I have gotten this information from my battalion's handbook, and I think most of the information is the same for all battalions.  If your information is different let me know and I will add yours to this
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General Information
Conditions for Enrollmen
Battalion Structure
Rules of the Corps
To be eligible for enrollment and continuance as a member of the JROTC Program, each participant must meet the following requirements: Be enrolled in, and attending the high school full-time.
Maintain an acceptable standard of conduct and be of good moral character.  The cadet must have integrity and must require of himslef/herslf honesty, self-reliance, and a sense of responsibility in the performance of JROTC and other academic assignments.  The cadet must show self-discipline, a spirit of cooperativeness, a willingness to subordinate personal desires for the good of the term, and be responsive to constituted authority through observance of laws, rules and regulations;
by prompt and regular attendance at school and in general, good behavior towards other classmates and members of the staff and facult
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Flag Etiquette
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Words To Live By
Enrollment Procedure
All cadets entering JROTC for the first time will be enrolled in Leadership Education and Training I (Let 1) courses.  A prerequisite for enrollment in LET 2, LET 3, and LET 4 courses is satisfactory completion of preceding courses.
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Students desiring to enroll first, second, third, or fourth year JROTC courses must first of all be registered for the course through their school counselor; and, thereafter, report to the SAI and be issued an enrollment packet containing all of the necessary forms.  When the completed forms have been returned to the SAI, the student is officially enrolled and ready for processing to include issuing of uniforms and equipment
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Cadet Agreemen
The cadet agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the JROTC Department and accepts the responsibility for care and maintainance of issued clothing and equipment.  A cadet may not be dropped from the rolls without approval of the SAI.  In addition, cadet officers will be required to execute an oath of acceptance when commissione
Instructor Staf
Instruction is provided by experienced Army officers and non-commissioned officers who have served on active duty for a minimum of twenty-years and who possess outstanding records of achievement and a genuine desire to aid in the development of young people.  The titles of the Army Instructors that the cadet will encounter are as follows:
SAI:The Senior Army Instructor is the senior ranking instructor and is responsible to the school principal for all JROTC activities at the school.
:The Army Instructor(s) is the non-commissioned officer who assists the SAI in conducting JROTC activities.
A cadet's level of performance will be measured by his Instructor using oral, written, practical performance and observance tests, as well as the factors below:
The cadet's attitude in carrying out orders issued by military instructors, cadet officers and non-commissioned officers, and school staff and faculty members.
Participation in announced JROTC activities and the degree of cooperativeness and application thereto.  The Regional Formal inspection is a major examination, and since this inspection is held only one day every other year, no make up is possible.
The cadet's manner of performance during inspections, drill practice, parades, and ceremonies.
The cadet's overall demonstrated courtesy and discipline and classroom decorum, not only in JROTC classes but throughout the school.
Additionally, the military instructors will take consideration wearing of the uniform on precribed days and the manner in which it is worn.  That is, evaluations are made of haircuts, shaves, shoes shined, brass polished, cleanliness and pressing od uniforms, and the proper placement of brass, name tags and awards, and decoration
Determining Student Grade
Attendance (25%)
Academics (25%)
Unit tests (written & performance)
Military drill and ceremonies
Leadership Lab (25%)
Hold and execute leadership positions and responsibilities
Knowledge of JROTC
Teamwork and Mission Impossibl
Professionalism (25%)
Uniform wear on prescribed days, inspections
Class attitude and behavior
Team building and class cohesiveness
Wearing of Unifor
It is required that each cadet wear his/her uniform one day a week on the assigned "uniform day."  If a cadet misses a uniform day, the uniform is to be worn on the designated "make-up day."  When the uniform is not worn without an approved excuse, disciplinary action will be taken
Cadet Challeng
The Cadet Challenge is the JROTC Physical Fitness Test.  Each cadet is required to participate in the physical fitness test conducted twice each school year.  A diagnostic test takes place in the fall, for practice: in the spring, a test for reord is administered.
Cadets that score 85% or better on the test recieve the Physical Fitness Ribbon.  The male and female cadets that score the best on the cadet challenge will also recieve the Physical Fitness Plaque at the JROTC Awards Banquet
JROTC: The Clas
JROTC is offered as an elective course during each of the four academic years of high school at Edison Tech.  Programs of instruction, consisting of 108 hours each year, are developed around the following broad class headings:
First Year
Introduction to Leadership Education and Training (LET 1)
Second Year
Intermediate Leadership Education and Training (LET 2)
Third Year
Applied Leadership Education and Training (LET 3)
Fourth Year
Advanced Leadership Education and Training (LET 4)
For successful completion of JROTC, academic credit toward graduation is awarded
Normally, cadets will be disenrolled or excluded from JROTC attendance, as appropriate, as determined by the Senior Army Instructor.  In all cases, a cadet will be disenrolled from JROTC when he/she:
Withdraws from school
Becomes physically unfit
Shows inaptitude for leadership training, as demonstrated by lack of general adaptability, want of readiness or skill, unhandiness, or inability to learn.
Fails to maintain an acceptable standard of academic achievement, conduct, or attendance.
Fails to maintain acceptable "grooming" standards
Shows undesireable traits of character as deomstrated by cheating on examinations, stealing, unauthorized possession of drugs or use thereof, lying, conviction of a felonious act, frequent incidents of a discreditable nature civil or school authorities, or similar acts.
Shows indifference to and and lack of interest in leadership training as demonstrated by frequent absences from class or drill, frequent failure to wear the uniform as prescribed, and an established pattern of shirking duties and responsibilities.