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Special Thankyous to everybody who has helped me!

Sofcom Pick of the Net Award 06-08-01
Thanks to everybody who has helped in keeping this page alive over the years!
This web site, all in all, has been my most interesting and successful web site yet. With the competitions (including give-aways of hundreds of CD's from sponsors), the mentions on triple j national radio, the message board which has seen nearly 10,000 messages posted over the years, the fan list with over 500 fans email & ICQ, the hundreds of reviews & articles, the hundreds & hundreds of surveys received, and the 1500 people on the mailing list, it really has been incredible!
Feel free to support me further by seeing what else I'm up to on my personal homepage. :-)



This web site did not happen by itself. I would like to thank the following people for their help and support:
(I know I've missed some people, its very hard to include everyone, so please let me know if you think you should be up here.)



Triple J

Thanks to triple j and all its staff for their support!

Michael Tunn - For linking to my "Anti-Paul McDermott's Throw Your Arms Around Me" web site which was basically the starting point for this entire web site! Even though I'm over this page now, if it wasn't for Tunny's link to it, this page may not exist now! (the anti-paul mcdermott TYAAM site has since deceased)

Chris Norris & Justin Wilcomes from the Net 50  - For linking to my new web site and for all their support. And for calling me and interviewing me on the Net 50 (7th November '98) and talking to me a couple of other times. Without their support this web site may not exist.

Rosie Beaton - (from the Net 50), for donating some jjj stuff for the competition (May 99).

Rosie & Justin again - for putting me on air again (5 June 99) to give my page a bit of a plug. Oh yeah and thanks to the phone answering girl too (sorry, you never told me you name!).

Jane Gazzo & Dr Hex from Super Request - For their support for the new web site too, and for interviewing me live on Friday night on November 6th. Thanks Jane! Hope your having fun whatever your doing there days!

Caroline Tran & Dr Hex from Super Request - For talking to me on January 27th live at about 9pm, and of course for playing my requests! :-)

Dr Hex & Super Request & the phone answering girl again - For playing my request and my quick little plug (they had to play it for the only time I wasn't listening to the radio though!! I wanted to hear that song dammit)

Karen Barlow in particular, as well as Adam Spencer, Rosie Beaton, and Stuart Matchett from triple j - For their support, message board posts, Emails, and whatever :).

And thankyou triple j for linking to my page in the 'Cool sites' seciton of the triple j web site (I get a significant number of referals just from that one link!),
And also, for putting my address in the fantastic triple j 2000 diaries!! (see the list of cool sites between September & October).

And all the rest of the ABC people who check out the web site occasionally.



Special thanks to everybody who helped out and donated prizes for the 1999 Hottest 100 guessing competition: (Nov 99 - Feb 2000)

Chris O'Brien at Solitare Management (Area 7)

Karey & Grinspoon -- the signed CD sleaves were also used in the Grinspoon competition (Mar-Apr 2000)

James of Modular Recordings (Avalanches & Ben Lee)

David from the INXS web site

John of Citadel Records (Bluebottle Kiss)

David from Rhubarb

Tania from Mushroom (Rumanastone)

Chris Moses from Frenzal Rhomb management (& the band for the autographs)

Blyss & Poli & The Gleeman of Juju Eyeballs

Fox from Nancy Vandal

Karen of Rebecca's Empire management

Chris of Candle Records (Stella One Eleven)

Kevin of West Oz Music

Tim of Screamfeeder

Steve from Loki management

Janne from Powderfinger management (& the band for the autographs!)

Julie from Lama Appreciation Society (silverchair)

Shae & Cath from Black Yak / Phantom Records (Preshrunk & Whitlams)

Steph from the Official Superjesus Fan club and the band

Jeff from Plasticwoodenfruit

And ChaosMusic for the gift vouchers.

and all the other kind people who sent something out for the 1999 H100 Guessing Comp, or who's stuff might have got *lost* in the post! :( And also thanks to all the people that helped advertise this competition, and the people who helped forward on my messages to the right people, etc.! Thankyou all!


triple j - For their support and offering jjj t-shirts and hats for the competition (May 99).

Chaos Music Market - For supporting the Hottest 100 guessing competition (January '99) with gift vouchers & t-shirts for winners.

The Whitlams - For their support and offering CDs for the competition (May 99).

BMG Records - For offering CDs for the competition (May 99).

Screamfeeder - For offering a CD for the competition (May 99).

Aureate Group Mail - For letting me use their great mass-emailing program!

GeoCities - For providing this free web space. (Even though they have those damn pop-up ads! Arrgghh)

BeSeen.Com - For providing their great free message board and guestbook services.

LiveUniverse - For providing their great free chat facilities.

VantageNet - For providing their excellent free poll.


Fans & my little helpers

I'd like to thank everybody who's visited this web site, and in particular the following people...

Peter aka Bograt - For coming up with the name "Watching the J's" and for a few of the ideas for this site.

All the Paul McDermott fans - who flamed me with over a hundred emails telling me that I'm wrong, and to get rid of the page. These kind people may have in some way or another contributed to or helped enspire me to make this page. :o)

Spudlee & Steve - for keeping the message board under control for me!

Louise Angrilli - for a huge list of good mailing lists :)


Thanks to the following people for their news articles:
Jobaby - For finding and typing up the newspaper article - Robins Resigns, and the article It's time out for Jane.
Diana - For typing up the newspaper article - Recovery Reduced.
Brianna - For typing up a few nice articles for me including the JJJ 1999 Line-up, and the one about Gazzo, Mikey, and Austereo.

The kind people who sent in some info about the triple j people:

Thanks to everybody who helped out with the shonky songs page! Especially - jjj girl, spudlee, selena, skye, shell - sorry there's dozens of people who have helped in this so I can't remember everybody but thank you all!

Thanks to the following people for their excellent reviews:
Leigh Tran (aka spudlee)

Kelly Buttigieg
Haileigh Phillips
Julia McCartan
Nicole Arendt
Lorenzo Pizza
Mandy Williamson
Jo P
Ben B
Bob (aka Adam Child)
Jonathan Hart
Steph Edwardes

Larissa S
Heath Preston
James Russell
J Freak
Scottie Willson
Daniel Bogema
Sommer T
Cee Murphy
Sally G
Melissa Mason

Thanks to everyone who sent in information about the j-people or responded to any of my various plees for help on certain things over the last 12 months.
Sorry I can't remember everyone, and there's too many of you to keep writing down on this page!
But I want to give a special mention to Sally & spudlee to start with...

Thanks to everybody who has Emailed me with ideas for the web site! You guys probably don't realise how much you've helped! Keep the Emails coming in! :-)

Special thanks to our many regulars! :-)
including spudlee, Steve, Jaymin, James, bug, jjj girl, Julia, Jess, Jez, Case, bob, and the rest of yas!
(let me know if you reckon you should be part of that list)
also see message board regulars page...

and also special thanks to the wonderful * Minnera * for causing me hours of pain pointing out a million mistakes on my page hehe. :o)
but most importantly for doing a wonderful job keeping the triple j fan list updated for me! You are wonderful! :)

Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the Onya Awards 2000 & 2001 - Watching the J's was a top 10 finalist in the 'Best Australian Music Fan Page' 2000. :-)

And thanks to everybody who has contributed in any other way to this web site or who I have forgotten!

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All rights reserved.