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My Most Used Molecular Biology Links

Other Sites with Compilations of Molecular Tools:

icon Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Probably *the* most useful site in terms of finding any of the tools or information one might need for doing molecular biology.

icon BioMolecular DNA Research Tools

icon Survey of Molecular Biology Databases and Servers

Everyone's been hearing about the Genome Projects; here's your chance to look at some of the things they have found.

Some of the sequence databases out there:

icon The National Center for Biotechnology Information
I debated whether this one should go here or under analysis. This is the major US site for sequence deposition and retrieval. They also have reciprocal links between the sequences and the MEDLINE database.

icon NIH GenoBase Site World Wide Web Server Home Page

Sequence Analysis Software Available on the Web:

icon BCM Search Launcher

icon Genome Sequencing Facility, Brookhaven National Laboratory

icon SSearch at Vega, note that this is an alternate site for ssearch.

icon Cutter
A nice program for determining the restriction map of a sequence.

Where Does One Get Those Reagents and Tools?:

icon ATCG Biological Reagents Home Page
These people publish the guides that we use to find such things. They have a database which details who sells which restriction enzyme.

icon Molecular Biology Supplier Reference Database
This is a rather comprehensive list of protocols and suppliers on the web.

icon Suppliers of Molecular Biology Products from the University of Texas.

I am currently working to give this site a major facelift. Right now, I don't have a lot of links here, but that should change or Suggest-A-Link.

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