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The Balance Pendant
An Aura-Soma experience

A Divine Expression of your Soul through Color and Light

How to choose your Balance Pendant

There are several ways to choose a Balance Pendant

* You may choose a Balance Pendant that corresponds to the numerological vibration of your date of birth (numbers 1 through 9). Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and vials are numbered 0 through 104. There is an amazing numerological association within the Aura-Soma system.

* If you working with the energies of an Archangel, Ascended Master, or Cosmic Master you may want to select a Balance Pendant that is representative of their vibration.

* You may choose a Balance Pendant that is the vibration of your soul.

* You may select a Balance Pendant just feels best for you. After all, your intuition is your best guide.

Through the application of color and numbers, you can connect with a deeper understanding of your life purpose and gain insight into the nature of your talents and lessons in this life. With this self-knowledge, a renewed sense of ease and self-acceptance can bring a relaxed and joyful approach to your daily living.

There are 104 Balance Pendants to choose from so don't limit yourself to just one vibration. You may want to consider one Pendant to wear while interacting with friends or clients, and another to assist you with meditation or help to restore peace during those times when you are relaxed or alone.

Your Numerological Vibration

Pythagoras, the famous sixth century Greek mathematician said, "Numbers contain the secret to all things." The ancients believed in the power of numbers and that they represented an evolving pattern of nature. They believed that through a process of contemplation and exploration of the pattern, a person could gain self-awareness, harmony and personal growth. To arrive at your numerological vibration add the numbers in your date of birth.

Example: The birth date February 3, 1985 is calculated 2 + 3 + 1+ 9 + 8 + 5 = 28. Now convert this two-digit number to a final one-digit number: 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1. Balance Pendant number 1 is Blue/Deep Magenta, Physical Rescue.

Archangels, Cosmic and Ascended Masters

If you are working closely with angelic energies or those of the Masters, you may want to consider wearing a Balance Pendant of that vibration.

The Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Tzdakiel, Raphael, Sandalphan, Haniel, Jophiel, Uriel, Samael, and Metatron.

The Ascended and Cosmic Masters: El Morya, Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, The Christ, Saint Germain, Orion & Angelica, Pallas Athena & Aeolus, Lady Portia, Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin, Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara, Maha Chohan, Djwal Khul, Djwal Khul & Hilarian.

Other selections that may be of interest are: The Guardian Angel, Oberon, and Titania, and Star Child.

Your Soul Vibration

A Soul Bottle is the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle that is consistently selected in the position of your Mission and Purpose during Aura-Soma consultations. This bottle truly represents your Divine Mission in life and carries the vibration of your soul. The color of the lower fraction represents the ray of your incarnation for this lifetime.

As you begin your journey through color and light with Aura-Soma you will be guided to reveal who your are on a soul level, living in the energy and responsibility of who you came to be and what you came to express on this planet and in this lifetime.

Your Aura-Soma Practitioner can guide you through the process of discovering your Soul Bottle. If you know what your Soul Bottle is, the vial of that vibration can make a wonderful selection to use in your Balance Pendant.

Let the journey begin . . .

Listed below are some of the more popular pendant choices and a description of the energy they offer:

Balance Pendant #1
Physical Rescue
Blue/Deep Magenta
Affirmation: I am whole. I integrate every aspect.
Main theme: To understand and accept that everyday life is spiritual. The healer's bottle.
The number 1 - beginnings
Color symbolism: Deep Magenta - potential,Blue-peace.

This pendant can represent someone who knows his or her ideals and is able to realize them. They may have strong analytical, charismatic, and leadership qualities, as well as strong male qualities, regardless of whether the person occupies a male or female body.
Balance Pendant #2
Affirmation: I breathe in peace. I breath out peace."
Main theme: Establishes contact with true inner peace
The number 2 - feminine
Color symbolism: Blue - trust, peace

This pendant can represent someone who is peace loving and in harmony with his/her own self. Utilizes creativity, which is linked to the throat chakra. Supports other people. They possess strong female qualities and a close link with the archetype Eve and Isis, regardless of whether the person occupies a male or female body. They are able to become a channel for information from other dimensions.
Balance Pendant #3
The Heart
Affirmation: I express love and truth.
Main theme: Problems of the heart, the whole emotional side of life.
The number 3 - Creative expression
Color symbolism: Blue - peace, Green - balance

This pendant can represent someone who: has intuitive knowledge, helps other people to find their direction, has the ability to be an artist, teacher, or therapist. They can attain spiritual awakening through artistic, physical, and especially ecological work. Truth is very important to this person. They bring in the harvest of many previous incarnations.
Balance Pendant #4
Affirmation: I am safe. I know that I know nothing.
Main theme: Opens to inner knowledge and wisdom.
The number 4 - foundation
Color symbolism: Yellow - happiness, Gold - deep joy

