Want to know the latest news about Carol's upcoming appearances outside her new, ongoing title? Interested in news on the latest Ms. Marvel merchandising ahead? You've come to the right place! Here you'll find all the latest on where and when Carol will be appearing and more!

February 26, 2006-

Toy Fair International's big show has come and gone and a few nice pics of the upcoming Warbird figure have popped up on the 'Net. These look much better than the prototype photos that were leaked a week before the show. This entire line looks great and has fans drooling and saving up their hard-earned cash! My only hope is that they change the name to Ms. Marvel on the packaging and include the first issue of her new series to promote it! Click the images above for a closer look. Am I the only one who sees a passing resemblance to Heather Locklear?!

In addition, Newsarama has posted new full-color preview images of NEW AVENGERS #17 that feature Ms. Marvel rather prominently. These contain MAJOR SPOILERS but can be viewed by clicking HERE.

February 10, 2006-

The first images of the Wal-Mart exclusive Marvel Legends wave have hit the Web! Click the image above to view the full cardback for this new line. It looks like Carol will be packed with an issue of Avengers that has the cover art to the HOUSE OF M variant issue by Terry Dodson. No word yet what stroy is inside. She will also come with Giant-Man's... um... crotch. Like other Marvel Legends lines, each individual figure will include a piece of a larger figure. In this case, Giant-Man. More images are expected to be available following this week's Toy Fair event!

For other photos from this assortment, click HERE .

In addition, Newsarama has posted some preview images of Mike Deodato's first issue of NEW AVENGERS that feature Ms. Marvel rather prominently. These contain MAJOR SPOILERS but can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail below.

February 2, 2006-

Marvel just released cover images for NEW AVENGERS #16-19. The cover to #17 prominently features Carol alongside Cap and Wolverine! This issue also marks the debut of the series' new penciller, Mike Deodato!

Click the thumbnail below for a full view of the stunning, full-color cover by Steve McNiven!

February 1, 2006-

In case you missed it, Carol makes appearances in NEW AVENGERS #15 and The Pulse #13. A couple of images from her NEW AVENGERS appearance can be seen in the Warbird Gallery. In addition, the Previews section has been updated with expanded preview links and new cover images!

January 24, 2006-

Well, with Carol's own ongoing series announced I've decided to open a new section on the site dedicated specifically to Previews of upcoming issues. The News section will now focus on detailing the other titles that Carol will appear in and any other previews or tidbits that don't pertain to her regular series. Two items this time around!

Ms. Marvel will be guest-starring in NEW AVENGERS #17-18. For a peek at Carol's appearance, check out the cover pencils for issue #17 by guest artist Steve McNiven by clicking the thumbnail above! Carol's gal pal, Jessica Jones from ALIAS will be marrying her long-time beau Luke Cage in the pages of NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #1. It's a safe bet that Carol will be ditching her trademark sash for a bridesmaid dress for the occasion.

Last but certainly not least, over at ToyMania.com they've reported an upcoming line of exclusive Marvel Legends figures available only at Wal-Mart. This "Best of Marvel Legends" series will contain all new figures. Each case of 12 figures may contain any of the following: Sentry, Captain Britain, Kitty Pryde, Ant-Man, Thor, Havok, AOA Sabretooth, AOA Wolverine and Warbird. Yes, you read thatright...Warbird!!! Chances are it uses existing molds and is a repaint. Which works since they've already released a great-looking Phoenix figure. I'll be posting some Marvel Legends Customs this week to give you a taste of what could be in store for Ms. Marvel fans!

November 27, 2005-

So here's the news we've all been waiting for! In March 2006, Carol Danvers will star in an all-new, ongoing MS. MARVEL series!!! The series will be written by newcomer Brian Reed (SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN) and hot new Marvel artist Rob DeLatorre. In February, Ms. Marvel fans will be treated to GIANT-SIZE MS. MARVEL #1. Below is the solicitation information from Marvel.com:

The female fury fights back! Re-presenting Ms. Marvel’s earliest adventures, this Giant-Size issue also includes an all-new, 16-page story written by Brian Reed (SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN). It's your best bet to prepare for Ms. Marvel's new ongoing series from Reed and hot new penciler Rob DeLatorre, hitting stands next month! See how it all began: Exposed to the energies of the alien Psyche-Magnitron, a bold new super heroine is born in CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 (November 1969). Witness the woman warrior’s untold secret origin, even as she fights alone against the Scorpion and the Destructor, in MS. MARVEL #1-2 (January-February 1977). And a new era of greatness begins as Ms. Marvel gets a new costume and faces the lethal lizards from below in MS. MARVEL #20 (October 1978).


In Stores: 02-15-2006

Shown above are the covers to GIANT-SIZE MS. MARVEL #1 by Rob DeLatorre and the cover to MS. MARVEL #1 by Frank Cho, who will provide the covers for the first six issues of the new series.

For a look at some of the pencilled pages from MS. MARVEL #1, click the thumbnails below:

In a recent interview as a follow-up to the HOUSE OF M Limited Series in which Carol played a major role , editor Tom Brevoort gave a hint to Carol's future. Here's what Mr. Brevoort had to say...

"...Carol Danvers, for example, will make some specific life-changes as a result of her HOM experiences.”

Given that in the HOUSE OF M Carol was the world's most popular super-hero and went by the name Captain Marvel, I'd guess that this means Carol is going to take on a major new role in the Marvel Universe!