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spacer This page consists of articles that were inspired by my experiences and insights regarding the creative process. It also includes articles on various related topics.

Shepherds of the Night
(How Your Dreams Help Point the Way)
Susan is dining in an airport café. A loud speaker suddenly blasts a warning that a harsh military regime is due to arrive momentarily. Frantic, Susan jumps up and begins to bury her food under the dirt floor, determined to cover her tracks. Doing so, however, it dawns on her that the food’s smell is a dead giveaway, and to bury it is “an exercise in futility...more >>

The Power of Your Creative Voice
(Tempering the Inner Critic)
"The Creative Voice is infinitely more powerful than the Critical Voice." This statement is often hard for artists and other creatives to absorb, especially if Their Critic has been in the lead, either consciously or unconsciously. But our intuitive center is always urging us toward healing change, and healthy new risk, like a lighthouse beacon, calling us forward to new challenges and rewards... more >>

The War on Terrorism
(Where are We Headed?)
In September 2001, president George W. Bush delivered an elegantly written congressional speech that stirred American resolve: to beef up security and defense, to solidify a global allied coalition, and to exact justice for the monstrous World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. We were impressed by the patriotic determination shared by all members of the chamber....But fine as the speech was, many of us are grappling with the omissions between the stalwart lines. The promising signs are not adequate to still the waves of unease crashing below the surface of our collective psyche. Our hair is on end, as NATO ventures into the supremely perilous and volatile Middle East.... more >>

(Discipline or Willingness?)
When it comes to creativity, the word discipline can present problems. Webster defines the word in these terms: controlled behavior; a systematic method to obtain obedience; a state of order based on submission to rules and authority; punishment intended to train or correct. For many of us, discipline is like taking a dose of castor oil. Admonishing ourselves into action, we "force it down" in order to accomplish our goals.... more >>