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Bob & ML Visit New Zealand for 25th

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Information about myself:

Age: 65
Recently retired from the Facilities Dept. at:Yale University
     (You can see me at work by clicking here)
Qualifications: My resume is posted here
Red Cross Blood Donations: My life record is here

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bob & Marylynn Visit New Zealand for 25th Anniversary in Nov. 2006      
Home Life:

I have two PC's for Internet Surfing at home for my wife Marylynn and me. We also have our main TV hooked up to the Internet to watch streaming video from all over the world.

We have three cats, and they are building their own webpages, which you can access here:                            Sammy      Seamus      Yoda

We have also posted "House Rules for Cats" on our refrigerator.

Our family regularly attends St.Isaac Jogues Church in East Hartford.

You can see an aerial picture of our neighborhood by clicking here.

Here is the story of Kathleen getting her Learner'sPermit for driving. She recently attended a Father-Daughter Dance at her high school (shown here ). A local newspaper, the Journal Inquirer,  printed Kathleen's pictureduring a Christmas Workshop.

maria's graduation party

In May, 2001 we attended a college graduation party for Marylynn's friend Maria Carpenter in Meridan, CT.  Shown are Marylynn, Maria Carpenter,and Ann Montgomery.

Here is the story of my coming to America.

While I was in the Army, I took pictures of the World Trade Center during construction.  You can see them here.

Here is the story of my father's trip to Timaru,N.Z.

Here is a picture taken while on vacation in Howth,Ireland . You can see a picture of Dublin Bay by clicking here.

howth viewuppercross street

During the Summer of 1999, Marylynn and I visited Avoca in Wicklow. Here we are with cousins at the local pub of Ballykissangel fame.

While in Ireland in June of 2000,  we visited KylemoreAbbey in Connemara.  We also attended a party hosted by Trish Malone in Lucan, Co. Dublin. You can see the snapshots here.

During our Ireland vacation (1-AUG thru 8-AUG-01), we attended a wedding for my cousin Tracie and Liam White.  You can see the snapshots by clicking here .

Here is an interesting photo of the new "Ha'Penny Bridge" across the Liffey in Dublin.

25th Anniversary Trip:

While preparing for our 25th  Anniversary  Trip (in November, 2006),  I came upon this profound article.

You can see details of our trip by viewing our Itiniary and Trip-Log.

The whole trip was extraordinary for both of us.  It was a very memorable and worthwhile experience.


You can find pages listing people on the HOBBS side of my family( going back to the year 1586AD ) by clicking here , or my mother's HART side here .  My wife's family listings are here .

Judith Byrne, a cousin in New Zealand, created some great pages which  you can see by clicking here.

Here are a couple of genealogy poems that I like:  "Ancestor"and "My Moment In Space".

You can read a great article about how we are all related here.

Kathleen's Confirmation:

You can view a picture of Kathleen's recent confirmation by clicking here.

Trish and Mike's Wedding:

Marylynn and I were in Dublin during Sept'02 to attend my cousin Patricia Malone's wedding.  My three brothers also attended with their families. Here are some links to photos we took during the festivities.  The links will take you to OFOTO, which requires you sign in (it's free) :

Cara's Photos              ;        Eamonn's Photos              ;    My Photos              ;   Samantha's Photos

Interesting Internet Sites:

I enjoy visiting these places:
Yahoo   Ask Doctor Weil   ZD-Net   Ireland Startpage   Christchurch Press   Live Webcam of Dublin City Centre, Ireland   The Surname Web   Cyndi's List   Dogpile   The MARS Petition   1916-1921 Novels   Doc Joshua's Advice  

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