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How can we reconcile individual freedom with the urgent need for limits on human activities which might adversely impact our own lifes, future generations of humans and the larger living community?

How can we reconcile individual and community interests?

Gaia Brain and the History of Life
Cronkite for President!

Walter Cronkite for President! | Franklin Thomas for vice President!
They would do it if we ask. Or if the Electors ask. Pass it on...
The Electors decide

What if just a few Electors change their vote and no one gets a majority?

Newspaper columns by Walter Cronkite
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Couldn't we be more healthy, and create a better world for ourselves and future generations if we start eating lower on the food chain, ask Walter Cronkite to be President, and start charging fees for use of natural resources, to encourage more careful use of them?

We are fouling our nest. Our economy is depleting natural resources and polluting the air, water and land. The natural systems which provide the resources that sustain our lives and make economic systems and civilization possible are being threatened by our overuse of them. We need to create ways for information about our impact on ecological systems to enter the economy, so that our economic activity can be moderated, adapted, to keep within the limits of our resource base. Fees on use of natural resources and on emitting pollution could provide the information feedback that would integrate economy with ecology. . . .

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Gaia Brain and the History of Life:
Direct democratic ownership and management of natural resources.

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A Capitalism-Communism Synthesis
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A Capitalism - Communism Synthesis
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Gaia Abstract | Critique and Response
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Quantum Mechanics of Gaia Brain The History of Life: Larger-scale Organization

A Gaia Brain perspective on campaign finance reform
or Politics and the Broadcast Spectrum

Permits to use the electromagnetic spectrum to be sold at auction:
Give the proceeds to the people, the owners of the airwaves.
Citizens, if they wish, could use a portion of the money to fund public issues forums.

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Choosing a President:

If you could ask ANYONE to be president... who would you choose?

Think about it. Talk about it. Pass on the question. We could do better.

Who are the Electors to the President? They are the ultimate Choosers of the President, yet their identities are unknown to most of us.

Walter Cronkite for President! Franklin Thomas for Vice President!

Walter Cronkite and Franklin Thomas would do it if we ask, if the Electors ask.

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We are devouring the ecosystem. Where is the sense of outrage?


The Drug War vs. the Bill of Rights by Eric Sterling

A reader to the journalist: Just tell us what happened.
We can supply the cynicism.
Geneva Overholser - Washington Post Ombudsman

Why I decided to remove Fox News and CNN from my remote control channel scan
(Monsanto pressure kills rBGH story)
(Creeping Commercialism)

Diet choice important issue in pursuit of health, happiness, and a just society --Socrates

Memorable moments at UTSA

Ednet and Education:

Postings to 'Educational Possibilities of the Internet: Ednet List'

More Potpourri:

Spider web as neural net

Bird song as neurotransmitter

Did you ever notice the sun making wind?

The real cost of 'Daylight Saving Time'--What are we teaching? Apparently, not an appreciation of the subtle and sublime astronomical changes that cause our shifting seasons. Not how to create a society democratic and sensible enough to avoid creating a government that jerks us around by our clocks.

How to win an argumant with a meat-eater

The real cost of that McAnimal Sandwich and Whopping Flesh Burger

When the grocery stores tell us that they sell "only Grade 'A' produce", you can bet they are throwing away a lot of food: slightly blemished, bruised and extra-ripe items.

It is a fact of life that a ripening piece of fruit will pass the point where someone will want to pay full price for it well before it ripens so much that it looses all value to anyone and begins to rot. But because this nation's produce managers are often not in the habit of pulling the "no longer grade 'A' but too good to throw away" items out for quick sale at discount, those items stay up on the Grade 'A' pile, until they are of little value to anyone and they are then removed and thrown away.

What a waste!

If we care anything about conserving the natural resources that go into producing the food we eat, we ought to demand of our grocers that they admit that produce items do not transform from a state that justifies a place on the "Grade 'A'" pile to a state that justifies placing them in the garbage within a matter of a few seconds. If a prodce manager looks at a pile of tomatoes in the morning and sees several that must be thrown away, that is a sign of mis-management. Someone should have looked at that same pile the previous day to see what should be offered for half price. In a world with hungry people and limited natural resources, throwing food away is immoral.

The more food we waste, the more it will cost for everyone. And we measuer that cost not just in dollars, but in pollution, environmental degradation, and depletion of natural resources.

Three poisons in one
Couldn't we be more healthy if we stop using the slow-acting poison, aspartame, a.k.a. NutraSweet as a sweetener? It is a neurotoxin. It converts to formaldehyde, (embalming fluid), formic acid, (ant sting poison), and methanol, (moonshine blindness factor). Diabetics especiallybeware! And if you think the government and FDA will protect you, think again. A corporate-sponsored government promotes corporate interests.

Dvorak Keyboard: Change outmoded patterns of behavior.

When it comes to reporting the harm done to society in allowing economic externalities, and the great ecological costs and resource depletion associated with a meat-based diet, PBS is not doing it.


Holocaust Parallel
To: Ann Landers Re: Cronkite would accept a draft
1996 Election No Mandate for Clinton | Cronkite for President
Is Cronkite Qualified to be President?
to FDA: Aspartame and Libertarianism

Is the Libertarian Party morally bankrupt?
The guiding principle is 'No first-use of force by government', but apparently cruelty to non-human animals is allowed, because they are considered property.

Is Tax Theft?
Getting Organized or How to be a Reading Tutor

Links to other sites on the Web

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Maybe Jesus was a Vegetarian

Dealing with Impotence: Viagra vs. Vegetarianism - or - Real men eat veggieburgers

The cow milk - Breast cancer connection



a symbol for all corporations maximising their profit at the expense of people, animals and the environment

Cronkite on Journalism, Tobacco, and Responsibility with Daniel Shorr

My letter to Cronkite on Journalism, Cannabis, Animal Slavery, and Responsibility

Vegan Action

A Whale of a Business - How Sea World gets whales

Genesis: Conversations with Bill Moyers

COINTELPRO: The sabotage of legitimate dissent - A Google search

Principia Cybernetica

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

A special kind of screen-saver: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life:

Set your computer to automatically download raw data from the Arecibo radio telescope and then analye it for signals from Extra-Terrestrial civilizations. Thousands of other people will be doing the same.

While you are away from your computer, it will be searching for chirps and beeps in the radio noise that other inhabitants of the galaxy might produce if they wanted to signal their presence. The screen will show a sky map of the area being searched, or a globe with points to indicate locations of participating computers, or technical data about the signal analysis. Seti@home - Soon after this project began, the power of the search, driven by thousands of connected computers, exceeded the sensitivity of all other searches combined.

Help end slavery -- Don't eat animals.
Google search on 'slavery and animals'

1996, 1998

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'Champagne' is a place in France.
A search on 'John Champagne' found this WWI US Marines in Champagne painting

You would think that I could find a better visual representation of the Champagne region. It is such a gruesome activity that is represented in that painting. Will we ever stop?

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