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Blair Lott - Rooms and Boxes, Paperback Graveyard Records
The nice thing about Blair Lott�s first ever-solo release, Rooms and Boxes, is that the disc is great. The best part is Lott�s warm, deep distinctive voice, and the disc only gets better, continually growing on the listener from the first spin. Easily, Rooms and Boxes can serve as a therapeutic release with soothing tones and vibes throughout the ten tracks. It�s obvious that a lot of thought and feeling have been put into the songwriting - whether on both versions of �The Promise,� �Rooms and Boxes,� �Half Way There� or �Clear.� The latter is dedicated to the memory of slain American journalist Daniel Pearl, who was executed by Iraqi insurgents while covering the war. The residents of Atlanta should be proud that the talented Lott calls their city home.
(Brian McLean) Harder Beat


[Blair Lott] wrote, recorded and finally released Rooms And Boxes, his first proper solo album. Here, he takes the passionate and erudite approach of his earlier work with Ruben Kincaid and elevates it to a more �adult� level. He�s never been a �cars and girls� songwriter anyway, but in the confines of Rooms, he takes his finely-tuned vignettes to the conversational level of Elvis Costello�s finest work.  

The Augusta-bred Lott blends his southern-rock roots into a fine gumbo, seasoned with the finest of Melbourne, Australia�s tangy spices. Some tracks simmer with a brooding Stax sensuality (�Clear�) while others bristle with the observational insights of John Hiatt (�Already Left You (In My Mind)�).

 Fans of the intelligent pop of The Church and Nick Lowe should definitely check out this understated collection of songs. Each track resonates with lingering, occasionally unsettling, always insanely catchy imagery.   

-- Lee Valentine Smith-  Georgia Music Magazine

"Atlanta songwriter Blair Lott cooks up a low-key winner with his new CD,

Rooms and Boxes." - Stomp and Stammer

Blair Lott - Rooms And Boxes - CD
(Paperback Graveyard Records) Blair Lott has a lounge-rock thing going on and it works quite well. I think this is what Morphine would have sounded like if they went with the traditional 4-piece rock band set-up. The tune "Already Left You (In My Mind)" has a Leonard Cohen quality about it, while "Rooms and Boxes" and "She Touches Water" reminded me of Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance. This is a band I definitely want to hear more from in the future.
-- Mite Mutant (2007)

"You feel like you are almost breathing in time with the song, and as a result, it has made it into my top three from the past year - pure connection.

This is the sort of album that you should take time out of your life to listen to, don't play it on your way to work, don't have it on in the background while you are studying - because it will be lost on you. You'll feel you have heard the instrumentals before, and will fail to grasp what makes this album truly unique - which would be a real shame for you. But once you've given this album your full attention, feel free to leave it on in the background, and it will get into your head as if you were looking at a scapbook of memories with Lott himself, and it'll make your day a little bit sunnier. Very pretty indeed." - FAME Magazine, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

"Atlanta based Blair Lott, formerly frontman for Ruben Kincaid, has a new solo album called �Rooms and Boxes� coming out October 17th. The new album is sincere, personal, very powerful. The songwriting is also unprecedented, from start to finish it�s a very intense album." -


The first thing you notice about Blair Lott�s music is his distinctive & snug voice. The world around you stops� now your only focus is him. Soon you find yourself bonding as if he�s confiding only in you, his close chum since the elementary school years.

The more we listened to this release the more we got out of it, and each time enjoying it even more.

Our favorites: �Clear�, �Already Left You (In My Mind), �The Promise�, �Dying in Time�, �Moving Sand�, and �She Touches Water�.  -

Babble and Beat music magazine


�This record is very special to me. It represents a place and time, rich with both joy and heartache, a slice of one period of my life.� Blair declares proudly. �It�s also a sonic scrapbook of the music I heard and loved while growing up in Augusta, Georgia�ranging from James Brown and Motown, to Elvis Costello, The Jam, Talking Hesads, Lou Reed and even The Stranglers. I wanted to re-create that tinge of R&B and Soul that pop and rock music used to have. I also wanted it to have the textures of an old vinyl LP, to ebb and flow, and to seem like a complete work, not just a collection of songs.� - Blair Lott  Read More

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