The deep, expressive singing voice of Augusta, Georgia’s own Blair Lott has long been a familiar sound to music fans in the Southeast.

It’s a voice that most of us first heard when Blair initially rose to prominence as the leader and frontman of the longtime Athens/Atlanta rock group Ruben Kincaid. However, although his band’s name often drew laughs (that is, from fans hip enough to catch its knowing allusion to The Partridge Family), what kept listeners coming back for more was not Kincaid’s humor but rather the brooding intensity of the group’s densely literary songs. Blair and his fellow Kincaid members recorded a well-received album, filmed a pricey and much-lauded promo video, and toured the region extensively for over 10 years. However, throughout it all, Blair always yearned to embark on a solo project that would be 100% his own.

Rooms and Boxes – in stores now-- is that album.

“This record is very special to me. It represents a place and time, rich with both joy and heartache, a slice of one period of my life.” Blair declares proudly. “It’s also a sonic scrapbook of the music I heard and loved while growing up in Augusta, Georgia…ranging from James Brown and Motown, to Elvis Costello, The Jam, Talking Heads, Lou Reed and even The Stranglers. I wanted to re-create that tinge of R&B and Soul that pop and rock music used to have. I also wanted it to have the textures of an old vinyl LP, to ebb and flow, and to seem like a complete work, not just a collection of songs.”

Bringing Blair’s album to vibrant, rocking life on concert stages is all-new ensemble dubbed The Blair Lott Band. Its members include multi-talented guitarist Mark Evers drummer-about-town Mike Shealey, and veteran bassist Eli Wendkos.


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