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If anyone knows of any triple j related fan pages, please email me.

Other than triple j related links, I don't have time to keep adding new other links, hope the ones below get you started.

Please email me if you find a broken link and I'll remove it.

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Triple J Related Links

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Online Music Shops

Online CD Shops

  • Chaos Music Market - My preferred online music store. Now has an excellent range, a lot of good prices too, and its Australian too. Has frequent specials & competitions, as well as music downloads.
  • West Oz Music - Part of Sofcom shopping mall. Nice collection of CDs available here - its an Australian site of course.
  • Sanity - well known aussie CD chain with over 200 stores with CDs now available online.
  • CDNOW - one of the biggest online CD stores. Has plenty of CDs to choose from and even has heaps of sample clips for you to listen to. Often lacks a lot of the good Aussie artists though.
  • Music Boulevard - Looks pretty good. Not quite as much triple j sort of music as some of the others though.
  • 78 Records - Good range, reasonable prices - Australian.
  • Ultimate Band List - Online music store with lots of news & info as well!
  • Soundworld - Newcastle CD retailer.
  • NoizeNet - another Aussie CD shop.


Mp3 Downloads


  • Napster - search and download files off other people's computers in real time and let them download from yours. Great concept - you'll find a hell of a lot of mp3s here! You need to download the software to use this one too.
  • The Mp3 Alternative - Probably the best Aussie/triple j music mp3 site!
  • Joe's Sickass Home Page - almost 200 great mp3s - working downloads.
  • MP123 - trading mp3s with hundreds of other people made easy. Definately worth a look.
  • MP3HITS - UK site with links & mp3s and articles and stuff.
  • MP3Board.com - A search index with lots of mp3s - most of them (but not all) seem to work. Fair few good songs. You can add sites to its database.
  • start.at/mp3 - one of the best mp3 search engines I've found! This one is excellent!
  • mp3.com - lots of mp3s, maybe not too many of your faves though.
  • Lycos Mp3 site - search a database of 500,000 mp3s! Hope you have better luck finding ones that work than I have though!
  • Frenzal Rhomb Mp3s - another cool Frenzal mp3 page.
  • More Korn Mp3's - Heaps of cool Korn songs - not all of them work though!


General Music SItes & Miscellaneous


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