Ebon Knight: Kail Lantis

[Close-up of Lantis] * This is a small shrine dedicated to Lantis from Magic Knight Rayearth. He appears in the second season of the series... (If you haven't seen this anime, I recommend that you check it out, or better yet, read the manga. It's quite good. ^_^)

* In case you were wondering about the title... Lantis is a Kail, or Magic Swordsman; to put it in other terms, a Magic Knight. (Granted, that title has a different connotation on Cephiro; but it was either that, or name this shrine LAN-TIS-SU!!, and I'm not a big Primera fan ^_^;). Ebon, of course, means black, describing the dark armour that Lantis wears (and also evokes the romantic/medieval imagery of the Black Knight ^_^).

[Ed. note: There are spoilers from both the first and second seasons of Magic Knight Rayearth on this site... You have been warned. ^_~]

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