Ms. Marvel #6 (June 1977)
Title: ...And Grotesk Shall Slay Thee!
Story: Chris Claremont
Art: Jim Mooney & Joe Sinnott
Summary: J. Jonah Jameson has just read the first issue of WOMAN Magazine featuring a cover story on Ms. Marvel! Naturally, he's furious that Carol proclaimed Ms. Marvel "The Super-Hero Sensation of the Seventies!" J. Jonah had expected a story slamming this latest spandex-clad hero in the grand tradition of the Daily Bugle. Naturally, Carol doesn't back down to Jameson's threats of dismissal and defends WOMAN Magazine's approach with the latest marketing results, which proclaim it a runaway success! Just as the argument gets really heated, Carol passes out due to another precognitive flash!

Carol dreams of a raging fire and the danger it poses to her alter ego, Ms. Marvel! Images of trapped firefighters, a blazing inferno and a deadly explosion which claims her life fill her vision. She foresees an attack by a mysterious figure but wakes up before his identity is revealed! She wakes to the unfamiliar face of Frank Gianelli, an arrogant young journalist/photographer looking for work at WOMAN Magazine. Carol sends Gianelli out to cover the oil refinery fire she saw in her precognitive flash and departs herself. Another woozy moment and Carol is once again flying into action as Ms. Marvel!

The Female Fury arrives at the scene and receives a less than warm greeting from the firefighter in charge. Despite his orders to the contrary, Ms. Marvel charges into the blaze in search of the firefighters she saw trapped in her dream. In the collapsed building's basement, the four firefighters are confronted by the inferno's architect...Grotesk, Prince of Sub-Terranea! In true super-villain style, Grotesk reveals that he has come in search of the Cavourite Crystal which he plans to use to avenge the death of his people by destroying the surface world. The fire was merely a means of insuring his escape.

Ms. M arrives and attacks Grotesk allowing the trapped firefighters to flee. She quickly realizes that Grotesk's strength exceeds her own and that to win the battle she'll need all her skill & cunning. A few well-placed blows and Grotesk falls, but not before damaging the circuitry web built into Carol's Kree uniform! Ms. Marvel recovers the crystal and recalls seeing it during her time with NASA. Just as she remembers the crystal's destructive potential, Grotesk awakens and renews his attack. Shaken by the assault, Ms. Marvel drops the crystal and Grotesk recovers it. As the weakened Woman Warrior chases after him, the entire site is rocked by a massive explosion. Ms. Marvel is apparently crushed by tons of falling debris and Grotesk stands triumphant!

Comments: This issue introduces Frank Gianelli to the supporting cast.