restrictions.

2,072 PC

  • Hammer of Kharas: This hammer was forged in the image of Reorx s Hammer. It was presented to Ergoth as a peace offering.

2,050-2,030 PC

  • Great March: The Western Elves migrated to their new home land of Qualinesti.

2,009 PC

  • Thorin is Lost: The gates of this kingdom is lost to time.


YEAR FROM BEGINNING: 8,000 - 9,000
PC/AC DATING: 2,000 - 1,000 PC

Year Pre Cataclysm
2,000-1,892 PC

  • The Qualinesti: Novel about the existence of the Qualinesti, the building of Pax Tharkas, and the two Sea-Elven Races.

2,000-1,900 PC

  • Peace & Pax Tharkas: All nations prosper. Kith-Kanan convinced Ergoth and the Thorbardin to build Pax Tharkas as a monument to peace. The justly ruling Quevalin line began in Ergoth.

1,900-1,750 PC

  • Rebellions in the East: At the end of the Quevalin line brutal kings fought for control. After much abuse and taxation the Eastern part revolted. Brutal battles crushed the resistance.

1,812 PC

  • Vinas Solamnus Commands Imperial Guard: Vinas Solamnus assumed the most important position in Ergoth.

1801 PC

  • Great Uprising in Vingaard: Solamnus marched East with a huge army to crush the biggest rebellion yet.

1,800 PC

  • Year of Waiting: Vinas spent a year reviewing the cause of the rebellion. He discovered that the reason for the rebellion is the repressive treatment from the emperor. Vinas and his army joined the cause.

1,799-1,791 PC

  • Rose Rebellion & Fall of Ergoth: For nine years the army of Ergoth and Solamnus fought. Finally Vinas laid siege on Daltigoth and won. He received the eastern part of Ergoth and it was named Solamnia. Solamnus honored the Swordsheath Scroll.

1,775 PC

  • Knights of Solamnia formed: Vinas went on a quest of honor to find some answers for the dilemma he faced with keeping the peace. The result was the Knights of Solamnia.

1,750-1,300 PC

  • Birth of Nations: Sancrist, Solamnia, and Istar arise. Solamnia prospers, Ergoth declines. Silvanesti withdraws.

1,480 PC

  • Istar Grows: Istar becomes the center of trade during the Ergothian war. Solamnia becomes a major military power and the world looked to it for safeguard and peace.

1,435 PC

  • "Night of Falling Stars": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about a human and dwarf going after a Copper dragon's treasure.

1,400 PC

  • Third Generation: The third generation of young Dragons on Krynn are born.

1,399-1,010 PC

  • Dark Queen Plots: Takhisis guided the great Red Dragon Tombfyre in planting Dragon eggs all over Krynn. People collected them as gems until they hatched. Chromatic Dragons are spread across Ansalon.

1,062 PC

  • "Quarry": Story [The Dragons at War] about a Half-Elf hunting a Red Dragon and the existence of the Dragonsbane.

1,060 PC

  • A Leader of Darkness: Crynus is chosen as the Queen's Warlord allowing Galen Dracos to concentrate on efforts of bringing Takhisis to Krynn.

1,060-1,018 PC

  • **THIRD DRAGON WAR OF KRYNN**: Wild Mages ban together to bring Takhisis to Krynn. The Knights of Solamnia are given their greatest weapon to fight her. The Dragon Orbs are made.

1,028 - 1,018 PC

  • **THE FOURTH WAR OF THE DRAGONS**: Hateful vengeance and desire to aid the Knights of Solamnia lead the Dragons of Light to once again battle the Dragons of Darkness.

1,021 PC

  • "Easy Pickings": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about a Ogre fleeing from battle and finding a dead Silver Dragon and her Lair along with her children.

1,020-1,018 PC

  • Huma Dragonbane: Huma and the Dragon Gwynneth, are led by Paladine to find the Dragonlances.
  • The Legend of Huma: Novel about the Fourth Dragon War and the life of the great Solamnic Knight, Huma and his friends Kaz and Magius.
  • The Oath: Takhisis falls to the Dragonlance's power and departs Krynn with her Dragons. The oath she made for the removal of the Lance is as follows:
    I swear that I shall withdraw from Krynn along with my children for so long as the world is whole. So do I swear by the Beyond. By the highgod.

1,018 PC

  • Dragon Orbs: The Dragon Orbs are created by the Conclave to protect the Towers of High Sorcery.
  • "Silver and Steel": Story [Love and War] about another account of Huma and the end of the Fourth Dragon War.