This pendant can represent someone who possesses authority and a great talent for management and organization, and combines these skills with wisdom. They have access to knowledge from past times and can utilize this knowledge. They have the ability to realize a vision. Sees the funny side of life. This person knows that it is more valuable to know something than to possess something.
Balance Pendant #5
Affirmation: I open myself to the joy in my life.
Main theme: Helps to utilize available energy wisely.
The number 5 - versatilityColor symbolism: Yellow- happiness, Red - energy

This pendant can represent someone who possesses and expresses a lot of energy. They are dynamic and charismatic. They can manage the material side of life very well and radiate an atmosphere of joy in which people feel good. Possess teacher qualities.
Balance Pendant #6
Affirmation: Whatever I do makes the love in my life grow.
Main theme: Sacrificial love. The number 6 - responsibility
Color symbolism: Red - enthusiasm, energy

This pendant can represent someone who is brave and ready to love under the most adverse circumstances. They possess a lot of vitality, have a magnetic attraction, and feel an incredible joy towards life. They tend to have little difficulty with material matters.
Balance Pendant #7
Garden of Gethsemene
Affirmation: I have no limits apart from those I set for myself.
Main theme: Test of faith.
The number 7 - wisdom
Color symbolism: Yellow-knowledge, Green-balance

This pendant can represent someone who is a pioneer in the New Aeon. An idealist or philosopher who understands the needs and sufferings of humanity. They have learned lessons about ethics in precious incarnations, and are able to express and utilize that knowledge. For this person belief and faith are a life theme.
Balance Pendant #8
Affirmation: I am in the here and now. Here and now is the only moment for changing.
Main theme: Too much thinking disturbs inner peace.
The number 8 - grounded-ness
Color symbolism: Yellow-knowledge, Blue-peace

This pendant can represent someone who has an excellent sense for time, balance, justice, and linear order as well as a distinctive feeling for equality. Knows the laws of life and the consequences if they are (not) followed. Has the ability to teach outside of the spiritual domain. Outstanding abilities in management, control, and organization.
Balance Pendant #9
Crystal Cave/Heart Within the Heart
Affirmation: In the search for truth, I listen to my inner voice.
Main theme: The individual search for truth.
Color symbolism: Turquoise - individuality,Green-direction.

This pendant can represent someone who has creative talents for painting, writing, and understanding philosophy. A person who possesses the ability to speak from a universal perspective and can therefore reach many.
Balance Pendant #0
Spiritual Rescue
Royal Blue/Deep Magenta
Affirmation: I love life. Life loves me.
Main theme: Helps to transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life.
The number 0: The reflection of infinity.

The absence of everything and the reflection of everything. The zero which started as the emptiness of the void will end as the emptiness of Nirvana, when all of creation if fulfilled. Beginning and end, endless beginning-ness.
Color symbolism: Royal Blue mysticism, Deep Magenta - potential

This pendant can represent someone who searches for truth, possesses psychic and healing qualities.
Balance Pendant #20
Star Child
Affirmation: Love is letting go of fear.
Main theme: Aids children in all areas, even for children that we once were.
The number 20 - cooperation
Color symbolism: Blue - peace. Pink - love

This pendant can represent someone who is constructively optimistic, possesses deep inner peace, and has freed him/herself of fear. They are in touch with the feminine, intuitive aspect and can express it. They face life with a childlike openness and have great compassion. They feel deeply for others, and care for them. They are in contact with unconditional love.
Balance Pendant #44
The Guardian Angel
Pale Violet (Lilac)/Pale Blue
Affirmation: I let go and do not expect anything.
Main theme: Transformation of negativity into peace
Color symbolism: Pale violet - spirituality, healing. Blue - peace

This pendant can represent someone who is a transformer that liberates herself and others. A person with a mission of peace. Is aware of her own Divine spark. A healer who is very inspired and in contact with the Higher Self. Communicates in a kind, easy, yet profound way. Is connected with the realm of angels and etheric spheres.

Balance Pendants are made of glass Aura-Soma vials containing the same oils that are found the Equilibrium Bottles. There are 104 different vials to choose from.

Balance Pendants are artistically wrapped in beautiful sterling silver. They come complete with a 24" satin cord and are packaged in a white drawstring pouch. A card describing the color energy and vibration of your Balance Pendant is included.

Retail price: $50 (includes shipping within the cont. US. - International shipping please add an additional $10)

Pendant Selection Consultations are free and strongly encouraged. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

For consultations and product sales contact
Jayne Wood
Aura-Soma Practitioner

All Aura-Soma products are intended for external use only. No therapeutic, drug or healing claims related to the physical body are made.

The Aura-Soma vials used in Balance Pendants are glass and therefore breakable and not recommended for children or for wearing during heavy activity.

Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply contents to broken or sensitive skin.

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