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All images are conjured by Draconis Blackthorne unless otherwise noted.
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  • 6669
  • Satanimal
  • Wheel of The Gods
  • Antichrist
  • jesus loves you
  • Black Mass
  • Black Morning
  • Hallowe'en
  • Black Love
  • Pentacross
  • Infernal Majesty
  • Sinistrari.
  • Broken Cross
  • The Rosary Chain
  • Satanimal II
  • Baby Q
  • Roasted Nazarene
  • Demon Warrior
  • Burning Cross Ritual
  • Satanagram
  • Dracomet
  • Suckubus
  • Carnigram
  • Suckubus II
  • Immaculate Defecation
  • Satan 1:6
  • The Xian Crutch
  • Technodemon | Technodemon. Artist: William Hammock.
    Visual Consultant: Draconis Blackthorne.
  • Cup of Dionysius.
  • Cthulhu / Leviathan.
  • We Have Arrived.
  • Devil Girl & Baphomet.
  • Wiley's Victory.
  • Weakagram.
  • Besse Infame.
  • Abaddon. The Demon of Destruction and The Angel of The Bottomless Pit manifests to usher chaos so that there may be subsequent Order. For all acts of creation must begin with destruction.
  • The Satan Stick.
  • Lucifer's Mirror.
  • Drac O' Lantern. The photo of Dr. LaVey manipulated into a traditional Jack O' Lantern in memorial to The Black Pope's return to The Great Abyss.
  • Equimanthorn 666. A Satanic variation of The Goetic Circle of Black Evocation.
  • Lucky Devil # 9. Aphrodisiac, poison, or "dose of reality"? Depends on who you are...
  • The LaVey Bill. United Satanic America currency.
  • The Bible Belt.
  • Chained Nazarene.
  • Pentalion / Lucifer Star. Represents the Magical manifestation of The Dark Force Satan.
  • Morgue Spectre. "Phantom of The Hallway" featured in Coast to Coast AM: Friday the 13th Gallery
  • Necrogram.
  • Pentacross II. The Prideful Rebel.
  • Regurgitator.
  • a href="traumalogo3.jpg" target="new">Massive Head Trauma Logo. Alternate version.
  • Slug.
  • Gimp.
  • Warlock. "Daemon Lord of Hell" / "Knight of The Infernal Empire" By William Hammock.
  • Satanagrammaton. Satan's Seal of manifestation.
  • Aries / Abaddon II
  • Aries / Abaddon III
  • Bast.
  • The Black Pope.
    A Tribute to The Black Pope, Founder of The Church of Satan, who here stands upon the Black Earth holding aloft Satan's Sword to seperate truth from lies, as a veritable Occam's Razor to usher forth undefiled wisdom, and ignite The Age of Fire since Year One Walpurgisnacht. He stands within The Pentagram as a portal between the ether and the material, whose immortal influence continues to be cast upon the world.
  • Lucifer's Lighthouse. Lucifer's liberating torch alights the black flame within this vigilant Tower of Undefiled Wisdom, casting its influence upon the world.
  • The Dark God {Desktop - 13 X 10.903}
  • The Forbidden Fruit Series: Forbidden Fruit I Button 1 | Forbidden Fruit II Button 2 | Forbidden Fruit III iMacs at the five points of The Satanic Pentagram.
  • Tribute XXXVI.
    A tribute to The Church of Satan hierarchy. Pictured herein are Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Magistra Blanche Barton, and High Priestess Peggy Nadramia.. Background Image is H.R. Giger's Sabbatic Goat from the 'Necronomicon' series.
  • Nucleus 9.
    The Child of the Imagination, The Creator, as the Nucleus, the center being the Mind - the be all end all of all. This piece of work affirms the Divinty of Man, specifically The Satanist, The Satan-Force, as confirmed by 9. {Note: Text thereon is Paraphrased from The Satanic Bible}.
  • Devil's Due.
  • United Satanic America Flag. The Great Satan.