1,015 PC

  • "Kaz and the Dragon's Children": Story [The Dragon's of Krynn] about Kaz finding a wizard, a trapped Dragon, and her children.

1,014 PC

  • Kaz the Minatour: Novel about Huma's friend Kaz and his life after the war.


YEAR FROM BEGINNING: 9,000 - 10,000
PC/AC DATING: 1,000 - 0 PC

Year Pre Cataclysm
1,000-800 PC

  • Istar dominate: Trade standards set by Istar is accepted throughout the world. Istar becomes the moral center of the world.
  • Hylo Allies with Solamnia: The second Kender capital signs a treaty with Solamnia.
  • Thoradin Reopened: The Dwarves of Thorbardin Search out and re-open Thoradin by driving the Ogres out. Thoradin becomes a major supply center for metallic goods.

980 PC)

  • Thorbardin Opens Garnet: Solamnia grants mining rights to Thorbardin in the Garnet Mountains for their aid in the Dragon war. The Dwarves delve a city named Garnet.

967 PC

  • Thorbardin Constructs Life Tree: The Dwarven Clan of Hylar carve a city in a huge Stalactite above the Urkhan sea called the Life Tree Of Hylar or Zakhalax.

948 PC

  • Elves Isolate: Silvanesti and Qualinesti grow more isolationist.
  • Hill Dwarves Rise: Thorbardin founds an exterior Dwarven kingdom called Hillow.

910-825 PC

  • Ogres wars: The Dwarves of Thoradin fight the Ogres that previously occupied the kingdom. Solamnia was called for assistance in the war.

891 PC

  • Knights of the Crown: Novel about a man, Pirvan Wayward who was an excellent Thief. But due to an adventure with pirates, wizards and warriors, his honorable qualities were brought out, he was made a Knight of the Crown.

881 PC

  • Knights of the Sword: Novel about Sir Pirvan and another adventure that he took to stop Istar from going to war with Kalaman. His deeds were again rewarded by being moved up to Knight of the Sword.

856 PC

  • Knights of the Rose: Novel about Sir Pirvan and his final adventure that prevented a war between Istar and the Silvanesti Elves. With the aid of the Desert Barbarians and the people of Belkuthas, he kept the peace between the two great nations, for now. For his accomplishment, Sir Pirvan was moved to the highest ranking Order. He was made a Knight of the Rose.

850-727 PC

  • Trade Wars: Istar imposes harsh trade standards. Kenders start a trade war and win. They signed a treaty creating Kender Tax exempting the Kender from the standards.

760 PC

  • Kayolin Formed: The Dwarven city Garnet is given its freedom. The kingdom Kayolin is formed.

673-630 PC

  • Istar and Silvanesti Clash/Elfmeld: Istar expansion threatened Silvanesti s naval merchants, sea skirmishes resulted. With the aid of Solamnia Istar signed the Swordsheath Scroll or Elfmeld.

530-522 PC

  • Ogre Wars/Dwarfmeld: Ogres threatened all trade routes in the Khalkist Mountains. the Dwarves, Istar, and Solamnia destroyed the Ogres. The Dwarves added their signature to the Swordsheath Scroll.

490-476 PC

  • Barbarian Raiders/Greatmeld: Barbarians trapped between Istar and Solamnia raided the trading caravans. Solamnia and Istar crushed the Barbarians and re-signed the Swordsheath Scroll.

460-280 PC

  • Peace: Peace reigned throughout the land. Istar is the center of the civilized world.

280 PC

  • World Righteousness: Istar proclaimed itself as the moral center of the world and established the first Kingpriest. Solamnia approved at the effort to promote goodness throughout the world. Silvanesti grew antagonistic toward Istar s arrogance.

260-212 PC

  • Temple of the Kingpriest Built: The finest artisans were called to Istar to build the temple of the Kingpriest to proclaim his glory.

250-100 PC

  • Corruption of Justice/Elves Shunned: Istar repressed all who disagreed with the Kingpriest. The Elves withdrew from the world completely at the Human s arrogance.

118 PC

  • Proclamation of Manifest Virtue: A huge list of evil acts and races was created to preserve what is good. Any who oppose this list or is a member of one of the listed races was to be put to death or placed in the arena. Priests lost access to high level spells and some lost all spell casting abilities.

