"We're here!" Xantis exclaims as you re-enter Icarus from your short portal passage. The beautiful Desert Drak lands flawlessly on the landing flat to the right of the Entrance of DesCas.
Xantis quickly hops off the Desert and says: "Be a dear Gelontis and lend our visitor a hand will you?" Dutifully the Desert raises a claw to a convenient height for you to step off. You slide down the arm of the dragon and land on the ground next to Xantis. "Be sure to visit High Princess Marysia and High Prince Zander if you have any questions. They are very helpful."


22/11/2007 Finished the info on the surroundings. Descas is officially finished ^^
15/10/2007 New aspirant, three places left.
14/08/2007 Night Tebanaki and Plant Landeki have taken the deep cavern. And if you noticed Stinga had paired already last time then blame me for making a mistake and finding out her drak and her fiance's drak were related. :p I couldn't let the couple go to waste, so I cheated.
13/08/2007 Clutch 9 hatched ^^. New clutch will be available somewhere in the coming days.

Water Drak. You would be the rider of a water Drak!
Very neat. You are soothing, calm and always
tactful. WAY TO GO!
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