Tired of waiting for a decent figure of Carol? So were the customizers featured here! Customizing is a unique artform combining elements of sculpting, design & painting with a healthy dose of imagination. If you have custom figures of Carol you'd like to display here, e-mail me at binaryan@yahoo.com !

Custom Classic!

This custom action figure shows Carol Danvers in her classic, original Ms. Marvel costume. It was created by Brazilian fan, Henrique Garcia using an Alpha Flight Aurora body and the head of a Medieval Witchblade figure. Henrique did a great job with this figure! Great work, Henrique! Feel free to send any other Carol-related customs my way!

Click on the image on the left to view multiple, full-body shots of this custom as well as a close-up of her face!

Custom FUN!

Seen here are two fun customs I recently discovered on the Web! To the left is a PowerPuff Warbird that I found as part of a PowerPuff Avengers set on eBay! This customized set included Bubbles as Ms. Marvel/Warbird, Buttercup as She-Hulk and Blossom as the Scarlet Witch! This set was super-cute but a wee bit beyond my price range! Click the image to the left for a look at the complete set!

HeroClix is one of the hottest new comic-themed games in recent history! Both Marvel and DC have gotten in on the phenomenon which allows players to form teams of their favorite comic book heroes and villains. Marvel has yet to produce a Warbird playing piece, but that didn't stop customizer Logan Sixx from creating his own! This piece uses the Wasp HeroClix piece as a base and features the "flying" action feature! You can find this and other custom HeroClix game pieces at The HeroClix Modeling Database!

Custom Figures by Rit Lon.
18" Warbird
10" Warbird
Original Costume
Famous Covers
5" Warbird
Barbie Warbird

Clicking the above images will take you to a full body shot of the figure. Rit has created a 18" Warbird Doll using an "Elle" figure found at Toys 'R' Us. The costume was handmade. Rit's 10-inch Warbird was made from a Mortal Kombat Jade body and a Storm head with cloth sash. Binary was an AoA Jean Grey body with a removable corona effect made from Sculpey. The original uniform Ms. Marvel was a Mystique figure with a ribbon scarf and the 5" Warbird was an AoA Jean Grey with hair from Silver Sable and a ribbon sash. Rit has also created a a Carol Danvers Barbie and his latest is a Famous Covers Warbird! Great work! (I gotta make me a 10" Warbird to fight my 10" Rogue!)

Famous Covers Carol!

The latest craze among customizers is the fine art of Famous Covers Customization! Now that Toy Biz has produced hundreds of Marvel characters in the 5-6" format, marvel customizing enthusiasts are branching out and trying their hand at creating custom figures in the popular Famous Covers style. With everything from rooted hair to cloth costumes, these customs are simply amazing works of art that require not only skillful paint jobs and clever sculpting, but the ability to sew tiny clothing!

Above are a few examples of Famous Cover renditions of Carol. Johnathan Sheen created the figures on the left and in the center using a FC Black Widow body and head. Both feature custom costumes and hand-crafted hairdos. On the right is a custom Warbird figure by Nick. Nick used a FC Black Widow body and the head from a Star Trek: Insurrection Anji doll. The costume is custom made and the hair was completely re-rooted onto the base head. Wow!

For more of Johnathan's custom work, click HERE!
Check out Nick's Toybox, featuring a SWEET gallery of Marvel Famous Covers customs!

Custom Figures by Site Owner, Ryan Jones.
Original Costume
Classic Ms. Marvel
Clicking the above images will take you to a page containing a full body shot of the figure and a detailed recipe.
For more of my custom work, visit my Custom Figure Gallery.

Miscellaneous Customs

Here are four different customs that illustrate the variety of base figures that can be used to make Carol! The figure to the left is by Manny and was created using a very sanded down and skillfully re-sculpted Huntress figure from the JLA toy line. Manny has singlehandedly re-created *EVERY* single Avenger *EVER* using the JLA base figures! Check out more of Manny's many, many customs HERE.
The figure on the right is by J.M. and was made from a clear Invisible Woman figure. A swatch of fabric serves as sash to this Carol creation!

The custom Warbird/Ms. Marvel figure to the left was created by Captain Hi-Top using Robot Fighters Storm as the base figure. He added on the belt and used a sash from a Psylocke figure.
Clicking the Warbird figure to the left will take you to Captain Hi-Top's Warbird recipe.

The Warbird figure to the right was crafted by Jason Dorough using a Batman & Robin Poison Ivy Figure. Jason used real fabric to create Carol's trademark sash. Jason has his own custom figure site which offers a variety of figures and a detailed, step-by-step Warbird recipe!

Clicking Jason's Warbird custom will take you to more pictures of this great figure!

Click the above images for a closer look!

LEGO Carol!!!

The unique images you see here are the creations of Dennis Chidley. When I first saw the LEGO Warbird/Ms. Marvel to the right, I thought it was merely a superbly painted Lego toy. I mean, I've seen stranger bases for custom superheroes...like Q-Tips! Believe it or not, these Lego Warbird images are computer-generated 3-D renderings!

Dennis creates his LEGO heroes using software called Persistence of Vision Ray-Tracer (POV-RAY). The results, as you can see, are INCREDIBLE!!! Special thanks to Dennis for letting me feature his creations here and for creating the animated LEGO Carol especially for this site!

For more of Dennis'AMAZING LEGO heroes, visit his website, Dennis Chidley's LEGOtures!