117-7 PC

  • "The Three Lives of Horgan Oxthrall": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a messenger for Astinus finding a pre-cataclysmic Dwarven journal. The journal is a bout a Dwarf who helps fight the Istarian armies, saves an Ogre, and later himself is saved by that Ogre. {Note the dating is that of the time which the events in the journal took place}

92 PC

  • "Goblin's Wish": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a Goblin, Kender, Minatour, Elf, and a Wish Sword.

89 PC

  • "Filling the Empty Places": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a Bounty-Hunter for Istar that teamed up with a Human, Kender, and Minatour to catch his greatest bounty yet. Who happens to also be the one to hire him.

80-20 PC

  • Dominance of Istar Clergy: Istar became the center of religion and all aspects of life were controlled by the clergy. Most priests lost their miraculous abilities.

19 PC

  • Siege on Sorcery: Urged by the Kingpriest the people attacked the Towers of High Sorcery in what is called the Lost Battles. Two of the towers nearly fell. So to protect the magic held within, the mages destroyed them. Fearful of the power, the Kingpriest granted safe passage if the mages left. He the took the tower in Istar as his own.

18 PC

  • "Kender Stew": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a Knight and a half-Kender training to be one.

14 PC

  • "People of the Dragon": Story [The Dragons at War] about a mage who learns of a lost colony of Silver Dragons that remained after the Dragon War of 940 in the Age of Right.

13 PC

  • "Colors of Belief": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a Knight who is unjustly punished by Istar and sent to the Games. And an Dark Elf who saves him.

6 PC

  • Edict of Thought Control: The Kingpriest asserted that evil thoughts equated evil deeds. He used mages to cast the ESP spell to root out all evil in the land.
  • "Six Songs for the Temple of Istar": Poem [The Reign of Istar] about the last days before the cataclysm.

3 PC - 97 AC

  • The Dark Queen: Novel about Takhisis and a Desert Plainsman she convinces to try and invade Istar.

1 PC

  • "Off Day": Story [The Reign of Istar] about Gully Dwarves adventures in Istar. And what the draining of the Holy wine vats had to do with causing the Cataclysm.
  • "The Silken Threads": Story [The Reign of Istar] about a Knight of Solamnia, his sister, and his priest. And how they and Raistlin saved the Lost Citadel.
  • "True Knight": Story [The Cataclysm] about the characters in "The Silken Threads" and their life during the Cataclysm

0 PC

  • "Ogre Unaware": Story [The Cataclysm] about the group of Gully Dwarves in "Off Day" and their search of the Promised Place. And an Ogre, for a time adopting a Gully Dwarf Mama.
  • "The Voyage of the Sunchaser": Story [The Cataclysm] about a ship making a trip to Istar that gets caught in the Cataclysm.
  • "Into Shadow, Into Light": Story [The Cataclysm] about Rennard from "The Legend of Huma" and the mercy granted to him during the Cataclysm.
  • *CATACLYSM*: In his attempt to become a god he brought down the gods wrath. True priests left the world. Thirteen signs were given and all were ignored. Solamnic Knight Lord Soth was given the chance to stop it but failed. On the thirteenth day of Yule, Third day of the new year a fiery mountain fell from the sky upon Istar. The entire world suffered from mass destruction of violent storms, earthquakes, and rising oceans.
  • The following are the 13 signs given to the world before the cataclysm:
  1. The gods hands shall withdraw & man shall face his doom alone
  2. The sky shall lament & beat the Earth with its tears & cries of anguish.
  3. Fear shall visit the land.
  4. Light shall be devoured; hope shall flee.
  5. Darkness & despair shall be rekindled.
  6. The flame shall fail on the hearth.
  7. The plains will be cleansed.
  8. Brother shall turn against brother.
  9. Knowledge shall be veiled.
  10. Our children shall bleed for our sins.
  11. Nature, in her outrage, shall turn against man.
  12. The bounty shall end & the blood shall wash the blot from the earth.
  13. The Earth & sky shall awaken!


YEAR FROM BEGINNING: 10,000 - 10,384

Year Post Cataclysm

  • Shadow Years: Famine and plague spread. Knights are hated for not stopping the Cataclysm. The Seeker movement begins.


  • "No Gods, No Heroes": Story [The Cataclysm] about a small group of adventures trying to survive who found luck on their side.


  • "Seekers": Story [The Cataclysm] about a boy and a Knight on a quest for answers.