  • Satan's Earth.
    "In The Name of Satan, The Ruler of The Earth & The King of The World....."
  • The Spirit of Halloween.
    Samhain appears to conjure the Magic and Charm for this season, which remains a constant to the Satanist. Let the joyous celebrations begin!
  • Sabbatic Baphomet.
  • Happy Death Day!.
    When two myths collide.
  • Hear All Evil, See All Evil, Speak All Evil.
    A daemonic hydra arises to reveal three devilish heads surrounded in black flames - this image represents the essence of omniscience, a hallmark of The Dark Gods.
  • Pollyannity.
    xianity. Especially typified by the "born-again" variety of xian. {Definition derived from Pollyanna - "a person who achieves erstwhile "happiness" by deluding themselves, refusing to see that bad things can & do happen to them. A Pollyanna is someone who is naively optimistic or excessively cheerful." - From Dractionary.
  • Tea Time In Hell.
    A Diabolical Gentleman and His Lady take a pleasant cup of tea amidst lush surroundings, while below, the followers of blindlight burn in their own created necromytheological Hell. Represents Stratification between the Satanist & the herd.
  • The Tabernacle of Satan.
    The Black Altar of Hell resides in The Noctary Chambre, from which The Magic is cast. The Infernal Idol bears four arms - the top left arm points upwards in the Sign of The Horns, assuring Satan's Power and Dominion, and is significant of "As Above". The top right arm is lowered with hand signifying both the inverse cross {thumb & index} and the other three fingers pointed downwards as a denial of the Trinity of blindlight, and is significant of "So Below". The lower left hand holds The Black Candle of Lucifer's Infernal Blessings, and the lower right hand grasps the white candle of destruction. The Altar Goddess rests upon the lap of Baphomet in lascivious rapport, intoxicated by the Might of Lucifer's Phallic Lust. The Satanagram is set upon the face of the altar plain, with The Magical weapons positioned in their respective points outlining the proceedings of the Ritual. The Satanagrammaton is displayed decorating the tunic of The Sabbatic Goat, representative of The Devil's seal of fulfillment.The Luciferic Black Flame burns intensely from the mind of manifestation, upon a trapezoidal pillar. The Satanic Altar is the dark cosmic powersource by which The Magician works His will upon the universe. From The Black Heart, andfrom the almighty Will to Power. HAIL SATAN.
  • Infernal Trinity by Kyle Whittaker.
    "Based on Satanic Numerology written by Draconis Blackthorne".
  • The Inverse Cross | The xian cross
  • Elemental Pentagrams of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.
  • Lord Darkness with Baphomet.
    One of the most exceptional manifestations of Satan from the film 'Legend' in sinematic history, depicted here with The Baphomet, sigil of The Church of Satan.
  • Satan Wants You! Poster modification with Baphomet.
  • Winged Skull of Ur. Rendered and modified to Draconian perspective. In honor of The Hekal Tiamat.
  • King Diamond Sigil I {Color} | King Diamond Sigil II {Greyscale}.
  • Weakan Denial
    Speaks to the redundant denials of weakans that all true Magic is Black, as it is used for selfish reasons, whether to help or harm, and the inner Daemons laying in wait to take their due.
  • Einztegoaten
    Stormtroopers of The Age of Fire.
  • The Green Demoness.
    The Elixer of Ecstasy... The devilish muse who dances to stimulate the kundalini, and provides the indulgent and pleasantly intoxicating nectar of The Gods.
  • Blackthorne Manor. Shadowmantium Desktop.
  • The Predator Amidst The Herd.
    The Wolf amidst the herds and flocks. Inspired by involuntary {sub} human interaction, and the experience of the B.U.G.S. of the lightmare {Blare, Ugliness, Glare, Stare}; The Predator Elite strides pridefully and hunts the populace for pleasure and profit. And now with many Satanists returning to the halls of their chosen Lyceums, the image is even more approrpiate.
  • Ghoultime.
