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My Great Uncle, Earl O'Hanley (brother of my grandmother, Catherine Jeanette Palmer), and his first cousin, Albert O'Hanley, joined the Canadian merchant marines during WWII. 

They were on the S.S. Maplecourt in convoy SC-20 which had embarked from Halifax, Nova Scotia on 22 January 1941 enroute to the United Kingdom.  On 6 February 1941, while the convoy was west of Northern Ireland, the Maplecourt was torpedoed by the German submarine U-107.  All 38 men on board the Maplecourt perished.

- Michael Palmer -

(Note:  Source of Earl's picture - Kilmer Palmer; source of Albert's picture - Ronnie McInnis)

(Copyright (c) 2005 by Michael Palmer, all rights reserved)
- Earl & Albert O'Hanley -

Merchant Mariners from
Prince Edward Island in WWII

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