  • Dark Queen Finds Istar: The Temple of Istar was cast into the Abyss where Takhisis finds it.


  • "The Word and the Silence": Poem [The Cataclysm] about murder and vengeance.


  • "A Good Knight's Tale": Story [Love and War] about a Knight's tale dealing with love.


  • "The Cobbler's Son": Story [The Cataclysm] about a Kender Scribe and his search for knowledge on what people think about the Cataclysm.


  • Dwarfgate Wars: Mountain Dwarves of Thorbardin closed their kingdom to Man and Dwarven refugees. Fistandantilus leads the refugees against Thorbardin and eventually destroys both armies in a magical blast from within Zhaman (which transformed into Skullcap).

39 / 357

  • War of the Twins: Novel about Caramon, Tasselhoff, and Crysania's adventures in the time of the Cataclysm and Dwarfgate War and their quest to stop Raistlin.


  • "Mark of the Flame, Mark of the Word": Story [The Cataclysm] about the continuation of "The Word and the Silence".


  • "The Night Wolf": Story [The War of the Lance] about a Werewolf and a group of friends trying to end the curse.


  • "The Bargain Driver": Story [The Cataclysm] about a woman and a Knight caught in a cursed village.


  • "The High Priest of Halcyon": Story [The Cataclysm] about the Scribe Foryth Teel from "Three Lives of Horgan Oxthrall" on a new quest for knowledge.


  • "The Wizard's Spectacles": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about a Hermit gaining the power of spell casting through a pair of True seeing glasses.


  • Stone is Planted: Using the founding stone from Temple of Istar, Takhisis opens a gateway to Krynn. The stone grows into a dark version of the Temple.


  • Dragons Awakened: Takhisis wonders Krynn waking the evil Dragons. Then returns to the Abyss to gather her armies.


  • "Seven Hymns of the Dragon": Poem [The Dragons of Krynn] about Dragons from their point of view.


  • "Dragon Breath": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about the group of heroes from "No Gods, No Heroes" who will fight a Dragon that has been threatening their village.


  • Murder in Tarsis: Novel about a Mercenary and an Assassin teamed together to solve a murder under unusual circumstances to prevent the destruction of Tarsis.


  • Berem Finds Stone: Berem and his sister Jasla finds the founding stone, Berem takes a gem and Jasla dies accidentally. The gem attaches to Berem s chest

172 / Year 1200 in the Age of Light (2800 PC)

  • "A Painter's Vision": Story [Love and War] about a Painter who meets a Brass Dragon and deals with the Dragonarmies.


  • Takhisis Finds Gate Barred: Because of the incomplete stone and Jasla s spirit, Takhisis s gateway to Krynn is blocked


  • Weasel's Luck: Novel about a youth forced to join the Knighthood by circumstances only to find the true meaning of courage and honor.


  • Galen Beknighted: Novel about the boy in "Weasel's Luck" who learns what it means to be a true Knight and finds his self-worth.


  • Kindred Spirits: Novel about Flint and Tanis meeting each other and the friendship that grew between them.


  • Dragon Eggs Stolen: Evil Dragons steal the Good Dragon s eggs. They hide them below the Lords of Doom.


  • Hedrick the Theocrat: Novel [Haven't read yet].


  • The Oath: Takhisis wakes the Good Dragons and threatens to destroy the eggs if they did not swear an oath of neutrality for the up coming war. She promised to return the eggs after the war.


  • Agents of Evil: Takhisis sends her minions to search for Berem in order to restore the founding stone.


  • Before the Mask: Novel about Verminaard's life, his connection with Huma, and his becoming a Dragon Highlord.


  • "Harvests": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about Tanis's and Flint's adventure with a young girl against a mage.
  • Night of the Eye: Novel about a boy, Guerrand, finding magic and saving the Lost Citadel from invasion by a Red Robe.


  • Dark Heart: Novel [Haven't read yet].


  • The Black Wing: Novel about the life of the black Dragon, Khisanth from Xak Tsaroth who guarded the Disks of Mishakal.


  • The Medusa Plague: Novel about Guerrand from "Night of the Eye" and his dealing with an ex-friend who is seeking revenge.

329 / 342

  • "A Stone's Throw Away": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about Tasselhoff and his finding the Teleportation Ring and an evil mage.


  • The Seventh Sentinel: Novel about finishing the life of Guerrand from "Night of the Eye" and how he preserved magic from being wiped out by his vengeful friend.