    Scary stories told to ghouls in the dead of the night.
  • Satan Claws I | Satan Claws II.
  • Wastrels.
    Lower life-forms infesting the earth.
  • weaka & xianity in bed together.
    The newage xianity metaphorically "in bed together", as the foolosophies are basically the same with minor differences. The 'Goddess' really wishes for The Dark Side, but cannot divorce herself from hypocritical self-deceit.
  • The Family that PREYS together...SLAYS Together!.
  • Baphomet Crop Circle!
  • Temple of The Vampire banner II. Another personal variation.
  • Satanic Witch
    A devilish lady proudly displays her affiliation.
  • Infernal Progeny
    "Satanists are born, not made." - Anton Szandor LaVey.
  • Sigils of The Four-Crown Princes of Hell.
    I. The Satan Baphomet: Enochain characters spell SATAN counter-clockwise. Fire. The South. II. The Lucifer Baphomet: Enochian characters counter-clockwise signify LUCIFER. The Bearer of infernal light, undefiled wisdom & reason. III. The Belial Baphomet: Enochain characters counter-clockwise signify BELIAL. The Great Beast. Sataniamal. The Black Earth, here symbolized by The Bull, Mithras, Taurus. IV. The Leviathan Baphomet: Enochian characters counter-clockwise spell LEVIATHAN. The Raging Sea. Emotion. Coincides with Cthulhu. * [Numerologically, when adding up all of the angles, NINE is revealed. 5+7+6+9=27 / 2+7=9].
  • Sigil of Mammon
    It is recommended that Satanists draw this image for themselves upon a piece of paper, and carry it with them in one's wallet, for fortune in finances. Utter an improvised incantation unto Satan-Mammon for consecration, and expect great fortune. It is ideally used in conjunction with The Mammon Rite in Dracomeroth . From experience, this symbol enhances monetary acquisition when accompanied by some well-applied Lesser Magic as well. The coloration is green and gold, to symbolize money and riches. The eternity symbol passes through the angles to create a cycling energy which mutiplies itself.
  • Satan 9.
    Desktop image: "Satan 9" Sigil by Draconis Blackthorne rendered here by Zoth-Ommog.
  • Satan's Ouija by Blackthorne Productions.
    * Note: Symbolically, The Evil Eye in the center of The Pentagram Gateway signifies the oracle of the mind, the "Third Eye", which projects daemonic manifestation. Technically, the eye used in this image derives from "Knight of The Infernal Empire".]
  • Pentagram Nine
    The two are as one, and from the black flame which burns in the heart of The Satanist, strikes the lightning bolt of Power, through The Pentagram Gateway from the aether of will and imagination unto dynamic realization... "As Above, So Below."
  • Blackthorne Crest I [BW] | Blackthorne Crest II [color].
    "In Nomine Satanas, Draconum in Veritos, Potentiam Inferus": The Blackthorne Crest contains the figures of The Dracomet at its center, the personafied Daemon of The Self at the right holding the double-peaked stancheon affirming diabolical authority; the totem serpantine Black Dragon on the left signifying The Order of The Black Dragon; and the banner which bears the name "Blackthorne" overlapped before the earthward triune leviathanine tails which point towards Hell, the black earth, The Pit, Belial, signifying the carnal, and The Dark Force. All framed by The Trapezohedron Gateway of The Abyss, the materialization of The Will.
  • Die Elektrischen Vorpiele.
    Prompted by conversations within The Order of The Black Dragon forum, I created this image which exemplifies the stimulating atmosphere of The Ritual Chamber during this rite, and also speaks to the principles of philosophical Technomancy, as well as certain Greater Magical procedures. The image features a shot of a plasma sphere overlain with The Baphomet, while tesla coil emmisions spark upon the pentagonal electrode. The trapezoidal base features the maze from The Devil's Rain, displayed here like a console and Altar.
  • Pentagram of Infernal Power.
