Over the years, Carol has gone through a number of power enhancements, thefts and alterations. Below is a description of her current powers. It is important to note that Carol's powers are currently in a state of flux and are being redefined. The following is my estimation of Carol's current abilities and power levels based on what's been demonstrated in her recent appearances as Warbird. I'll update this section as new information becomes available. In addition, I plan to add entries on both her Ms. Marvel and Binary powers sometime in the future.

Depleted Binary Powers-

Carol has recently gone through a shift in her power levels. Previously, she possessed phenomenal cosmic power levels which gave her Thor-level strength and vast energy manipulation powers. In addition, she possessed interstellar flight capabilities comparable to those possessed by the heralds of Galactus. Recently her power levels have dropped and possibly stabilized at a much lower level. Upon examination, the Beast has theorized that Carol will not be able to reach the heightened power levels she possessed as Binary. Carol is still adjusting to her altered powers. While her power level is now more comparable to those she possessed as Ms. Marvel, Carol has not merely reverted to her Ms. Marvel powers. Instead, she employs the same powers she possessed as Binary but at much lower power levels. It is possible that Carol may still be able to attain the power levels she once possessed under times of extreme stress or through an extreme feat of willpower.


Following her drop in power levels, Carol's flight speed has leveled out at around the sound barrier. She has flight capabilities comparable to those possessed by Rogue, enabling her to fly across the entire United States in a few hours when she really pushes herself. However, she has recently learned that she cannot attain escape velocity at her current power level. Carol has years of experience flying and is highly agile and maneuverable. Carol may still be able to survive in the vacuum of space as a remnant of her interstellar abilities as Binary.


Carol possesses a "base" strength level which gives her the ability to lift approximately 50 tons. Her strength appears to be equivalent to that which she possessed as Ms. Marvel. Carol can easily lift and throw cars and even tanks and has enough strength to shatter reinforced concrete or tear open five-inch steel. Carol's strength can now be augmented considerably through the absorption of additional energy. Carol is highly experienced with various levels of super-strength and knows how to use it effectively in combat.


Carol possesses a substantial degree of invulnerability. She is once again as invulnerable and resistant to harm as she was in her previous Ms. Marvel persona. She can withstand most standard issue weaponry. Her body is tough enough to withstand machine gun fire, mortar shells and most standard energy weaponry. She has endured punches from much stronger adversaries such as Hyperion of the Squadron Supreme, though continued battle with him would definitely harm her eventually. In addition, she is now vulnerable to high-level energy weapons and powers.

Energy Absorption/Manipulation-

Carol retains some of the vast energy-generating powers she possessed as Binary. As Warbird, she has the ability to generate blasts of "photonic" energy. She can still access various forms of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum, but at considerably lower energy levels. While she cannot draw on nearly the amount of power as she once did, her energy powers are still quite formidable. Her base-level energy blasts are equivalent to those used by Iron Man.

In addition, Warbird is able to absorb energy in a manner similar to when she was linked to the power of a "white hole." She has demonstrated the ability to push through and partially absorb various forms of energy, as she did when she penetrated the Kree Sentry's containment field. She has also absorbed electricity and other forms of energy. By absorbing large amounts of energy, Warbird can increase her strength, flight speed and invulnerability, as well as the intensity of her own energy attacks. This ability to absorb energy directed at her provides Warbird with considerable, additional protection from energy attacks.

Cosmic Awareness-

As Binary, Carol was in tune with the universe, possessing a cosmic awareness comparable to that of the Silver Surfer. Carol could retain that awareness at a much lower level. She may still be able to "see" energy patterns and might have an awareness of any major disruptions or changes in the cosmos. For example, Carol might be able to sense major changes in the stability of Earth's sun or major warp energies in use in the immediate area surrounding Earth. The level to which she may possess this ability has not yet been demonstrated. Recently, Carol has experienced a general sense of foreboding that is vaguely reminscent of the "seventh sense" she possessed as Ms. Marvel. Whether this indicates the return of this power or merely keen intuition remains to be seen.

Quick Change-

Carol has demonstrated the ability to instantaneously alter her civilian clothing into her Warbird costume. Carol possessed this ability as both Ms. Marvel and Binary. Originally, this trait was inherent to Carol's Kree Ms. Marvel uniform. Upon a second exposure to the energies of the Kree Psyche-Magnetron, these powers were passed on to Carol herself. Apparently, the Brood's tinkering reactivated this convenient trait.