  • Wanderlust: Novel about Tanis and Flint meeting Tasslehoff and their adventures aiding the Dargonesti Elves.



  • Dragons Gather/Highlords Made: At the direction from Takhisis the evil Dragons join forces with other races. Dragon Highlords are established.
  • Emperor of Ansalon: Novel about Ariakas's life and how he became the top Dragon Highlord.


  • Sanction & Estwilde Corrupted: Takhisis s forces take Sanction as their primary port. Estwilde is used as the source for reserve troops.
  • "Hide and Go Seek": Story [Love and War] about


  • The Gates of Thorbardin: Novel [Haven't read yet]
  • "The Exiles": Story [Love and War] about
  • Oath and Measure: Novel about the five years Sturm spent searching for his father, his petition for the Knighthood, and his meeting of a strange and unusual person.


  • The Dragonarmies Offer: The Dragon armies ally with Kern, Khur, Blode, and the pirate isles, for refusal meant death.


  • Draconians Created: A dark mage and evil Priest join to corrupt the Good Dragon eggs. Using the fungus of the Zakhar the eggs are turned into Draconians. First came Baaz, then Kapak, Bozak, Sivak, and Arauk.


  • Steel and Stone: Novel [Haven't read yet]


  • Evil Marshals its Forces: The forces of evil are brought together and trained. Thirst for power causes violence that weeds out the weak.


  • Maquesta Kar-Thon: Novel [Haven't read yet]
  • "Snowsong": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "Hearth Cat and Winter Wren": Story [Kender, Gulley Dwarves, and Gnomes] about


  • The Companions: Novel [Haven't read yet]


  • Tanis, the Shadow Years: Novel about
  • "The Test of the Twins": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about what had happened at the Tower of High Sorcery during Raistlin's test.
  • "Raistlin and the Knight of Solamnia": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • Darkness and Light: Novel about Sturm's and Kitiara's travels together and their trip to an unusual place.
  • "Raistlin's Daughter": Story [Love and War] about
  • Brothers Majere: Novel about the Majere Twins and their adventure in a strange town and their dealings with a demigod.
  • Kendermore: Novel about


  • Flint the King: Novel about the five years Flint spent before the War of the Lance, his journey home, and his dealings with Gully Dwarves.


  • **FOURTH DRAGON WAR OF KRYNN**: War of the Lance In spring the Dragonarmies pour east over the Khalkists. Silvanesti accepts emissaries that promise peace.
  • "Love and Ale": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • "Riverwind and the Crystal Staff": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • "War Machines": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • Stormblade: Novel about the creation of the sword Stormblade, that will allow the Dwarven Nation to unite under one ruler, and the adventure of delivering it to the proper Thane.


  • Silvanesti Betrayed: The Dragonarmies turn south and attack Silvanesti. The battle destroys the forest border, the Elves retreat to Silvanost. Although Silvanost could out last the siege Lorac sends his people away to Southern Ergoth and tries to use a Dragon Orb to stop the armies. Viper, the spirit in the orb, takes control of Lorac and projects his nightmares onto the land twisting and corrupting it.
  • "A Lull in the Battle": Story [The Dragons at War] about a Captain in the Dragonarmy challenging his Commander.
  • "Heart of Goldmoon": Story [Love and War] about


  • Evil Rearms Itself: After the losses from the battles with the Elves the Dragonarmies rebuilds itself from the people of the lands they have already conquered. The Dragonarmies control Eastern Ansalon.
  • "Clockwork Hero": Story [The War of the Lance] about
  • "The Hand that Feeds": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • Riverwind the Plainsman: Novel about Riverwind's life before meeting the Companions and his adventure of finding the Blue Crystal Staff in Xak Tsaroth.


  • Evil Turns West: In the spring the Dragonarmies split attacking the northwest, west, and southwest simultaneously. Kalaman, the Barbarians, Ice Wall, and Solace are major fallen cities.
  • A Shaggy Dog's Tail: Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "By the Measure": Story [Love and War] about
  • "The Promised Place": Story [The War of the Lance] about
  • "The First Dragonarmy Bridging Company": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about a group of Draconians that main purpose was to make bridges for crossing rivers and canyons but were used for a distraction.
  • "Into the Light": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about
  • "Dagger-Flight": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "Hunting Destiny": Story [Love and War] about
  • Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Novel about the Companions and the beginning of the War of the Lance.
  • "Glory Descending" Story [The Dragons at War] about Derek Crownguard, Lord of the Rose, defending his home against the Dragonarmies.


