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The document links below, courtesy of the Naval Museum of Calgary, explain Convoy SC-20 in detail:

Convoy Data Sheet 1
Convoy Data Sheet 2
Convoy Data Sheet 3
Convoy Data Sheet 4
Commodore's Log
Convoy Matrix Ship Position 1 of 2
Convoy Matrix Ship Position 2 of 2
List of Ships
Ship Stragglers

Below are some convoy SC-20 facts:

1.  SC = 'Slow Convoy' (speed was between 6.93 knots and 7.5 knots)

2.  The convoy (46 ships - not including the escorts) left Halifax on January 22, 1941 enroute to Liverpool, England - the arrival port.  The distance was 1,930 miles and the convoy arrived on February 8, 1941
3.  Two 'auxiliary and unusual ships' joined convoy by 6.2 location - a trawler (
Northern Gem) and a tug (Assurance)

4.  Commodore of convoy was A.G. Maundrell, R.N.R. in
SS Maplewood; Vice-Commodore was on Hadleigh ship

5.  Five ships were sunk and one was damaged but convoy was never attacked directly; ships that were sunk were stragglers.  The six ships were
MacLaren, Empire Engineer, Ionnis M. Embiricos, Calafatis, Dione II, and Maplecourt

Maplecourt was in column 8, row 4 of convoy matrix

7.  Eight ships returned to either Halifax or Newfoundland due to various reasons.  They are:
Ila, Narocz, Emmy, Sinnington Court, Bernhard, Lylepark, Rozenburg, and Kordecki

8.  The
Maplecourt was the only ship in this convoy sunk by a german U-boat

9.  Convoy was 48 hours late at rendezvous due to heavy weather

10.  The destination ports for the convoy were: Clyde, Ardrossan, Grimsby, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Garston, Barry Roads, Swansea, and Belfast

11.  Ocean escort was

12.  Eastern escorts were Beverley (returned to Liverpool with problems), Arbutus, Camellia, Erica, Philante, Harvester 

13.  Western escorts were stated as 'nil'

14.  At 1101 on February 3, the eastern escorts were told to, "leave O.B. (meaning 'Liverpool Outward Bound') 280 in time to meet SC-20 at 1600 on February 4th"

15.  At 1239 on February 4th, the convoy's route was altered to avoid a U-Boat in the area

16.  Main cargo of this convoy: steel, scrap, pitprops, pig iron, scrap iron, wheat, pulp, timber, lumber, scrap steel, grain, newsprint, general
- Earl & Albert O'Hanley -

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