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Chad Craig.
Last updated: 08/01/97.
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Note: This page has not offically been updated. I am currently remodeling the whole page due to overwhelming requests on list changes.

This grand hall was constructed for the purposes of researching the magic of Krynn. While the Knighthood may officially renounce the practice of the magical arts, it is not blind to the threat these powers pose. It is one of my responsibilities to assure that the Knights be prepared for any magical attack they may encounter. Herein is a short listing of what I have found thus far.

This page is once again under construction. The following changes will occur:
Mage ranking
High Sorcery Test description
Mage Backgrounds.

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Top Ten Greatest Mages of Krynn

1. Palin Majere
2. Raistlin Majere
3. Parys Dayl, Fayal Padran, & Kays Wytsnal
4. Magius
5. Fistandantilus
6. Galan Dracos
7. Megistal
8. Khistalin
9. Dalamar the Dark
10. Justarius

Other Great Mages of Krynn

The Master of the Tower
The Shadow Sorcerer
Lillith the Nightlord
Guerrand DiThon

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Greetings all,
Because of the overwhelming response about my mage list I have decided to set this form up to take a poll to find out what everyone thinks. Please list your ideas for placement in the format shown above. When I get around 50 votes I will post the results so far. After 100 or so votes I will make that the final list. Vote as many times as you want. The more support each mage has, the better the placement.

Your Name: Your Email: Type of Comment: Vote Comment Do you desire a relpy: (Comments only) Yes No Your Vote/Comment: Thank you for any and all votes and/or comments you may send.

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My reasons for the Top Ten List above

1. Palin studied magic in general and as a whole. Others, like Raist and Fist, studied only that which would further their individual goals.
2. Raistlin is as high as he is for obvious reasons. Some argue he should be higher but I have yet to receive a valid argument as to why. NOTE: Him becoming a god is invalid for the simple reason that both himself and Fist were the only high ranking mages to actively pursue that goal. How do you know someone else could not achieve that status?
3. The 3 listed mages are the ones who created the Orders of High Sorcery and are the the ones taken in the Lost Citadel. I moved these three based on the fact that, yes they did unleash awesome powers in their time but, they could not control it.
4. Magius is here because he mastered every Order of Magic and Wild Magic.
5. Fistandantilus is here because his power was only in a very limited scope in the broad range of magic available.
6. Galen is placed after Fist because he was the closest one to his equal.
7. Megistal bested Khistalin and continued to create the Orders of high Sorcery.
8. Khistalin is here because of the power he mastered through the scions teaching.
9. Dalamar is here because his master taught him well.
10. Justarius is here because he attained a high level of power early on and continued to grow.

Note: Should I learn who the mages are who created the Dragon Orbs and the Towers themselves, depending on their history this list could change drastically. I am very close to finding out the mages who created the Towers so please check back.

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Major Historical Magical Events

3,500-3,350 PC
  • **FIRST DRAGON WAR**: Elves fought the Dragons for the magical forest of what is now known as Silvanesti. The Elves used five magical gems to trap the essences of the Dragons. The three gods of magic were banished for their interference.
3,350-3,100 PC
  • Greygem Forged & Released: The Three gods of magic had Hiddukel convince Reorx to make a gem in the image of Krynn. The gods of magic then filled the gem with their essence and tricked Reorx to releasing it on Krynn. Magic returned with the gem.
3,100 PC
  • The Greygem's Arrival: Some of the Smiths who freed the Greygem were turned Scions. Most of the other Smiths became Gnomes. These Gnomes followed the Greygem across the sea to the eastern shores in the Bay of Nordmaar on Ansalon.
3,051 PC
  • Greygem Captured: Lord Gargath used two stones, Pathfinder and Spellbinder, along with wild magic to draw and capture the Greygem. When the Gnomes arrived and demanded the Greygem back he hired Humans, Minatours, Ogres, Giants, & Goblins to defend it. The Gnomes had Humans, Ogres, & Elves on their side. After 3 attempts the Greygem was freed from its magical prison. The races present were changed as follows: From Gnomes came Dwarves & Kender; From Humans came Sirens & Shadow People; From Elves came Dargonesti & Dimernesti; From Minatours came Thanoi; From giants came Trolls; From Goblins came Kobolds, Hobgoblins, & Bugbears; From Animals came magical animals such as Pegasus & Griffons.
2,710 PC
  • Dragon Stones are discovered: The Dwarves of Thorin find the five stones that the Elves used to imprison the Dragon essences. Not trusting the magical stones they cast them out of their kingdom.
2,692-2,645 PC
  • **SECOND DRAGON WAR**: Upon finding the stones the Dwarves accidentally released the Dragons. Three wild mages and a scion used their power and commanded the ground to swallow the Dragons for all time. The Dragons were defeated but magic ran wild and thousands died. Fearful of punishment the mages called upon the gods of magic. The gods took the tower they were in from the world. This became known as the Lost Citadel.
  • Towers of High Sorcery: The three lost mages created laws of magic and instructed their brethren to construct five bastions of magic. Thus the Towers of High Sorcery came into existence.
19 PC
  • Siege on Sorcery: Urged by the Kingpriest the people attacked the Towers of High Sorcery in what is called the Lost Battles. Two of the towers nearly fell. So to protect the magic held within, the mages destroyed them. Fearful of the power, the Kingpriest granted safe passage if the mages left. He the took the tower in Istar as his own.
  • Dwarfgate Wars: Mountain Dwarves of Thorbardin closed their kingdom to Man and Dwarven refugees. Fistandantilus leads the refugees against Thorbardin and eventually destroys both armies in a magical blast from within Zhaman (which transformed into Skullcap).
39 / 357
  • War of the Twins: Novel about Caramon, Tasselhoff, and Crysania's adventures in the time of the Cataclysm and Dwarfgate War and their quest to stop Raistlin.