Barrie Gellis, a resident of New York City, was a member of Jane Roberts weekly ESP classes held at Jane and Rob's Water Street apartment in Elmira, NY, where Seth often put in an appearance during those informal sessions. Now, for the first time, Seth readers around the world can correspond with and put questions to a member of those classes and thus obtain a unique look into the interactive aspects of the channeled Seth personality. Your questions and Barrie's answers will be added to this column as they develop.

On Nov. 6, 1996, Barrie experienced the "loss" of his 25-year-old son who was "killed" by a hit-and-run driver in Buffalo, NY. Barrie says that although he has never forsaken his Seth-type beliefs, this "event" has brought about a more active involvement, reexamination and a more-indepth exploration of subjects such as death, simultaneous time, and a reality in which thoughts are made physical. .

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Page 1 Questions:
  1. DALE: What was it like being a member of Jane Roberts' ESP class?
  2. MARTHA: If I believe in peace, could I wak up in a reality in which the world wars never happened?
  3. BEV: Since I create my own reality, did I create my dog's epilepsy?
  4. JR: How could Jane, with all her Seth experience, suffer in a hospital for so long?
  5. QUESTION: Do you create your own reality?

Page 2 Questions:
  1. IRENE: Barrie, did you ever have an out-of-body experience?
  2. IRENE: Which class member had the "civil war/mirror" experience?
  3. IRENE: Is anyone from class still in contact with Seth?
  4. IRENE: Has your son's death opened up or healed anything that needed attention?
  5. IRENE: Why do you think your son chose to "leave" at that time?
  6. IRENE: Did your son ever discuss Seth with you?
  7. IRENE: Did your son's death make you closer to anyone?
  8. IRENE: Did your son's death change anything in your town?
  9. IRENE: How do you explain to a grieving parent that there are no accidents?
  10. IRENE: Do any class members ever get together?
  11. LAINE: Why did my son die at 23 and I'm still alive at 56? What is my purpose?
  12. IRENE: How do you discuss "creating your own reality" with a very ill family member or friend?
  13. DAGFIN: If a Nazi ordered you to kill to save the lives of others, would you be wrong if you did it?
  14. DAGFIN: Why didn't Seth come up with a great math formula to prove to skeptics that he's a real entity?
  15. DAGFIN: What's my relationship with my entity after I die?
  16. DAGFIN: Is there a Seth 3, 4, 5, etc, which finally becomes "All That Is"?
  17. DAGFIN: Why have we found no traces of past technological races that Seth has mentioned?


Page 3 Questions:
  1. KLMILLER: How does Seth's philosphy fit in with being an alcoholic and the tenets of AA?
  2. LISA: Are there any rules which limit the creation of our own reality?
  3. HARTSHORN: Why can't I create the reality I want?
  4. JAMES: Barrie, what one event proved to you that you create your own reality?
  5. HELEN: Can two people be in the same dream?

Page 4 Questions:
  1. LORETTA: What is the relationship between the conscious mind creating reality versus the body's own cellular memories?
  2. LORETTA: Why does positive thinking sometimes fail?
  3. LORETTA: Why do we view the past differently at different times?
  4. JOHN: Barrie, why haven't you tried using all of Seth's exercises?
  5. ESPNJ(JS): Why does it seem like I already know the Seth material as I read it?
  6. IRENE: Simultaneous time--How can Abe Lincoln and others still be alive?
  7. LAURA: What was Seth's views on marijuana and were drugs used in class?
  8. CATHCHART: Barrie, what is the origin of the name of your son, Dande?

Page 5 Questions:
  1. GWENALPHA: How does Seth's philosophies deal with the scientists or others who predict dire futures for the planet?
  2. GWENALPHA: What does Seth say about the weather?
  3. JENNER: Did I choose to become a mother of a murdered child?
  4. SCOTT: Was Jane as intelligent as Seth?
  5. SCOTT: Initially, what made you attend the sessions? Your friends?
  6. SCOTT: What and how long did it take you to become a "believer"?
  7. SCOTT: Didn't you miss a lot of the impact on the info hearing it only verbally (with distracting pauses, classroom noises, etc?)
  8. SCOTT: Did you ever suspect she might be a fake?