    Dr. LaVey's Sigil elementally rendered. The lightning bolt at its center represents the dynamic energy within the heart of The Satanist, and The Black Flame within, the animus, the veritable passionate fires of Hell, and the Power of Magic. Strong life, carnality, the manifestation of The Almighty Will from the ether of imagination, unto materialization.
  • Wolf's Hook Baphomet.
    The Wolf's Hook super-imposed upon the image of The Sabbatic Baphomet, to assert the totality of both potentials in one whole. As Above, So Below. Both the analytical Third-Side perception, as well as Magic used to help or hinder.
  • Samhain's Return.
    Baphomet is festive with this Halloween display, complete with ornamentation representing the archetypes of this splendid season. A collage of evocations conjured up from the dark subconcious, framed by the trapezohedron which here acts as a window to the said subconcious. The serpent above configures the dreaded Number of The Beast with his symmetry, as Thirteen crowns The Baphomet form, suggesting the exploitation of these fun-fears for diabolical amusement.
  • The Devil's Tritone. "Diabolus In Musica". Historically, the dreaded triple tone said to contain the essence of Satan as represented by music. Note the '666' comprisng the tritone, the pitchfork, and the inverse cross.
  • The Satanic Nucleus. The Satanic Nucleus represents The Child of The Imagination, The Creator who manifests at will the plethora of ingenuity.
  • Pentagrammadon: The Grammadon {here represents The 4-Crown Princes of Hell - Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan, and their elemental designations} super-imposed upon The Pentagram as symbolic of war & cursing. Enscribed upon the white Candle of Destruction. The Power of The Wrath of The Will emminates outwards into the ether to release anger and hatred towards those who deserve it, and are justifiably punished for their offense. Also symbolic of Lex Talionis.
  • The Devil's Web. Are you the spider or the fly?
  • The Devil's Storm. The element of Air as Lucifer looms about the darkened skies as a phantom overlooking The Black Earth.
  • C2C custom banner. The image has been on My mind lately, so I decided to create it for the show, that it may be appreciated by listeners and website viewers. To Me, it resembles so-called "alien writing", and a "crop circle" design. Coast to Coast Am is an amusing presentation discussing everything from cryptozoology, U.F.O.'s, superstitions, The Occult, religious history, science, astronomy, physics, to 'psychic' and paranormal investigation. All those things that go 'bump' in the night. An entertaining cornucopia of subject matter.
  • Pentagon Baphomet: 1 | 2. Two variations on The Pentagon Baphomet with an inner and an outer glow. This configuration occurred to Me upon infernal contemplation. Daemonic Geometry: Along with the symbolism of the Goat of Mendes described in The Satanic Bible, note the trapezoid at the top portion of the design, the arrow pointing hell-wards on the lower portion, and the 'arrows' towards the sides pointing inwards, signifying the concentration on The Self, the carnal, The Ego, coalescent with Nine {See The Satanic Rituals, 'The Unknown Known'}.
  • King Diamond / Mercyful Fate Portrair Frame. This configuration was haunting Me for a bit, so I decided to finally create it. I can picture an album with the band portrayed in the booklet with these diamond-turned frames. There is a certain air of "insanity" to it...
  • Satanist Warning Sign. "Satanists may be found in this area. They are important members of the natural community. They will not attack, but if disturbed or cornered, they will defend themselves. Give them distance and respect." At the suggestion of an acquaintance, I modified the message about rattlesnakes from a sign spotted during a recent excursion to a nature preserve.
  • BlackThorne Industries | Blackthorne Productions. Logos inspired by 'Thorn Industries' from The Omen III.
  • Draconis Blackthorne Baphomet. Customized Baphomet with the lightning bolt pentagram and the brimstone sigil, symbolizing the black flames of Hell burning from within.
  • Stages of The Pentagram. Evilutionary stages in Satanic development. [Essay].
