What Are Clients Saying?
  "Gateways enabled me to break through static in my career and put together a weighty, focused book proposal that sold."
--Donnell, Journalist.

"Barbara's gentle style and Gateways powerful tools helped me to clarify behaviors that were stalling my music career. Now I'm getting hired for paid performances, and I feel like the person I was meant to be."
--Chandra, Singer.

"The Gateways method helped me to return to my creative core. I am creating from an inner source that feels like an inexhaustible well, and the work is flowing organically and effortlessly. I found my true self in the artist I am, and my true life is emerging."
--Seth, Artist.

"Gateways tools helped me remove layers of self-consciousness concerning my career and the issues surrounding it. I have been able to distill the essence of my creative forces and find new momentum in my jewelery design career."
--Christine, Jewelry Designer."

"Gateways helped me to move beyond life's distractions and visualize a future that would express my talents fully. Barbara urged me to take sensible risks that empowered me to launch my own style career. I now actually get paid to do what excites me!"
--Bridgette, Style Consultant