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Anti-CS clips
Confused Counter-Strikers - My first Anti-CS movie
Axis vs Counter-Terrorists - RtCW and CS face off on de_dust....
Counter-STRESS - Watch what this guy does when he gets killed!

Funny Stuff
6 beers - Watch this guy drink 6 beers in one go!
Chris Rock - How not to get your ass kicked by the police
Soccer Break - A very VERY bad soccer tackle!
STFU - Want to say STFU to someone? Then give them this pic!
MasterCard ads - The mastercard ads that never got shown on TV.
Electric shock - Fake electric shock

Ludakrus' Dodgy Windows(R) Applications
WolfVoice - Converts Wolfenstein Text messages into Speech (Text-To-Speech). Also, Voice activated Console commands are now supported! so you can say a word, and it will run a console command!
AutoExecute - This program will power off, shutdown, log off and restart your computer at a time that you specify. Also, you can set it up to display a reminder message, or run an application at a certain time!

NOTE! I take no responsibility if your computer dies after using these programs! Use these programs at your own risk!

The Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory FREE stand alone multiplayer game has been released. You don't need RtCW to play ET.

Download it now !!!

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