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Greetings and Welcome to the Fifth Age!

Most of you know that the world was again totally changed when the Irda released the Highgod from the greygem. He ravaged the land destroying everything in his path. Thankfully he was defeated... At a cost. All True gods have left Krynn in order to preserve its existance. With them went True clerical powers and more importantly magic as it was known. The Fifth Age known as the Age of Mortals is dominated by Dragonlords. They are powerful Dragons that are no longer hindered by any gods. The people of Krynn face a new danger. That of being wiped out by the Dragons' raw power and abilities.

Palin, for 22 years searched for the new magic described to him by Paladine before his departure. He finally found it. The new magic of Krynn comes from the very being of everything the gods made. From the first races to the very grass on the ground.

Note: Many may notice as I how similar the new magic is to the force in Star Wars.

With this discovery, Palin as master of the conclave ended the ancient school of magic and began a new one. The new order of magic is without robes, tests, or the acceptance of a specific belief.

In the new age is a new struggle for survival. As always with this new struggle comes a new hope. And now the time is here for new heroes to step up and take the challenge to once again defend Krynn from Chaos.

See my timeline for more details.

Note: As far as I am concerned, the Fifth Age has all but killed what was remaining for Dragonlance. Publications have ceased, both novel and game accessories. I once again tip my hat to TSR for yet another world class screw up.

New Age Publications:
Fifth Age Boxed Set
Heroes of Steel Boxed Set
The Dawning of a New Age novel