Babylon 5
Bloody Skies
The year is 2262.
    The Shadow War has ended with the retreat of both the Shadows and the Vorlons to the Galactic Rim. The coalition of forces that defeated them at the Battle of Coriana VI are already breaking apart as internal politics once again return to plague the various interstellar governments. On Babylon 5, John Sheridan is desperately working to keep the various governments from fighting with each other and returning to the strife before the Shadow War began.

     On Centauri Prime, Londo Molari has been ousted by a group of power hungry politicians and has fled into exile on Babylon 5 with his staff to set up a government-in-exile. This new group, led by the newly proclaimed Emperor Callistin, is rearming the Centauri military once again to resume the war with the Narn Regime and to avenge the humiliation of withdrawl from Narn.

     On Earth, President Clark has been removed from power by an internal coup led by General William Hague, who managed at the last moment to escape Clark's assault troops and make it to Proxima III to stage a rebellion. The Earth Alliance has been returned to a state of democracy but remains hostile toward the other alien governments because of the role that the Shadows took in undermining the very core of the Alliance's previous government.

     On Minbar, Delenn has been fighting hard to keep her government from returning to the isolationist stance of before. Though she still largely has the backing of the Minbari people, a strong right-wing movement has arisen calling for a purifying of the galaxy of those who have brought ruin to the Minbari. Another civil war is threatening, but for now the situation seems to be somewhat hand.

     On Narn, G'Kar has dissapeared from view. A new government under Warmaster Del'Kyr is now in place and has returned to the old stance of bluffing power in an attempt to gain respect. This time, however, the Narn word seems to be backed by real power as the Narn Regime's fleet has been growing steadily in size since the end of the Shadow War. Tensions on the border with the Centauri Republic have reached a critical state.
A new time of warfare and strife is upon us.
It is time to take a side and help decide the fate of the galaxy.
Who will emerge victorious?

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