  • Whitestone Council: An uneasy alliance is formed with Solamnia, Ergoth, Thorbardin, Silvanesti, and Qualinesti. Dragonlances are rediscovered, mass production started. Good Dragons eggs are rescued and they enter the war. The High Clerists Tower is attacked but held. Kalaman is freed. Dragonarmies regroup at Neraka. Berem frees Jasla and the temple is destroyed. Evil turns in on itself and fights for the Crown of Power. The War of the Lance is over.
  • Dragons of Winter Night: Novel about the War of the Lance and the Companions finding the keys to defeat the Dragon Armies.
  • "Proper Tribute": Story [The Dragons at War] about a Dragon- rider and his finding friendship with his Bronze mount.
  • "Finding the Faith": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • Dragons of Spring Dawning: Novel about the ending of the War of the Lance and the fate of the Companions.
  • "The Blood Sea Monster": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • "Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Light": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • "The Storyteller": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "Wayward Children ": Story [The Magic of Krynn] about
  • "Lord Toede's Disastrous Hunt": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "Lorac": Story [The War of the Lance] about
  • "The Vingaard Campaign": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • "The Middle of Nowhere": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • War of the Lance Ends: The Queen s armies except the Blue wing, break apart. The Dragon s retreat to harsh climates where they are weakened.
  • "From the Yearning for War and War's Ending": Story [Love and War] about
  • "The Potion Sellers": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • Lord Toede: Novel [Haven't read yet]


  • Harrying of the Foe: Whitestone forces continue to look for the split armies that still occupy parts of the north, east, and south.


  • Solamnic Prisoner: Arakian, son of Arakias is taken prisoner by Solamnic Knights and held for six years. He learned the structure and beliefs of the knights and the reason for the defeat of the Dragonarmies.

355 / 1 PC

  • Time of the Twins: Novel about Raistlin's goal to become a god and Caramon, Tasselhoff, and Crysania's quest to stop him.


  • "Definitions of Honor": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • "Dead on Target": Story [The War of the Lance] about
  • "The Final Touch": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about
  • "Fool's Gold": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • Master of Past & Present: Raistlin journeys back to Istar to become one with Fistandantilus. He then journey s to the time of the Dwarf Gate Wars to challenge Takhisis.


  • The Blue Lady s War: Kitiara s forces and Lord Soth with his Death Knights attack Palanthas and fail.
  • "Into the Heart of the Story": Story [Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes] about
  • Test of the Twins: Novel about Caramon, Tasselhoff, and Crysania's quest to keep Raistlin from achieving his goal of becoming a god.


  • Sealing the Gate to the Abyss: Raistlin gives Caramon the Staff of Magius to seal the gate to the Abyss to stop Takhisis.
  • "And Baby Makes Three": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • Changing of the Guard: Peace returns to the land, uneasily. Silvanesti and Qualinesti are joined by a political marriage. Knights prosper and once again bring order to the land.


  • "Honor is All": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about
  • "Scourge of the Wicked Kendragon": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • Knights of Takhisis: Arakian tells Takhisis all he discovered and started an evil version of the Knights of Solamnia: The Knights of Takhisis. The new knights eliminated all possibilities of Evil turning upon itself.


  • "The Story that Tasslehoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell": Story [The War of the Lance] about


  • "A Dragon to the Core": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • "The Hunt": Story [The Dragons of Krynn] about


  • "Kitiara's Son": Story [The Second Generation] about the birth and early life of Kitiara's son, Steel Brightblade.


  • "The Legacy": Story [The Second Generation] about Palin Majere's Test and his meeting with his Uncle.
  • "Wanna Bet?": Story [The Second Generation] about Caramon's son's, their experience with Reorx, and the quest for the Greygem.
  • "The Sacrifice": Story [The Second Generation] about Steel finding out about his Heritage and the Knights of Solamnia finding out about the Knights of Takhisis.


  • **FIFTH DRAGON WAR OF KRYNN** Final battle of the gods. The Dark Knights of Takhisis unite with the Knights of Solamnia to fight the highgod Chaos. Their victory cost them the gods of good, neutrality, and evil along with magic, as it was known.
  • **THE SIXTH WAR OF THE DRAGONS**: Paladine Called all his children to unite with him in the great war against Father Chaos. For the first time in history The Dragons of Light and Darkness flew side by side as allies.


