Over the years, Carol has found herself a member or ally of various teams and organizations. Below you will find info on Carol's affiliation with each of these groups and the individuals she worked with during that period of her life.

The Avengers

Carol is best known as a member of Earth's Mightiest Avengers. Currently, Warbird is one of the more stable members of the team and it looks as if she will be serving a lengthy stint, now that she has rejoined the team. Carol previously served two brief stints as a member of the Avengers.

Carol first joined the Avengers as Ms. Marvel. She had served as an ally to the team during the Korvac Saga and was asked to join when the Falcon took a leave of absence. Carol served the team well, helping to battle classic Avengers' foes such as Ultron, the Taskmaster, the Absorbing Man, the Grey Gargoyle and the Elements of Doom. Her membership was cut short by an unwanted and completely unnatural pregnancy! Carol was bewildered when she learned that she was expecting a child. She knew from the start that her pregnancy was impossible to explain. The Avengers reacted incredibly well, attempting to congratulate Carol and failing to fully appreciate the bizarreness and unnaturalness of the entire situation. Carol gave birth to a baby who grew into a man within a day's time. Calling himself Marcus, Carol's "child" explained how he was truly the son of Immortus who had observed and fallen in love with Carol. He admitted to abducting her from this timeline and wooing her in Limbo, with a "little boost" from Immortus' machinery. He then "impregnated" her with his own essence to enable his escape from Limbo. He professed his love for Carol and when he was forced to return to Limbo, she agreed to accompany him. The team wished her a fond farewell, not realizing that she was completely under Marcus' mental domination.

When Carol eventually escaped Limbo and returned to Earth, she chose not to contact the Avengers preferring to start a new life in San Francisco. Following her assault by Rogue, Carol confronted the Avengers and expressed her sense of betrayal and anger for their failure to see through Marcus' manipulations.

Carol's second period of membership was even briefer and ended as badly as the first. Carol rejoined the team following a mass gathering of former Avengers to battle the sorceress, Morgan le Fay. Taking the name Warbird, Carol joined the newest line-up. Carol was determined to prove herself to the team and safeguard her spot on the new roster. She concealed her diminished power levels and lied to the team when her performance was impacted by her drinking. On mission after mission, she refused to work with the team, preferring grand-standing and misplaced initiative. Eventually, her drinking and the threat it posed to her teammates became obvious. Warbird was court martialed for her actions before the active membership and bitterly quit the team before they had a chance to reduce her to inactive status.

Carol spent a number of months accepting and dealing with her drinking problem. As part of her recovery, she took responsibility for the damage she did to a commercial airplane during a drunken rage by turning herself in to the federal government. Rather than incarcerate Warbird, the judicial committee arranged for Warbird to rejoin the Avengers as a way of making up for her transgressions. The team agreed to give Warbird another chance and she has served as a solid team member since.

Joined: (As Ms. Marvel) Avengers vol. 1, #183
Re-Joined:(As Warbird) Avengers vol. 3 #4; #26 (following her court martial)
Resigned: (As Ms. Marvel) Avengers vol. 1, #200 (As Warbird) Avengers vol. 3, #7
Team Roster: (As Ms. Marvel) Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Iron Man, Wonder Man, Vision, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Falcon, Beast, Hawkeye & Jocasta. (As Warbird) Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Vision, Hawkeye, Wasp, Hank Pym, Thor, Justice, Firestar, She-Hulk, Triathlon & Silverclaw.

The Uncanny X-Men

Following her first tour of duty with the Avengers and the loss of her powers at the hands of Rogue, Carol lived with the Uncanny X-Men! During this time, she not only became a close friend of the team she also joined them on a number of important missions. When the X-Men's security had been compromised, Carol assisted them in infiltrating the Pentagon to erase the government's files pertaining to the team's existence. Carol used her military rank and uniform to gain access to secured areas of the high security facility. Their mission was disrupted, however, when the team literally bumped into Rogue! Despite her desire for revenge, Carol allowed the X-Men to fight Rogue while she deleted the necessary files. Carol was spotted by Mystique, who was working in the Pentagon in her guise as government official, Raven Darkholme. Mystique attacked and was defeated by Carol who successfully completed her assigned task. Unfortunately, Rogue escaped.