Page 6 Questions:
  1. ANONYMOUS: How do you know all of what you say?
  2. ANITA: I have found the Seth material a little difficult... Do you have a personal favorite?
  3. STEVE: I'm trying to overcome what I now know as belief systems. How can I do this?
  4. JAMES SIDAWAY: Have you found any source of information which is as resourceful as Seth/Ruburt?
  5. JAMES SIDAWAY: After many years of pondering Simultaneous Time can you put in words the mechanics by which you feel it operates?
  6. CAROL: A belief brought to my attention by studying the Seth books is the idea that when you dream, whoever you dream about realizes that you are dreaming about them.
  7. ANONYMOUS: How can you say that people choose their death?
  8. SUE: If you had to draw a line between what you considered the inner world and the outer world, where would you draw the line?
  9. WILLOW: I think the universe is much more complicated than Seth's idea that we create our own reality. Can you comment?
  10. WILLOW: Don't you think that we DO have to be responsible for our actions, like polluting this world?
  11. WILLOW: I think we are karma-ly tied here till we take personal responsibilty for our actions as humans...know what I mean?

Page 7 Questions:
  1. FLORENCE: How can you say there is no cause and effect? The Universal Law of Cause and Effect is what makes humanity what it is today.
  2. FLORENCE: If there was no karma to force people to change, what would a murdered have to be sorry about?
  3. FLORENCE AND BARRIE: A back-and-forth, give-and-take, on the above two questions.
  4. SAM: I had more of an experience than a dream in that all aspects of senses were real...This did not seem like a dream...What would be your input on this?
  5. ANONYMOUS: How can you say we "control the world?" That's ridiculous. What we do control are our "reactions" to the world.
  6. MIRA: What's the point of coming into a body as a fetus if your mother-to-be is just going to be killed? Can one work out any karma in the womb?
  7. MELANIE: What writer said that an object under observation changes its natural state of existence? Did Jane or Seth write anything about that?
  8. MELANIE: How do you suggest we adjust our focus so as to not feel hurt, but rather just feel LOVE?
  9. ELAINE: If consciousness knows all, why do we choose to do the human gig over and over and over?

Page 8 Questions:
  1. BOB: What do you think of the possibility that you (Barrie) are being a bit "fixated" on your son's demise (or his loss, or both)?
  2. QUESTMAN: One puzzle to me is if consciousness is an energy field, why does it only interact one consciousness to one human body?
  3. QUESTMAN: A radio program can be received by innumerable radio receivers, and radio receivers can be tuned to any of many stations. Is there a similar action between consciousnesses and human bodies?
  4. QUESTMAN: Why, no matter how hard I try, can I not seem to change the nature of the reality I have been living in? Is creation caused/initiated solely by the deepest levels of the subconscious, impervious to the conscious mind itself?
  5. QUESTMAN: When I close my eyes at night I sometimes try very hard to really SEE another reality. It doesn't happen...why?
  6. TODD: Souls choose Earth and human form because we like it here and are invested in making it better. But where do new souls come from?
  7. QUESTMAN: When we consider how truly tiny and insignificant we are in relation to the total universe, things get very disheartening. So how do we adjust to this knowledge of relationship of scale sizes?
  8. QUESTMAN: Surely the total universe was not a reality project of humans on earth only. Not when we consider all the other forms of life that may exist in the universe.
  9. MINDY: Animals suffer so much through animal experimentation and other varied abuses: Why?
  10. PEEPS: If we create our own reality, then is everything we see an illusion?
  11. PEEPS: Is there no creative God or force other than ourselves?
  12. PEEPS: The way in which we perceive reality is intended by God, right?
  13. ALTEJA: When you think of someone, are they aware that you are thinking of them? And, if so, how come they don't always respond?
  14. ROBIN: There was a man who was totally blind--did he deliberately cause the accident that resulted in such devastation?

Page 9 Questions:
  1. ED: You say that Sethism does not justify killing others. But it does.
  2. MARINO: Everything is good, everything is for the best…Oh yeah, sure.
  3. MARINO: You seem to assume as a premise that your beliefs are right and then close your mind to any other possibility.
  4. ANONYMOUS: Why would a soul be born solely to be abandoned by their parent and left to die on the streets of the US, China, India, or some other place?
  5. MAURA: I have brain damage but was born normal. If I passed on, could I reincarnate normally for next time and where would that intelligence come?
  6. FRED: I don't have any beliefs about the nature of reality. I do, on the other hand, have verifiable information about it.
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