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Pictures of the SS Maplecourt:
Picture 1            Picture 2

for more in-depth information on the Maplecourt, click on these two links:
More Maplecourt Details 1    More Maplecourt Details 2

:  Steam Freighter
Name:  Was originally named Northwest - renamed Maplecourt
Owner:  United Towing & Salvage Company Limited, 635 Common Street, Montreal, Que.
Tons:  3,388
Nationality:  Canadian
Built:  1894
Voyage:  From Montreal, Canada to Liverpool, England (Convoy SC-20)
Cargo:  3,604 tons general including 1,540 tons of steel
Casualties:  Crew of 37 lost + DEMS gunners
Attacker:  U-107
Date Left Halifax:  January 22, 1941
Date Sunk:  February 6, 1941
Time Sunk:  1732 hrs (5:32 pm)
Fate:  Torpedoed
SOS Signal:  At 1600 on February 6, 1941, the Maplecourt made an SSSS (a radio signal meaning 'I have been torpedoed by a submarine') call in position 55.39N/15.56W.  1 hour and 32 minutes later, the Maplecourt was officially stated as sunk.  At 1741, the Harvester escort ship was told to detach a portion of the escort to hunt for the submarine
Square Reported:  AL3871
Position:  55.39N/15.56W (west of Northern Ireland)
* James Cooper's research efforts uncovered the two pictures of the Maplecourt  in the links above