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Science Career Information

Well, it's that time in my career when I have to start making decisions about "what I really want to do when I grow up." Here is a sampling of the information available on the Web concerning science careers (or lack thereof) and alternate careers paths for people trained in the sciences. I hope to keep this updated and if anyone has suggestions for more links to this page, please email me or Suggest-A-Link

Science's Next Wave
This forum is designed for young scientists trying to figure out what they are going to do with their lives (sounds familiar). It includes a number of career forums (Going Public, Alternative Careers, Network of Correspondents, In Print, Career Trends, Natural Resources), including a couple where you can interact with people who have made the transition out of academic science (and sometimes back into academia).

Young Scientists' Network
(From the self-discription on their pages)
The YSN is not an organization in the conventional sense of the word. There are no membership requirements or fees and the services of the YSN are maintained by volunteers. The primary activity of the YSN is the production of the electronic Young Scientists' Digest which is sent out to over 3000 persons almost every day. The digest is administrated by John Quackenbush and contains the unedited contributions of digest subscribers. The Moderated YSN Digest, a weekly summary of the regular YSN Digest, is edited by Jennifer Cohen.

A job list, which contains job openings which have been submitted to the YSN, is maintained by Mary Ellen Scott. The YSN archive is maintained by Arthur Smith and contains old issues of the YSN Digest as well as copies of articles relating to young scientist employment and information on alternative careers. Letters from and articles about our group have appeared on American Public Radio, in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times, Science, and various society publications. (Further references available in the YSN archive)

Discussion topics in the YSN digest have included career and family, interviewing and job hunting tips, community college employment, the nature of tenure, graduate curriculum reform, funding (or underfunding) of science and engineering, and just about every aspect of life as a young scientist facing an uncertain career.

Jobs for Biomedical Scientists
(Taken from the description of the page.)These are uncertain times for graduate students and post doctoral fellows looking for jobs in the biomedical sciences. The decline in grants and traditional research-oriented faculty positions combined with downsizing and mergers within the biotechnology industry has led to a tight job market where a single advertised position opening can receive 500 or more applications. Luckily, there are employment opportunities in areas outside of the traditional research market in sectors as diverse as journalism, technology transfer, patent law, teaching, management consulting and public policy. This series of World Wide Web pages has been compiled to aid in sifting through the vast amount of information available on the Internet concerning employment opportunities for biomedical scientists.

BioMedNet's Job Search
BioMedNet is one the best online sites for information. Their ezine, the HMS Beagle (named for Darwin's ship), is a must-read. Many of the major companies advertise here, so if you are looking for a real job, this is the place.

You might also consider trying with these people:

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