  • Breaking of the Greygem: Seeing Knights of Takhisis upon their island, The Irda decide to open the Greygem. Chaos is released from the Greygem .
  • Opening of the Abyss: Palin Majere journeys to the Abyss to free Raistlin. In the Abyss Palin discovers about the Highgod 's release and his plan for the destruction of Krynn.
  • Dark Knights Attack: The Knights of Takhisis have begun their major assault starting with the High Clerist Tower.
  • The Gods Unite: The gods gather in the Abyss to plan their defense against Chaos. Paladine withdraws his aid so Takhisis can unite the world with her forces. Both gods tell their followers of the up coming war with the Highgod. Good and Evil forces unite and prepare. Chaos' s forces wipe out the united forces except for one division that is led by Steel Brightblade.
  • The Greatest battle: Palin Majere and Steel' s division journey to the Abyss to fight the Highgod himself. All the evil gods have fled and Reorx is guiding the fighters against Chaos. By a distraction and a knife cut, a drop of blood from Chaos is entrapped in the Greygem and the war is brought to an end.
  • Dragons of Summer Flame: Novel about the second Generation of Heroes, the Greygem, the destruction of Krynn as it was known, and the final battle of the gods.
  • The Final Farewell: The terms of Chaos' s surrender was that the gods must leave Krynn. Paladine returns one last time to give the message of the gods departure. With the absence of gods and subsequently magic, from the moons, Krynn enters a whole new Age.



Please take note of the new dating system: Saer Cataclius, Second Cataclysm.

Year of Age
0 SC

  • The Second Cataclysm: The dawn after the Abyssal battle with Chaos began a whole new Age. The Age of Mortals. Upon receiving the Highgod's surrender, the Greygem exploded into a thousand pieces. These became the stars that filled the void left by the departing gods. As if to remind all mortals that they are not alone, a single red star burns brightly in the heavens.

1 SC

  • The Last heroes' Tomb Built: A tomb honoring those who fell in the war against Chaos was constructed outside Solace.
  • Istar Artifacts: Ancient artifacts lost in Istar were discovered on the shores of the Blood Sea apparently released by the War of Chaos.
  • Palanthas is Attacked: Mysteriously a robed figure appeared and destroyed the Tower of High Sorcery. At the same time the contents of the Great Library of the Ages disappeared. The master of the last Tower, Wayreth, remains silent.

2 SC

  • The Coming of Great Dragons: The Great Dragon, Malystryx, arrives on an isle east of Ansalon and makes her presence known.
  • Riverwind's Last Quest: Riverwind investigates the news of Malystryx. Kender messengers are sent to warn the Knights of Solamnia of the new threat.

3 SC

  • The Kender Flight: Malystryx moves west and claims the region surrounding Kendermore. In an attempt to stop the Dragon Riverwind and his army of Kender are slain. All remaining Kender move East mainly to Hylo.
  • The Herald Appears: A new bard comes forth telling the tales of Krynn. He claims that he has no memories of his own only those of his tales.

4 SC

  • Dragon Purge Begins: Using a frightful arcane ritual, Malystryx destroys the Dragons of Ansalon by consuming their life energies. More Dragons come to Ansalon and begin their own pursuit for power.
  • Khellendros, better known as Skie, takes Palanthas and most of northern Solamnia.
  • Knights' Accord: Surviving Knights of Takhisis take up residency in Neraka forming alliances with the local Dragons.
  • Legion of Steel Founded: Lady Sara Dunstan created an order of Knights in honor of Steel Brightblade. She envisioned a group committed to nothing but justice. They are not bound to god or evil only justice and honor. The Legion is made up of both Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis who believe there is no clear line between good and evil.

5 SC

  • Goldmoon's Epiphany: Distraught over losing so much with her family and goddess, Goldmoon travels to the Inn of the Last Home. On her journey she meets a sage that tells her to look deep within her heart to find a new form of magic. A battle between two Dragons erupts over the Inn. The battle destroys the Inn and severally injures a Dwarf. Determined to save the Dwarf, Goldmoon calls upon unknown power in her heart and succeeds in healing the Dwarf. The sage then vanishes.

6 SC

  • Dark Knights Expand: Now partially restored in number, the Knights of Takhisis begin to spread their influence outside the newly constructed walls of Neraka.
  • Black Dragon Arrives: Onysablet, a Black Dragon, takes the eastern Newsea and transforms it into a huge swampland.