  • I | II: The personal sigil of Draconis Blackthorne. This vampyric emblem Contains representations of The Four primary Hellements therein: The wings of The Black Dragon, the stancheon firmly implanted into The Black Earth holds The Black flame of Satan. The Dragon / Demon / Devil tail points earthwards towards Hell, representing the carnal, and is also representative of Leviathan. The colors used in this piece represent the Lust of life at its center, radiating outwards to take that which tempts whenever one can, and the purple hue of dominance sealed within the darkness.
  • LaVey Tribute: The Black Pope part II. In this chamber of this subconscious Abyss we see The Daemon Szandor enthroned, grasping The Brimstone symbol atop the Staff, its bottom point towards Hell. His chest is emblazoned with His symbol of the lightning bolt pentagram, signaling The Cornu in a gesture of core being. Behind him upon the Trapezoidal Throne is embossed The Sigil of Baphomet, symbol of The Church of Satan as Founder. Crowning The Infernal Throne is the memento mori, stating that Life is the great indulgence, and is also indicative of the house of the true God of flesh, housing the nucleus of creation. Besides Him dwells the Warlock and The Witch enveloped within the bulwark of Satan's great wings as the incarnation of Satanic principles; He grasping the Sword of Power and indicative of Male Phallic Force; she as the succubus offers the cup of carnal indulgence as the eyes of Baphomet gaze from the bottomless Pit surrounded in the black flames which burn from within the Satanimal Beast.
  • Ragnarok | Magus Gilmore & Wolf Hook. Magus Gilmore accompanied by Fenris - a complimentary reflection.
  • Halloween Unleashed. The myriad Halloween masks of Satan invoked from the Jack O' Lantern, as a veritable "Pandora's Box" of delightful horrors for fun, fear, and fascination.
  • The Legend of Cousin Shy. From Halloween With The Addams Family.
  • Shadow Lurker: From out of the darkness emerges this nightmarish denizen of the subconscious Abyss, to prey upon whom it may devour.
  • Black Devil Shadowmancer. The phantom emerges from the darkness displaying The Dracomet on His cloak. A personal evilution in The Black Devil characterization reflecting the alter/altar-ego of The Artist.
  • Lust Baphomet. This sigil demonstrates the epystomological evolution and unification of the Dionysian essence of the archetype of the Lord of Lust. Pan / Dionysis {Lust}, Bacchus {indulgence in fine philtres; The Bachannal of mutual orgiastic pleasures}, Priapus {the erect phallus of fertility}, Baphomet {here represented in the Beast-Man / humanimal, the civil and bestial merged as one; an understanding of one's natural animal nature}, and the surrounding Theban characters which spell 'Lilit', an obvious derivation of Lilith {Succubus Goddess of Lust, Queen of carnal delights}. The blushed face demonstrates the dilated pupils with the ruddy flesh of arousal, welcoming satyrs and nymphs to ecstasy.
  • Baphomet's Throne. This Egyptian-themed representation harkens back to the first manifestation of Baphomet as Amon, the Goat / Ram-headed god of fertility, physical and mental. Both sigil versions are included herein super-imposed. The black obelisks which frame this Infernal Throne also act as light houses illuminating the world with undefiled wisdom. The Egyptian heiroglyphs and Enochian characters assert the nature of The Self as God absolute and Supreme.
  • Hell Serpent {Kundalingam}. The Serpent arises from kundalini fire, the hell flames of Lust and Desire, called Midgard and Set, whispers undefiled wisdom, passing through the pentagram gateway of materialization. The scales have fallen from one's eyes, to acknowledge true perception, by brimstone's base, Belial's hearth, bedrock of reason and instinct in equilibrium. The Third Side / Third Eye emerges forth, the crown of omniscience.
  • Brimstone Pendant Advertisement: Custom ad for The Brimstone Pendant by Magister Robert Lang.
  • The King of Diamonds. Concept from 'Thirteen Invitations' from the album "In The Shadows" by Mercyful Fate.
  • $in City. Mammon rules herein, granting treasures and pleasures to those who enjoy the carnal delights and the total environments of Sin City, the Western Babylon. But be warned, He also takes His due...
