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1. Aho, Arvo (Chief Radio Officer)
2. Aucoin, Dedier (Able Seaman)
3. Bennett, James (Ordinary Seaman)
4. Berry, Raymond (Fireman)
5. Boland, F. (Fireman)
6. Bowes, Edison (Able Seaman)
7. Brent, Claude (Mess Room Steward)
8. Campbell, Garfield (Fireman)
9. Clements, Herbert (Second Mate)
10. Davis, Roy (Fireman and Trimmer)
11. Dewhurst, Edward (Able Seaman)
12. Doucette, Joseph (Fireman)
13. Dube, Andrew (Third Mate)
14. Esson, Frank J. (Chief Engineer)
15. Gallant, Clarence (Mess Room Boy)
16. Guffy, E. (Ordinary Seaman)
17. Humphreys, Enrys Herbert (Master)
18. Kelly, J.B. (Chief Cook)
19. Langille, Harold (Second Cook)
20. Lockhart, J. (Gunner)
21. Luyten, Chas Cornelis (Third Engineer)
22. MacGougan, Ray (Carpenter)
23. MacLeod, Elmer (Able Seaman)
24. Malloy, James (Fireman)
25. Matheson, William (Fireman)
26. Morrissey, Michael (Fireman)
27. Mount, James (Fireman)
28. O'Hanley, Albert (Fireman and Trimmer)
29. O'Hanley, Earl (Fireman and Trimmer)
30. Poitras, Adrian (Able Seaman)
31. Potvin, Roland (Steward)
32. Richards, Clarence (Able Seaman)
33. Robertson, William (Chief Officer)
34. Shaw, Joseph (Ordinary Seaman)
35. Shea, Albert (Oiler)
36. Small, William (Second Engineer)
37. Trefry, Ernest (Ordinary Seaman)
38. Young, George (Fourth Engineer)

Source: Veterans Affairs Canada and from Billy McGee on Maureen Venzi's web site
- Earl & Albert O'Hanley -

Merchant Mariners from
Prince Edward Island in WWII

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(around 1938)
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