7 SC

  • Mystic Magic revealed: Goldmoon, aided by a mysterious sage, advances and spreads the knowledge and use of Mysticism, healing magic from the heart.
  • Palin Heads the Conclave: Palin after his aid in the defeat of Chaos is made head of the conclave due to the vacancies made by the war and departing mages that lost hope to finding new magic.

8 SC

  • The Citadel of Light Founded: Goldmoon and a Dwarf found a School to teach the healing arts on the isle of Schallsea at the site of the Silver Stairs.
  • Nevermind Falls: The Red Dragon Pyrothraxus takes Mt Nevermind.

9 SC

  • Solamnic Knight's Council: Upon Lord Gunthar's death the Knighthood called a Knightly Council. Chosen to take his place is Lord Liam Erhling. A decision was also made to adopt and follow the revised Measure Lord Gunthar wrote to compensate for the absence of the gods.

11 SC

  • Silvanesti Protected: Seeing Qualinesti erupt into Chaos, Silvanesti raised a magical shield to prevent any from entering or leaving the enchanted forest.
  • Inn Rebuilt: After its destruction in the year 5 SC, Caramon oversees the construction of the new Inn of the Last Home.

12 SC

  • Southern Ergoth Falls: Gellidus the White Dragon over takes Ergoth. Upon his victory he turned all but the west more portions of the island to a glacier. Elves fled to Cristyne and the Humans went to Sancrist.

13 SC

  • Belladonna Leads Hylo: Billee Juniper after the Kender flight changes her name to Belladonna to reflect her sorrow. She strives and attains power over all Kender of Hylo.

14 SC

  • Stenndunud and Iyesta Claim Territory: A blue and Brass take up adjoining realms in the eastern Plains of Dust. Iyesta becomes the first Metallic Dragon to claim a territory form his own.

15 SC

  • The Vision Returns: Thanks to a triumvirate of strong evil mystic leaders, the Vision returns to the Knights of Takhisis. The Vision tells all to be ready for the Queen's return.
  • Death of Sara Dunstan: Founder of the Legion of Steel dies leaving a Legacy for her faithful followers to ensure the lasting of the Legion of Steel.

16 SC

  • Northern Dragons: Fenalysten a red, Lorrinar a green, and Mohrlex a black take up control of the northern part of Ansalon.

17 SC

  • Polar Dragons: Two White Dragons, Cryonisis and Frisindia, take up residence in Ice Wall.

20 SC

  • Shadow Sorcerer: A mysterious sorcerer appears wielding a new form of magic.

22 SC

  • Elven Disappearances: Mysteriously Elves have been disappearing in the Qualinesti realm. A Green Dragon has been sighted in the area but attempts to slay it have failed.

24 SC

  • Sorcery in Chaos: Some members of the old Orders of High Sorcery fight to find power but threaten to destroy what little the wizards have left.

25 SC

  • Qualinesti Falls: The Dragon Beryllinthranox uses the Dark Knights and the ancient magic of Elven souls to take control of Qualinesti.

28 SC

  • The Last Conclave: Palin, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer meet to discuss finding new magic and helping the Elves. The Shadow Sorcerer describes the new form of magic being Primordial powers of Krynn itself. A mage no longer memorizes spells, he just has to master the magic to shape it to his will.
  • Qualinesti Race Preserved: With the newly found knowledge of magic Palin, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer prevent the Qualinesti from being wiped out.

29 SC

  • Thorbardin Sealed: Thorbardin once again closes its kingdom to the outside world. Those that disagreed, Severus's Dwarves, moved East to reclaim Thoradin from the Zhakar. Hill Dwarves seek refuge in Abanasinia.
  • Academy of Sorcery Founded: To further magic on Krynn Palin starts a new academy to teach the new form of magic.

30 SC

  • Dragon Purge Ends: Malystryx establishes the borders of the Dragon realms and declares an end to the Dragon Purge.
  • Thoradin Reborn: Severus's Dwarves defeat the Zhakar. Severus uses Mysticism to end the mold plague. Those Zhakar that don't swear loyalty are banished.

Note: This page was compiled by Chad Craig of Columbia Missouri. The Sources used for this compilation is as follows: Tales of the Lance (Box Set), Dragonlance Adventures, Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home, Players Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign, The History of Dragonlance, The Chronology of Krynn (Dragon Magazine 224), and all the knowledge I have acquired by reading the many other Dragonlance publications from TSR.