Carol accompanied the X-Men when they travelled to deep space and came into conflict with the alien Brood. The Brood captured the team and were fascinated with Carol's unique DNA blend of Kree and human elements. The Brood subjected Carol to extreme genetic manipulations. When Carol was rescued from the Brood by Wolverine, both realized that Carol was no longer what she once was. Shortly after the pair were reunited with the X-Men, the changes in Carol became obvious. Now able to channel the energies of a white hole, Carol took the name Binary. With her now cosmic-level powers, Carol attacked and devestated the Brood homeworld. Binary returned to Earth with the team and was considering joining them, when Rogue arrived seeking Xavier's help and guidance. Carol & Rogue fought briefly. Rogue was completely outclassed by the now-phenomenally powerful Carol. However, the X-Men intervened explaining to Binary that Rogue had been admitted to both the school and the X-Men. Unable to accept Rogue's presence on the team, Carol ended her time with the mutant outlaws.

First Appearance with the Team: Avengers Annual #10, Uncanny X-Men #150
Left the Team: Uncanny X-Men #171
Team Roster: Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty Pryde & Professor Xavier.

The Starjammers

Following her encounter with Rogue, Carol struggled to deal with her former life on Earth. While she remembered all that had happened to her, she no longer felt the emotional ties that gave those memories and experiences true meaning. When the X-Men accepted Rogue as a member, Carol decided to not only leave the team but to leave Earth altogether! Binary was born in deep space and Carol decided that that is where she would begin to build her new life....as a member of the ragtag band of space pirates called the Starjammers!

Carol immediately fit in with the motley crew of the Starjammer since each had suffered immense loss throughout their lives. She managed to escape her earthly worries and concerns among the grand adventures the 'Jammers found themselves entangled in. While a member of the team, Carol fought intergalactic smugglers, helped restore the rightful Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra Neramani to the throne and fought againstfoes like the Technarch's Magus, Deathbird, Gladiator and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. She also had run-ins with the X-Men, New Mutants & Excalibur. Despite all this, Carol felt that her cosmic power levels left her with few truly challenging opponents. When Binary stumbled upon the Avenger Quasar who was trying valiantly to save Earth's sun, she abandoned her mission for the Starjammers to help. The effort left Carol drained and severely injured. Quasar rushed her to Avengers Mansion, where she spent months recovering. When the opportunity to rejoin the Starjammers arose following a conflict with the Avengers, Carol opted to stay on Earth and begin rebuilding her life.

Joined: Uncanny X-Men #174
Left the Team: Quasar #34
Team Roster: Corsair, Hepzibah, Ch'od, Raza, Sikorsky, Lilandra & Professor Xavier.

U.S. Air Force

Long before Carol Danvers donned spandex and began fighting alien menaces and maniacal robots, she joined the United States Air Force! When Carol's chauvinistic father refused to send her to college, Carol took her fate in her own hands. Immediately upon graduating as valedictorian of her senior class, Carol decided to pursue her dream of flying and enlisted in the Air Force. Carol excelled in all aspects of her military training and was singled out for special training in the intelligence field. Carol's natural athleticism, intellect and adventurous nature made her a perfect fit! She quickly rose to the rank of Major and was a top intelligence agent at a surprising young age!

Carol's days as a spy forced her to grow up very quickly and she definitely rose to the challenge. Behind her youthful beauty was a shrewd, determined and when necessary, ruthless secret agent. These qualities led her to be paired with a number of field agents including Colonel Michael Rossi, Nick Fury and the Canadian secret agent, Logan. Her days as a super-spy helped her forge her incredible willpower and sense of self. Her missions as a spy helped shape both her values and personality. She also established many valuable contacts and enemies in the espionage arena.