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Satan Takes A Holiday

Satan Takes A Holiday Come on along, Charon awaits us! Let us board the boat, & take this satanic holiday. We shall take a tour of the many interesting & entertaining dimensions of the devil's realm. We travel through time, & witness the wailing & joyful souls, floating & echoing, & haunting about us, beckoning our souls to dance upon the black flames.

As with all of his previous works {Strange Music & The Satanic Mass}, Anton LaVey performs musickal rituals that brings the infernal trinity of emotion ----- wrath, lust, & compassion, unto manifestation.

These tunes are a rare treat, as they come straight from sincere, heartfelt emotion, which may now be considered "corny" by the increasingly desensitized & jaded populace.

We are delighted by the impishly playful "Satan Takes A Holiday", which I also recall as being the theme musick for one Lawrence Welke Halloween show, in which two devils danced effervescently upon the earth, deep into the night, as the town's people cowered in their homes. The vocal track of same features Blanche Barton, as well as "Blue Prelude", another one of these suicide songs, like Gloomy Sunday {Stange Music}, which relieved many a wretch from their misery.

Nick Bougas lends his exceptional vocal talents to several selections herein. He has a bright future in the past. I was delighted to hear the theremin used within in couple of pieces, that "spookaphone" used in many of the classic horror & science-fiction movies. It was invented in the early 1920's by Russian physicist Leo Theremin. The theremin could be called the father of modern-day synthesizers. It basically resembles a small table {or box} with an antenna that tunes in to the ethers. The pitches of the vibrating tones are operated the player, who moves his hands in the proximity of the antenna. The closer one gets, the higher the pitch. The farther, the lower. Waving the hand controls the vibrato.

So, the theremin, along with other not-so-much heard instruments, comprise much of the opus. All pulled out of Dr. LaVey's memories, & recreated back perfectly into reality. All of these songs will evoke something from you, whether it be because of the lyricks, the musick, or both. To many who are soley steeped in Death Metal, this misick will be a revelation, a veritable awakeinig of other unexercised senses. I have found, that with an eclectic mix of musickal styles, can, like a glass of fine wine between servings of a fine meal, rejuvinate the pallet, & stimulate a more profound recognition & appreciation of all expressions of Satanic sentiment. The contrasts are most engaging!

Every song, no matter how jovial, sounds eerie, thus keeping with the theme of the Infernal Majesty taking a vacation for a little while. If Satan took a break, went on a cruise, travelled about for pleasure, instead of some "job" of being constantly "evil", this is probably what it would sound like, translated through the creative mind & talented hands of His High Priest, & Our Black Pope, Anton LaVey.

All the way through, until the morbidly majestic "Satanis Theme", Satan Takes A Holiday will always prove to be a most memorable trip.


Anton Szandor LaVey

The Sinister Minister

Upon surveying the cover, One seems to stare into the very face of EVIL itself. There he is.........gazing out from DAEMONIC EYES, piercing like daggers, straight & deep into the soul. The elusive Magician-Musician has unleashed this set of seven tracks, of musick that has submerged into the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind. He calls forth those sleeping muses that rest in the farthest reaches of memory........

We have noire musick that inspires lust, suicide, & mocks the "day people" in their most annoying extremes. With the Doctor on the synthesizer, we get a Satanic symphony of several instruments that make for a delightful orgy of sounds.

One of three more notable tunes therein is GLOOMY SUNDAY, banned all over Europe for "causing" the deaths of more than fifty people {is that all?}, because of its most depressing lyricks & notes. When one listens to the thing, the whole world seems to melt in a fit of sorrow. Plants droop, dogs howl, & portraits sob. Stormy weather might even brew, if you're lucky enough. The Grim Reaper looms, & awaits the perfect opportunity to cut your soul from your body, using one's own hands, at that. I felt definite presences playing this in the dark, in the dead of the night, sort of a sonic psychomantium, as it were, summoning the poor souls that destroyed their bodies because of it. Blanche Barton sings this particularly haunting rendition, echoing like a banshee upon the foggy moors, bringing death wherever her shadow may fall. The "gruesome twosome" really know how to strike a creepy chord together. So next time an enemy of yours is contemplating suicide {probably at One's ritualistic bidding anyway}, anonymously send them a copy of this song, & let sweet demise move their hand to do your thing.........

Next, we have TEMPTATION, an enchanting number that stirs the curdling sirums of lust within. Before you know it, you'll be pawing your mate like mad, as a ravenous, sex-starved daemon! It's a wonderfully romantic, bewitching little diddy that will have you begging for more.

START THE DAY RIGHT is the hilarious contrast to GLOOMY SUNDAY. Here, we have Ms. Barton exaggerating her voice to mock a "sunshiney"-type lady who is too giddy for her own good ----- you know, those annoying, obnoxious "church lady"/PTL/PMRC repressed types who have their heads so stuck up their posteriors, that they can taste the brownies they just porked-out on at the church picnic. They should hastily be taken to the dungeon, be tortured at length, to start the day left, have their oraphices bloodied by all manner of phalli, then allowed to live as a mangled cripple the rest of their days. Then we'll see if they can talk about anything else but dying, & meeting their "creator", an incompetant tinkerer at best! What an excellent opportunity to replay GLOOMY SUNDAY over & over again until they beg for death!

In all, STRANGE MUSIC is an enjoyable production to sit back, & enjoy a tall goblet of bloodwine with, fiendishly gawking at the severed head of that most recent victim reposing upon the wall.


The Satanic Mass This is it! The original recording resurrected & brought to CD! At long last, the echoes of The Satanic Mass can be heard in your home, compleat with The Hymn To Satan, The Destruction Ritual, The Lust Ritual, & Zeena's Satanic Baptism, which I found to be particularly moving. But that's not all! We are also graced by the Doctor reciting The Book Of Satan from THE SATANIC BIBLE. If that wasn't enough, we also get treated to The Hymn Of The Satanic Empire as a bonus track. Plus, the mysterious ninth track, "March D'Anunzio".

When listening to THE SATANIC MASS, remember to keep the light off. Or have dim illumination in the dead of the night, as recommended by Doctor LaVey, & dictated by uncommon morbid sense. The Satanic Mass is sure to entertain, as well as keep one in deep contemplation, & bestow great solemnity.

Recordings by Anton LaVey:

The original classic recorded onto CD. The Black Pope conducts Satanic rituals & ceremonies for destruction, lust, & compassion. Includes the infamous baptism of LaVey's 3-year old daughter, Zeena.


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