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Sunday 6th July 2003 - Jaw Clan is no more...
Jaw clan is finally DEAD. Since all our clan members were busy with Real Life (TM) we do not have any time to organise scrims, pracs and even show up for our clan matches!!!
This site will probably not be updated anymore and the webspace for the site will be abused by 'Schnell' since he uses the space to store his files for uni.

Here is a little memorial all the people that made Jaw possible!

Bluntman - Creator of Jaw. Created the clan in early 2002. Left in late 2002
Oint - Creator of Jaw Created the clan in early 2002. Left in late 2002
Foxplayer - Took over the clan in late 2002 after Bluntman left
Schnell - One of the best players in Jaw, until he went to another clan
Zodgrod - Stay in the clan since it was created
StoneCold - Also stayed in the clan since the begginning
Ludakrus - Also stayed in the clan since the begginning (and should have left ages ago :p )
And a special thanks to all the other clan members throughout the lifetime of Jaw.

So goodbye all! Thanks to all the Australian Wolf clans for putting up with us when we didnt show up for our clan matches!

RIP JAW - March 2002 - July 2003

Monday 23 June 2003 - WolfET competition details
Jaw has entered an Enemy Territory 8vs8 competition hosted by For deatils of the competition timetable, click here

Friday 13 June 2003 - Old school Wolfing...
Foxy is organising a prac/srim this weekend sometime. Ask him about the details in our mirc channel #jclan. We will probably give old Wolfenstain a bash or perhaps Enemy territory (but my money is on ET!!!). Also, we are thinking of entering the ET ladder match as soon as we get more members...

Thursday 12 June 2003 - Building up my Engineering skills
I love being an engineer!!! I like to blow shit up! i especially like the garand with my grenade launcher attached. Thats the only weapon i use! I like to shoot a couple of nades at unsuspecting people
. I guess my M4+nade launcher skills from SOF2 paid off :) I've even got the 'best engineer' medal a few times too!!! Dammit! can't stop playing ET!!!

End game
My Weapon stats

Monday 2 June 2003 - Enemy Territory Gamespy Stats
I just checked out the server stats on the Gamespy page and Enemy Territory is the third most played game with 434 servers and 5054 players! This is amazing since the game has only been releasd for a few days. Damn, I'm still waiting for my friend to download ET for me. I'm missing out on all the fun!

Sunday 1 June 2003 - Enemy Territory availiable!
Thats right people, Enemy Territory, the free standalone version of Wolfenstein Multiplayer is out. Enemy Territory features:

  • Team based Gameplay
  • Massive maps to wage war on
  • Player skill reward system
  • and many, many more features to mention here!

Download Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory

Saturday 31 May 2003 - New site for a one-year-old clan!
Jaw has now been around for over one year now! So to celebrate, Ludakrus, one of the original Jaw clan members has made this brand new site for the clan! This is the third time that the Jaw site has been totally redesigned! I guess it was because the previous site took ages to update since it was made completly using Macromedia Flash.


The Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory FREE stand alone multiplayer game has been released. You don't need RtCW to play ET.

Download it now !!!

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