  • Shadowmancer Warlock: I | II. The manifestation of archetypal projection yields a visualization born from the shadows of the subconscious Abyss, passing through The Gateway of materialization. [Circa XXXVI A.S.]
  • Penta-Baphomet. An early manifestation of a customized, personalized Baphomet which occurred to Me once upon a time.
  • Sabbatic Baphomet of Mendes Shadowmantium Entrance. A carnal rendition of The Devil card, in a neo-classical style. Lilith on one side, representing the Succubus, Witch, with the kundalini serpent about her, representing desire and wisdom; Pan / Dionysis on the other side, representing the Incubus, Warlock, while the hell fires of lust and passion burn fiercely behind them. These also represent the exaltation of the flesh as divine in the purity of indulgence. Note that unlike the traditional tarot card, the figures are unrestrained and free to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh at leisure, and may also represent the lovers reveling in strength through joy.
  • Door 13. Created for Friday the 13th observations. Opening from the door of subconscious fears amidst rolling fog, this shadowmantic display features Nero the black cat, a broken mirror, the subtle ladder-like striations upon the door frame itself, all crowned with the dreaded number 13. Based upon the idea of The Shadowmancy Room.
  • Apotheosis Luciferi. Asserts the Satanist Oneself as the archetypal incarnation of Satan, who contemplates the diabolical principle of Auto-Deism conjuring The Will into The-Is-To-Be unto manifestation. There is no god above or below. Also symbolic of personal transformation in the 'Devilution" of The Self. Can also be considered a part II to 'Knight of The Infernal Empire' which displays a similar configuration.
  • Never Forgive, Never Forget. Motivated by The Third Side perspective on the events of 9/11. Inspired by both My chapter "Holycaust" in 'The Devil's Scroll' & Magus Gilmore's chapter “On the First Anniversary of 9/11” from 'The Satanic Scriptures'.
  • Tabernacle of Satan II. Thereupon Baphomet's Throne we see Lilith reposed as The Altar of Flesh, Queen of The Succubi, representing the fertile furvor of Satan's Lust. She radiates passionate feral essence, in which the Incubi responds in kind. Betwixed her thighs, the representation of the fecund Phallus as The Obelisk, while she holds the black candle of infernal blessings in her left hand, with the white candle of destruction in her right, both crowned with the black flames of Hell. She is based upon the pentagram of Belial's earth, adorned in 9" stiletto heels resembling hooves, as firmamented in carnality. The Magical implements are before her - The Skull, Chalice of Ecstasy, and Sword of Power, with The Black Cauldron in which The Will is sent forth into The Ether for the materialization of The-Is-To-Be; the creation of reality.
  • The Four-Crown Queens of Helloween. Reflective of The Four Crown Princes of Helloween, I considered that there should be a female counterpart to these archetypal characterizations. These descriptions are not necessarily indicated for physical dimensions {see The Satanic Witch}, although there are some general similarities, but more so in personality characteristics. Vampira {Satan / Fire}: The formal Progenitor of this 'look', the veritable "sexy witch / vamp". Physique cinched tightly at the waist, creating a 'martini glass' effect, an inverse trapezoid ascending to present a 12 o'clock-like range appearance. Chiseled feminine appearance. Dominant personality. Morticia Addams {Lucifer / Air}: Matriarch of The Addams clan. Thinnish hour-glass physique in skin-tight form-fitting dress. Elegant mannerisms and charm. Multi-talented artist, musician, writer. Lily Munster {Leviathan / Water}: Like the great sea, she demonstrates a primarily compassionate nature, although fierce when she has to be, Lily is a caring mother and wife, graceful and flowing. Elvira {Belial / Earth}: Earthy, bawdy, sense of humor; quite the seductress with a whimsical erotic nature. She will not have any master above her, with fierce independence; she wants her own Las Vegas show. Also, she is most prominent during the Halloween season, thus, Season Belial.

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