Sure, Carol has a dynamic past and really cool powers & skills! But at the core of all this is a strong and unique personality which is multi-layered and refreshingly human. Below is a summary of Carol's key personality traits which hopefully provide some insight into the heart of both the woman and the warrior.


Carol is fiercely independent and self-reliant. She has always been a woman who challenges gender expectations and who has excelled in male dominated fields. She strongly believes that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She is highly sensitized to sexist attitudes and is a staunch believer in her capabilities as a woman. Anyone who tries to tell her otherwise better watch out! Carol can be highly confrontational around these issues and has even challenged Captain America in this arena. Carol has definitely found the inherent strength in her own femininity.


Carol is an incredibly confident and strong-willed individual, despite the mental and physical tragedies that have befallen her. She has overcome incredible odds, both personally and professionally. She has a warrior spirit and raw will power that has been compared to Storm's. This personality trait has allowed her to endure physical and mental torture and to maintain both sanity and focus under extremely stressful and painful conditions. In addition, she has demonstrated a higher than average level of resistance to mental domination.


Despite her fierce will power, Carol is haunted and currently overwhelmed by the tragedies that make up her life. From the loss of her emotions and original powers at the hands of Rogue to the death of Mar-vell to her current shame about her alcoholism and status with the Avengers, Carol is wrestling with a lot of demons. She has tried various means of escaping these issues, from her time in space to her drinking and is now realizing that she has only compounded her problems and must start dealing with them.

Emotionally Disconnected-

Carol's battle with Rogue left her with a lifetime of memories without any emotional connections to them. She remembers friends, family and lovers but feels nothing for them beyond nostalgia. Carol's emotional reality began anew after Xavier restored her memories and she finds it difficult and awkward to deal with her own past because of this. This causes Carol to seem distant and even cold with those who she was once very close with.


Carol is a warrior at heart. Both her human and Kree experiences have shaped her perspectives and her personality. She thinks and responds as a trained soldier and warrior. This plays a strong role in how she reacts in various situations. She can be fierce, ruthless and brutal in battle. She does what needs to be done and this militaristic determination can sometimes come across as cold and callous. She is incredibly assertive, straight-forward and downright bold. Carol entered the military due to her almost obsessive love of airplanes and her dreams of flying. (See Also Skills: Pilot)


Following her return to Earth, Carol developed an unhealthy dependence on alcohol. She has recently become aware of this and has accepted that it has become a problem. Her recent troubles have caused her to hit "rock bottom." After much initial resistance, Carol has joined Alcoholics Anonymous and has managed to maintain her sobriety and return to active duty with the Avengers.